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[Comic Girls] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"Woof Meow Meow Woof Festival"

I know this is supposed to be a comedy anime but my god it really hurts to see Kaos struggling to be a manga artist.

I think she'd be better off going down the animal manga route. Pull off that Woof Meow Moew Woof Festival.

She'd probably do better if she went for a actual yuri manga considering where her preferences seem to lay.

All the girls except Tsubasa would probably be better off if they switched to yuri manga.

She really makes you want to hug her and never let go.

If anything, she still has a chance of being a web comic artist. Worked for ONE (Author of One Punch Man and Psycho Mob 100)

Well Kaos' problem is that she isn't able to make any interesting premises or unique character designs. ONE had everything but a professional art style and that's why he was so successful.

Poor Kaos-chan. If only she knew how many fans does she have on

Especially in anime_irl subreddit

The latest episode is currently airing on /r/anime_irl.

Drunk teacher is best teacher.

*drunk babyface teacher in a school uniform cuddling Nyaos-sensei

I don't think we can get much better than that, though this anime does keep surprising me.

TFW you will never get to drink with cute leggy sensei onee-san

Why is Kaos so relateable?

Because I, too, am a talentless hack.

puts hand in middle

This is a pen.

Is this a pen ?

This is a pen!

The adults when they were in highschool!

This is a ship I can get behind

Drunk sensei is so fun! I love the dynamic of the adults. On another note, watching Kaos struggle to become better has always been one of the best parts of the show and I hope that she'll slowly but surely make it as a mangaka

Kaos getting bullied in the first 10 seconds, ouch

Man, she's really upset. Poor Kaos :(

Woof Meow Meow Woof Festival!

Ruki knows exactly what's up

Chuunibyou can make even studying fun

Sensei is so adorable

Yes, Fuura appearance!

Hopefully the next episode will be a little more light-hearted than this one

The ending is different! It has the cute adults!


This really relates me because im between school life and work life. Relates me because whenever I teach my sis things i learned in school

It's painful to see Kaos fail, but it's really heartwarming to see how much support she has.

Yeah this show is a lot better than what I have expected. I thought this will only be a normal slice of life series but it ended up making me smile almost every episode.

Woof Meow Meow Woof Festival!

Your Waifu skills are too strong.

I have to say this was probably my favorite episode so far.

I wonder if striking poses would actually help with studying

I remember doing this to study something once back in college.

I don't remember exactly what it was, but I remember it was probably something with valence electrons and something with the words "high" and "low." That's about as well as I can remember it. I did this disco-esque thing to demonstrate a high to low motion or something, and I remember doing well on the test because the ridiculousness of trying to teach someone to do something like that helped me remember.

Though I don't really remember anymore so kek

I absolutely love the adult trio. Like really, really, really, really love them. They're just amazing, and they work so well together [the waifu skills comment was my favorite thing in the world] and I would love more focus on them. I actually teared up seeing just how much Amisawa cares about Kaos and how much she wants her to push forward; that bit was just fantastic.

Man, Kaos' struggle is some real shit. I really hope she gets to feel a bit better about herself by the end of the show. At least she's got a lot of support and care from her surrounding; the other girls, and the adults as well.

Special ED featuring the three grown-up ladies.

Sensei Best Christmas CakeGirl (among these three)

(Best Girl is of course Kaos-chan)

How long is the manga anyway? Already there's foreshadowing that the dorm will be closed by the end of the school semester and the girls scattered to live separately, as though preparing us for a tearful farewell to the series in just one season.

Until then, we continue watching poor Kaos-chan painfully but surely grow as a mangaka.

I wanted Kao to see her teacher dressed in the school uniform. Her head would probably had exploded.

Kaos-sensei is so pure I wanna cry

I really love this episode. Glad to see the working adults get a lot of airtime (and drunk time), and it's really cool being able to hear their opinions of the manga artists they frequently interact with.


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