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[Comic Girls] Episode 5 everone's impressions

Episode 5
"Amisawa-san, Do You Cosplay?"

I hope this doesn't stop..  

She's been a great character so far and always comes in at the right moments

≫always comes in at the right moments

I wonder if she always has two tickets for the amusement park / a movie / a special meal that are about to expire just in case this situation happens.

Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover ever they said

I feel like I'm missing something here

The random girls in the shot are characters from another series published in the Manga Time Kirara line of magazines. Also animated by the same production studio.

Wakaba Girl was never published in Manga Time Kirara. The book was published by Houbunsha though. It is by the same author as Kin-iro Mosaic which is serialized in the same magazine as Comic Girls.

They were so close!

Dorm mother saying what we were all thinking.

Kaos is approaching levels of peverse cute girl that I didn't even think were possible. I wouldn't be surprised if she's already covered the dorm in hidden cameras.

Kaos is such a perverted disaster lesbian and I love her so much.

Disaster lesbian is a new one...

Can never get tired of Kaos-chan going "ABABABABA~". Someone should make a counter of how many times per episode she does that.
Glorious swimsuit episode combined with glorious yuri dating and glorious character development = win.
Surprising developments:
  • Tsubasa and Kaos get along quite well, with both being indoor types, despite Tsubasa's tomboyish outlook.
  • Tsubasa gets startled by cats and scared of roller coasters
  • Cute sensei likes to cosplay (biggest surprise). And she's friends with Kaos-chan's editor. And somehow the landlady knows them both, suggesting sensei used to be a mangaka and lived in the same dorm when she was younger.

≫Can never get tired of Kaos-chan going "ABABABABA~". Someone should make a counter of how many times per episode she does that.

it's funny because when she first did that in Episode 1 I thought "oh no. she's that kind of MC." I've come to like her a lot, she's great.

I thought you had an evil eye.

Oh my, that snarky slight by Kaos-chan was something special. Love the contrast between her cute appearance and her actual personality.

The end credit scene - Shit someone call the ghostbusters .

She's sad that the girls didn't visit her, though

Haunted house?

Yeah, Tsubasa and Koyume were lost before getting to the roller coaster. They only passed by the haunted house.

Nothing beats the fang.

Also, whoever the fuck decided the camera position for these shot deserves a knighthood. (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

You ever seen the beach episode for Hanasaku Iroha? Some of the most perverted camera angles I've ever seen in a sol.

So felt the need to investigate your claim, you were not joking. I must be desensitized to this because I didn't even notice the first time I watched it.

I watched it last monday and I can't even remember them. I do remember Ohanas smug face when she did her pointy finger pose that is this commentface:

Beach episode! Fuwa fuwa, jiggly jiggly times! ...oh, Kaos-chan barely survived

Something about girls with purple hair man.... I really want Ruuki to step on me then sit on my face. Anyway, I always look forward to comic girls! Puts a smile on my face every time :)

I'm not even sure what that all was. It went all full yuri then all sudden at the last moment completely put on the brakes and switched to just being about manga. The one girl still left completely clueless about the other girls possible feelings.

That was a real rug-pull?
At least it wasn't a total rug-pull, as it seemed like she was talking about her stress rather than negating her feelings. Like... I suppose Koyume still has a thing for Tsu, but it's still a cockblock.

Even as a yuri fanatic, I was fine with what happened, even if it was "just about manga", it was still a very sweet and yurirific moment. No need to rush them.

That was such a... Koyume episode. I don't think it can be described any better than that.

I really hoped for a confession. I guess hoping for romance as soon as episode 5, if at all, was unwise of me.

Also loved Ruki's "Do you think I'm dumb ?" face. Too bad her plan didn't work, but yay for trying !

That was beautifully gay and I love it

also LEWD

By the way, why'd they call this a man-o'-war? That's very clearly just a jellyfish.

Its a potentialy deadly jellyfish lookalike

Yeah, but it doesn’t really look like it.

I imagine the subbers chose that particular one because its a well known deadly jellyfish which matches Kaos's comedic fear of the sea and overaction to being stung.

So... Was the second cosplayer their teacher? Rhetorical question, so don't actually answer if you know.
But like, that would be pretty great. Already surprising to see blessed Kaos editor getting screentime and being a good character. 10/10

Now that we've had a date with Koyume and Tsubasa, we need one with Kaos and Ruki!

Man,this series's comic(heh) timing is just perfect. All the jokes are great,and the way they are delivered is just amazing. And also,~UMI DA~! The beach segment was great,but the real highlight was the second half,with all the moments between Koyume and Tsubasa(please be a couple). Great episode,can't wait for more!

Yuri level skilled to maximum! And new week its all about Kneecaps ! Now we are talking !

Is it bad that i can relate to Kaos a lot, especially in that gaming scene and the one in the end
Fun and funny episode as always

I love this anime, just makes all my worries fade away while I submerge myself in the fluff. That is until the anime_irl moments kick in and pull me back down to reality...
Also, anyone know if we'll see some actual yuri development here? I totally ship Koyume and Tsubasa!


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