Saturday, May 19, 2018

[Comic Girls] Episode 7 everyone's impressons

Episode 7
"Is This Heaven!?"

It was nice to see Kaos-chan enjoyed Fuura-senpai's lessons so much.
Apparently it's a highly effective teaching method, too. Kaos should come back for more lessons.
Me too Kaos, me too...
In this episode: Kaos continues to be a man loli of culture and utmost class, and the most relatable character of the year. Someone should introduce her to Akihito from Kyokai no Kanata - they seem like they'd get along well.
Great Nudity Censorship
Not as good as this Konosuba water drop crack censorship but still great.
I see your Konosuba water drop censorship and I rise you my LL Sunshine shampoo bottle
God tier censorship
I'm glad they addressed that her figure looked like Ruki
Yeah I thought for a second that maybe I was just reading into things or getting tripped up by simplistic art so it was relieving when they stated that it was meant to be similar
Kaos-chan, free to a good home. New owner must wear glasses.
I've got no idea what tags to give this, though the garbled scream that Ruki heard downstairs was hilarious.
Also damn.
Seeing Kaos sad in a box makes me want to hug her even more than usual.
I want to be scolded by the cute teacher, with glasses.
I want to adopt a Chaos-chan
Check this out if you visit the tweets from the same handle @kaosu_nekomimi, they have the same exact tweets from 2015!.
Sure. The chapter for this story came out a while ago, and setting up a legit twitter to match an in-story one is something plenty of authors do.
Still cute.
With every new episode Kaos becomes more of a raging lesbo. Oh how I love this series.
I just like that Ruki is catching her more and more often
Another Kaos-sensei reaction face <3
Also I just realized that out of everyone in the dorm, Fuura-senpai is the only one who has actually given Kaos some pointers when drawing.
Kaos is my spirit animal
Kaos with glasses make her already cute character even cuter.

This is the best timeline.
The Fuura and Kaos interactions are absolutely hilarious
Being Kaos is suffering. She relegates herself to a background character, and a cast away pet in a box, I want ot give her a hug

But my best girl has to be Fuura, I want to give her a hug too
I need more Fuura-senpai in my life. Hell she might even be high tier waifu material.
So we've finally fully established Kaos' fetish, she's totally into onee-chan.
Megane onee-chan that scold her apparently. Don't forget all her comments about wanting to be scolded by their teacher.
Isn't that just related to her teacher ? She could have more than one fetish. And I don't remember any occasion at which Ruki scolded Chaos... Although in this episode she was kinda scolded by Fuura-senpai for "learning slowly", and she seemed very pleased with it.
Kaos with glasses is just too damn cute for me, although I'm curious if we'll be able to see more of glasses Kaos or not, considering how the episode ended.
Truly a smile to protect. I hope the future episodes will have kaos wearing her glasses at least in some of the scenes.

Pretty good episode! I'm really liking the direction and creativity that the anime is getting. It's much better than what I was initially expecting and so far, it's been really good to me and one of my most expected shows

Also, with how much I liked the anime, I began to read the manga and it's pretty fluffy and fun just like the anime, I really like the art and the 4-koma style. I'm surprised to see that the author is a woman. I thought that it was a man. Also, she published her first manga with 15 years in Ribon Magazine with Ichigo Omelete before she had her serialization with Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara Max. Interesting.

This was a good episode. The only thing that could have made it better is even more glasses.

I really like that now in the OP and the ED Fuura-senpai is present :), also, in the episode itself, how Koyume was crying searching for Kaos was pretty cute.

What a wholesome episode, and a little touching too, seeing how Kaos was with the feeling of being left behind. I can totally understand that feeling, and I'm glad she has faced it properly.


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