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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 16 everyone's impressions

Episode 16
"Days of Our Lives"

This OP does not fill me with hope for a happy ending

It's from Trigger, why are you expecting a happy ending? There's a gigantic track record of soul crushing endings for basically everything but Little Witch Academia.

Kill la Kill, Kiznaiver, and Uchuu Patrol Luluco all had relatively happy (if slightly bitersweet) endings. Which soul crushing endings are you referring to?

Death Flags: The Episode.

It's quite peculiar how in a show where kids routinely fight life-or-death battles against giant monsters, that the one episode where they sit around doing SoL stuff is the most ominous. Even Goro is aware of it.

I don't know how to feel about 02 acting normal like others, and how they were doing SoL stuffs instead of fighting and stuffs for past 15 episodes

I agree that it feels a bit jarring that 02 is suddenly acting normal, but I guess it has been a month time skip, but still, they could have eased into it a bit more i guess.

I don't know if this will satisfy you but I'll quote myself from a different comment.
I thoroughly enjoy the change in character that we see from Zero Two. All she really needed was to be accepted properly for who she was. With that realization in the previous episode, along with reuniting with her 'original darling' properly, shes finally able to be a normal girl who's appreciating life. Such an upbeat and loveable character now.
I think that while it might 'seem' out of character, she's come a long way from the start and episode 15 was basically the equivalent of releasing restraints that were on her heart since the disappearance of Hiro in her childhood. She's finally allowed to be a normal 'human'. Basically this whole episode was about exploring humanity and what it means to enjoy life. It's kind of meant to show us that for these kids, all they've ever known is fighting, and that what they really want is to just enjoy being together and experiencing more things that life has to offer. It's basically softening us up for a huge blow in the coming episodes, as is fitting for this show.

≫Death Flags: The Episode.
Sorry what were you talking about? I cannot hear you with all this death flag appearing....

Can't tell if crazy advanced aging process, or mutating into a Klax girl.

Squad 26 looked a lot older compared to their first appearance, and 02's original partner from the first episode also looked pretty old. I think accelerated aging is a "normal" side effect of the strain of piloting, and we're only starting to see it in Squad 13 now that they've had some action under their belts.

Death Flags: The Opening
Like seriously that fucking last scene where Zero Two disappears. WTF I want Happy Ending!

The second i saw that i just felt a drop in my stomach and my smile just fucking vanished. I was enjoying the new op too. Dont do this to me Trigger i beg.

And Miku's hair is turning white, rest in peace her character. I will not get any closer to her from now on.

Edit: I just realized that those Sakura trees 02 and hiro walked/talked about in this episode are the same ones that Darlifra showed in the first episode while Zero two was talking about the Jian. However, in the first episode's scene the Sakura petals were fully bloomed. I hope this means that they won't die by thee end and we'll get to see them walking through there again happy at the end of the series.

zorome's code is 666 too. future ain't looking bright for these two

Zorome's biggest problem is that he's the most brainwashed of all of them. Once he has no choice but to accept that 'Papa' doesn't care about them, it's going to break his mind.

Didn't he already sort of accept it?

He's the one who proposed not praying to Papa, he already had his doubts about Papa and the adults once he visited the city, and he's the first one who brought up the possibility of Papa abandoning them - which they have probably come to terms with through all the crying/laughing towards the end. At this point, if Zorome gets his doubts about Papa confirmed, he'll probably be more angry than anything else.

My interpretation of him not praying was that he was putting on a brave front because the idea of Papa abandoning them is his greatest fear. That's also why he was the one to bring it up - it's something that worries him far more than the others.

However, I'd say at this point he was still just venting his uncertainties. Facing absolute proof that what he'd believed was a lie would be another matter entirely.

It looked like it was coming from the same spot as the pain Nana had, wonder if that is correlated?

I’m also wondering what the doctor meant when he said that she’d been down this path too

I assume that Nana's memory has been erased.

≫white hair
NNOOOOOO, poor Miku Q__Q
Stop, please. I don't want to see any of them die.

On the positive side white hair in anime normally means crazy power up.

Yeah, Squad 26 power-up was definitely crazy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I guess Dr. Franxx's plan is to have Hiro's squad essentially learn independence and finding their own way through the world. It was really nice seeing everyone slowly adapt to living on their and discussing ways to improve their quality of life without outside assistance. Learning to fish and cook for themselves was actually super impressive in the context of the rest of their society, outside of the Parasites. It feels like they're really beginning to slowly revive the way society used to be, instead of blindly following orders from a higher authority.

And Ichigo's admission is there to break us all. Her concession that Zero Two was indeed an irreplaceable part of the team is sadder than I could have expected. But at the same it was happy, and I'd argue necessary. Should be fun to see what's next.

Basically the equivalent of that one time Vegeta admitted that Goku was simply stronger than him.

Your making me cry again.


New OP goes hard as fuck.
Welcome back, everyone!

Zero Two better not god damn disappear!

The grey hairs in Miku's hair should have you more worried about everyone but 02.

And Futoshi's stomach issues, like everybody is starting to age faster. Mitsuru must be in pain too, since he's weakened after piloting with Zero Two.

EDIT: Seems like the common point is that Futoshi has a food disorder. I got that from the subs but it seemed weird to me that he wasn't able to eat the fish whereas if he voluntarily threw up he could just eat as normal then go to the bathroom. I know nothing about bulimia, though.

I agree with you. There seems to be something more than just bulimia. He said something about "it's not like that" and "I'll try to keep this fish down".

Must protect

20 quid on Hiro losing an eye with those horns.

Ichigo: "Hiro! How the hell did you get stabbed twice in your lower abdomen? WHO DID THIS!"
Hiro: "...errr, uhmm...shaving accident?"

Oh my Lord! Kokoro just kissed mitsuru! I knew this was coming, but damn!

Feels ambivalent man.

I can feel his pain by just looking at this image.

I love seeing Zero Two happy but I did miss some of her usual spunk, it feels so different than from where she started.
I want that happy get along with everyone but I hope she still has some of that Zero Two attitude left!


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