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[Comic Girls] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"I'll Go Shave All My Hair Off!"

Kaos overcoming her fear of the horror stalker by being super gay and horny is the most amazingly "Kaos" thing I've ever seen. I love her an unreasonable amount

I also have to say that this show does horror better than most actual horror anime. I was legitimately kind of scared when the girls locked themselves in their room to hide from Fuura-senpai. The imagery, color design, sound, camera angles, and editing really worked well and got me going for a bit. From romance, to comedy, to even horror, this show is somehow doing everything well, and it's gorgeously animated and extremely well directed. This may end up being one of my favorite Kirara adaptations, and this year has already had two other fantastic ones.

Yeah the use of horror-style parallel framing of negative space to imply Fuura's presence was surprisingly on-point. This isn't the first time I've seen a non-horror show do horror better than horror shows (Houseki no Kuni in particular upped the bar).

The director of Comic Girls, or perhaps a specific scene-director, has indeed made some incredible moments in this series - the afore-front-paging mirror scene was truly beautiful.

Really just a fantastic adaptation overall.

I'm not even sure DogaKoba or SilverLink could've done this well and they have a proven track record of adapting Kirara and other cute girl series very well. I hope Nexus gets more adaptations in the future!

I can tell. So much of what makes the show good seems only possible in animation, and I have a feeling that the impressively detailed backgrounds were not nearly as good in the manga. I also recall someone saying that a lot of the character depth is anime original, which if true is a great sign. I definitely hope this team gets more work, and it seems like I'm gonna have to watch Wakaba*Girls soon too.

Kaos can overcome any obstacle with the power of lesbianism. She's like a magical girl, only instead of friendship she's powered by homosexuality.

Damn, I somehow never knew I wanted this to be a real thing until right now. Please Japan, get on this ASAP.

Kaos-chan continues to be the most relateable character this season
Also by the end of the episode, I'm 99% sure Kaos is going to end up writing Comic Girls.

≫I'm 99% sure Kaos is going to end up writing Comic Girls
Now THAT would be #1 use of meta this past few seasons! God, I hope you're right!

This anime is basically an isekai about an old man otaku who gets gender bent into a cute moeblob in a cgdct and proceeds to live out all his yuri fantasies.

No. Don't ruin it by inserting a guy. Let the loli be thirsty.

don't worry, we are all fanged lolis that go ABABABABABA all day at heart ^___^

So essentially, Kaos got over being scared of Fuura by... forming a crush on her?
Kaos is making an excellent campaign for best girl right here.

Isn't that called the suspension bridge effect.

Ah! A psychology question outside of the Caligula discussion threads!

I'm actually going to say... yes and no.

No, because the attraction to Fuura she feels seems to be genuine - it has been prior shown that Kaos has a thing for all of the traits Fuura has and exposed during this boob-to-back scene as well as the pre-door open scene, so that feeling of attraction certainly has a physical and emotional component isolated. It can also be argued that Kaos' feeling of fear was actually being mitigated before this point when she decided to open the door.

However, yes you're right in that she may have been feeling extra attraction to the fear she was (arguably) still feeling when she got breast-to-back, and she may have misplaced her dokidoki feeling.

TFW two of my favorites, psychology and anime meet!

*Scared Kaos Noises*

Kaos really has a thing for mature characters with big boobs. The girl has excellent taste.

Poor thing!

I think my heart is going to give out. She's too fucking adorable.

Ruki's computer was missing, guess she's given up on technology already.

You sure have an eye for details LOL, I didn't notice that.

Yep, of course the thing that ultimately calms Kaos down is the feeling of large, soft breasts pressed against her back. Never change Kaos, never change.


Kaos says it twice this episode, once when being startled by Fuura-sempai, and again after her proposal gets rejected by her editor (again).

Poor Kaos constantly getting stalked and harassed by Fuura-sempai, and in the end, it was Fuura's boobs and cute face that helped Kaos overcame her fear. XD

Probably a lot of us can relate to Nijino-sensei, trying to conceal her love of manga by adopting a completely opposite personality that seems furthest related to manga and anime.

Though Nijino overcompensates her disguise so much that, when she loses her disguise (upon learning Tsubasa is her favourite mangaka Wing-V), the gap can be overwhelmingly cute and funny.

Fuura-senpai is in the ED now!

"Ah, this girl is so scary! Wait, her boobs are big. I'm not scared anymore."

The sensei part was nice. I'm glad they told her, but that scene didn't really make a whole lot of sense when you really think about it. She pulls a student out of class to talk to them about sleeping, but actually takes them to the roof, 2 other girls sneak out of class (and pull the blonde out of her class on the way?) and they all go to the roof for like 20 minutes? What about the rest of the class? Did they just hang out in the classroom doing nothing? Very irresponsible.

New girl is alright. I kinda like how pervy Kaos turned out to be. And I’m glad the confrontation in the end didn’t degenerate into a series of misunderstandings.

Kaos has been pretty Pervy throughout the series tbh.

Kaos's overreactions give me life

Kaos was afraid until she realized Fuura had big tiddies, Kaos is truly a girl with refined taste.

The teacher-Tsubasa part was so good, a true fan of that manga and the creator of it found each other very unexpectedly!

Fantastic episode, I laughed a lot! If it keeps the level I can see Comic Girls becoming one of my fav CGDCT series, the comedy and characters are so good.

Ghost senpai second best girl

Hope she's in more than just this episode

I think the preview at the end of episode showed her so there's a good chance for it.

I love how the episode centered around and played with "gaps". Wow, that's a sentence. Either way, this dissonance between the expectation and experience [or perception-presentation] is something I always love seeing, and both halves of the episode were great at that. The first was actually pretty creepy, like, in a 'cute girls doing horror things' kind of way, and that was pretty impressive, honestly. Reminded me a lot of Gakkou Gurashi, a show I adored just for this kind of play with dissonance. The teacher was also a total cutie, and the way her rough exterior melted into this fangirlish, childlike demeanor was just incredible. This was a great episode.

I also concur with the general notion that Kaos is precious and wish to reinforce it by stating just that - Kaos is precious, protect her, please.

I'm honestly surprised that Kaos-chan is making progress in her manga. She's actually making good characters now, which was one of her weaknesses pointed out in the first episode.

Well, she literally just copy-pasted real people she knows into her's not so much that she's learned to make good characters, but an affirmation that she is able to tell what a good character is. She still needs to learn to weaponise that sense to create original characters (or at least, a mash-up of people).

I like the fact that whenever Fuura-senpai shows up the music sounds quite similar to Jaws's theme song.

I laughed so hard when Kaos went from terrified to “She has big boobs and pale skin. I love her.”

The first half got me laughing so much even though most of it was just Kaos screaming a lot. Her voice actress is doing a wonderful job!

The teacher is really beautiful, pretty much up there with Ruki.

Tsubasa met her first fan, that must have been a great moment for her since she is kinda forced to keep her identity a secret.

The horror stuff was hilarious, Kaos getting wrecked everywhere LOL


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