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[Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen] Episode 19 everyone's impressions

Episode 19
"Sakura and Akiho's Lullaby"

Ok, seriously, why can't anyone let Sakura know anything? I don't see much reason NOT to inform her that Record recorded the past.

Everyone's 'MUST PROTECC' radars go haywire anytime they're around her, including Kero's. Even though it seems like this time she has to be protected from her own burgeoning powers.

I don't really see how not talking to her about their suspicions is protecting her, though.

Ignorance is bliss until it bites them in the ass later on.

I know I'm in the minority so please don't shame me with downvotes, lol, but I adored this episode. The story made me extremely emotional. I was drawn into the story within a story to the point that I forgot I was watching Sakura. I was just as bad as the little kids, lol. But it's just that the story felt like a parable for people who have been traumatized by being hurt by people and I have been through a lot of things like that in my life, and the stuff about motherhood made me homesick because I haven't seen my parents in a long time and it made me remember how Sakura's mom passed away so young. Plus aren't they in a sick kids hospital? I'm not sure if it's terminal ill kids or not but that setting still kind of makes my mind wander to things like that. It was just a very touching heartwarming story. I loved the visuals and how this episode felt so dream like.

The twist at the end makes me so anxious about what's going to happen next. There was a mention of three people as strong as Clow. Oh and I loved Wei and Syaoran's conversation too.. His concern made me anxious for Syaoran's role in the finale as well. It all felt like emotional build up rather than plot build up. We know Akiho is going to go through some tragic ass stuff and and it undercuts the happy dream like moments when they're done well or you connect with them and turns them bittersweet.

I really didn't expect to get this emotional either lol, because I do agree with most criticisms I've seen and it took me 5 episodes to really enjoy the Clear Card arc.

Agreed, I'd rather have this than another tacked on card capture in the last 5 minutes. Enjoyed it a lot more than the runaway cakes episode which arguably didn't really add much to the story either.

I think the big reason why people are critical with this episode is that this is basically an anime-only story line that, outside of the ending hinting that Sakura is getting stronger, doesn't seem like it has any real importance in the long run (95% slice of life filler, no card captures).

Well, we don't know that the story Sakura read is irrelevant to the plot. I'm guessing it's foreshadowing future events.

I liked the fox story...

It DID drag on too long, but overall I liked it.

Also, slayer Sakura taking out both Shaoran and Akiho, but mostly Shaoran.

anyone curious about the story: it's Buying Mittens by Nankichi Niimi (1943)

Thanks for the link, I assumed it was just an in-universe book.

After watching this, I feel very certain that Tomoyo wants to create a harem for Sakura. Tomoyo is such a wonderful character. LOL

Kero decides to transform for no reason during a conversation with Yue, but all the other times a Clear Card was causing trouble for his master he couldn't be bothered to switch to a more powerful form.

Kero can't just casually transform in public lol His transformation this ep was to give a more serious vibe to the conversation.

Wei had more lines this episode than in the entire original series. It was good though.

That fox story...possibly a bit of "maybe (something/someone) is not as bad as you think" applying to the Kaito/Akiho mystery? But it dragged way too long...:/ Syaoran adlibbing to regain control of the atmosphere was AWESOME, though :)

I'm surprised that RECORD jumped into the past of its own accord? I can see why Kero and Yue are worried - she is steadily gaining strength but not quite control or practice - and i'd like to think this secrecy is just so that they don't worry her.

OHO Sakura is bringing Syaoran to meet the family xD the SS shipper in me can't wait!

Mmm... I have faith in CLAMP that the fox story will be relevant somehow, even if only in metaphor. They have NEVER wasted thaaaat much time on something that really doesn't develop anything.

A part of me wondered if it will have something to do with Syaoran, since he's the only plot relevant male with a mother who is alive/plot relevant.

could also be a hint that we saw his sisters and Wei in the same episode and they talked about the rigorous training Syaoran's mother put him through

I've seen comments on how others think the story was pointless, but from a manga reader's standpoint, the story kind of foreshadows what's to come in the next 2 episodes, esp the part about the mother fox warning her son. I've also read a theory that the story may be foreshadowing Akiho and that she may not actually be human? After all the fox learns at the end that humans are not all bad creatures and Akiho was surprised by how nice everyone in Tomoeda were.

Recording the past is OP as hell if Sakura could get full control of the time period the card records. Well, not OP in terms of power or usage in combat, but in terms of the implications for exploring human history, solving crime, etc. No wonder it's looked at as a very rare power.

Does anybody have any theories why Syaoran really didn't want to participate in the reading session? He said it was because he was awful in their past plays but I'm thinking it could have been something else. Perhaps I might be reading too much into it.

Nah he definitely feels guilty so he could be pushing away, or he had to perform more rituals in secret. This season feels like it has a lot more subtext than the old ones.

Did anyone by chance think this could have been a Mother’s Day special ep that didn’t hit the date on time? Just by the storybook it sounded like one. Apart from everything else I enjoy the bits of Sakura convincing the others to be part of the reading. The reveal in the past caught me off guard because now I am on board that if Sakura finds out how to use it; imagine activating it at Akiho’s house and what that might reveal.

I am mad at Kero, lol. I hope they don't keep yet another thing from Sakura. I didn't see anyone mention this but she can use Record to see her Mother if she wanted to now.

She’s going to her Grandpa’s house next week!!!

Oh yeah I'm so excited for that. His episodes were always good and I'm sure they will reveal something since it's so close to the finale.

I get the feeling the book reading sequence was an excuse for the animators at Mad House to have a breather without resorting to the use of a recap episode, I nearly fell asleep there. lol

Still, Clamp managed to turn it into a mystery suspense at the end, with the Record card somehow recording footage from the past instead of the present. Do remember that Clamp writes their own fillers for the anime, so they're all somehow connected regardless of the filler-ish nature of the episode.

It's good to see Wei and Syaoran's sisters again, though surely Syaoran's sisters needs to be recast, as you can hear the age in their voices. Guess the studio couldn't be bothered since they were minor characters. (The main cast, like Tange Sakura and Iwai Junko, are in their 40s but had ample time to train and keep their voices young. )

All that prep work: story time is serious business. And Sakura is so pure-hearted it gives me the hnnngs.

I'm really wondering if the story had any relation to future events, but I can't tie anything together. Is there any character that fits the role of an outsider who discovers humans are good? If so, we're a ways off from making that connection, but it could be Akiho or Kaito.

Regardless, I thought this was a perfectly good episode, the show has always been slice-of-comf. I pretty much always like storybook scenes in anime though, Chobits, D in the F, etc.


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