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[Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen] Episode 17 everyone's impressions

Episode 17
"Sakura and the Crazy Sweets"

That rabbit finally moved! And after all of this time of both the butler and the rabbit being shady, I get the feeling they're not evil here. It's like they're trying to do something to save Akiho?

Looks like we'll be getting more plot details in the coming episodes, so I'm looking forward to that.

≫I get the feeling they're not evil here.
Have we ever had an evil villain?

Maybe from one of the movies?

the first ccs movie clow reed's ex girl friend's ghost. sory dont know how to do spoiler tags, but the movie is almost 20 years old.

maybe not evil, but they still are clearly taking advantage of sakura. also, does the last scene inply that isnt a premonition, but a planted dream instead?

To be fair, Sakura has pretty much always been manipulated by someone. It's just that that "someone" has usually been Clow Reed.

So uh, Sakura notes that the Kanji or phrase that make up Appear's name was something she had just recently learned, and Appear herself looks exactly like Rika who she met that morning.

Kaito is giving me more sincere vibes, which aligns him with the previous antagonists of the series.

Momo finally moved and I love her.

I still can't believe that Tomoyo "hid" Sakura from view by just standing in front of her. Seriously, that didn't hide the magic circle at all!

I think that Kaito didn't expect to grow this attached to Akiho, he seemed really surprised and genuine when he reacted to Akiho asking him to laugh more.

You probably need magic to be able to see the magic circle.

No, otherwise Tomoyo and Mei Ling wouldn't be able to see them, and they do.

Well it is Cardcaptor Sakura so it's obv gonna end with his pedo ass ending up with her.

Did they ever say what happened to Rika and Terada?

It was a one sided crush in the anime and she ain't in the manga.

Rika was in the manga. She appeared in ch. 17, which is what this episode is based off of. Everything in this episode is taken from ch 17-18 of the manga with some added scenes.

edit: my mistake, this episode is based off of ch 16-17 of the manga, not 17-18.

Ok so now I’m sorta speculating momo saying kaito can’t stop the clock on the book, the one Akiho is reading, as almost maybe Akiho’s life? Iido why but Kaito seemed genuinely touched by Akiho’s kindness. Maybe they both need the clear cards in order to stop the book from reaching that “time.” Since sakura is so powerful now, creating these cards, maybe they want these cards to stop the clock on the book so it doesn’t reach that “time.” That time being Akiho somehow falling ill or even dying at the end of the book? Or hell even somehow Sakura dying as everything that Akiho reads in the book seems to be what happened to sakura the day before. Maybe the ending in the book isn’t a happy one? Who knows just be conspiring!

≫Maybe they both need the clear cards in order to stop the book from reaching that “time.”

I thinks its more that "that time" will arrive and they need Sakuras magic (via the cards) to deal with it in order to save Akiho. From how Touya and Momo talked about it, "that time" coming seems like a foregone conclusion rather than a warning.

Didn't expect Rika to have a full scene, gotta say I don't think the voice really fits her...

Being in an adult relationship made her grow up fast.

I swear to god, when I was younger I never truly realized how inappropiate some of the ships in CCS were: EriolxKaho, KahoxToya, FujitakaxNadeshiko, and then Rikaxteacher. Mature my ass, lmfao. Someone get the police.

Well, Eriol x Kaho isn't bad since he literally has the mind of an adult.
How old was Fujitaka when he hooked up with 16yo Nadeshiko?

According to the Wikia, Fujitaka was 43 at the beginning of the manga, and Sakura was 9. Sakura was 3 when Nadeshiko died (at 27), so Nadeshiko would've been 33 at the start of the story if she were alive.

In conclusion, he was 26 when he hooking up with a 16 year old, plus her being a student of his first class as a teacher... yikes.

Our high class rabbit queen is in motion finally! Poor Akiho...seems like she spends a lot of time unconscious. And maybe Kaito's not a complete bad guy? Maybe.

Busted out laughing when Momo mentioned Kaito's "D" magic! Its that good, eh?

≫And maybe Kaito's not a complete bad guy?

This is Cardcaptor Sakura we're taking about. OF COURSE he's not bad. It's all a big fake out, and I refuse to believe it isn't until we're given proof that he's evil.

Maybe not evil, but from how the manga and this episode made it seem, he's a guy that will do anything to accomplish his goal (saving Akiho) even if it means breaking a few bones.

Well to almost nobody's surprise Momo is alive! Hoping for some fun interactions with her and Kero :p
Also how many more time must poor Akiho be put to sleep by magic!

Momo feels like the complete opposite of Kero. But who knows, maybe she'll like video games too.

They'll be able to bond over sweets at least, although I'm guessing she only goes for the high class confections. Also, is magical energy derived from sugar? I can't help but wonder if there's a deeper reason they're all sugar addicts.

So Appear... makes cake come to life? I guess it could be making a monster "appear", but still...
I swear these card names are stretching further and further

Somehow I feel like that shows Sakura's magic getting stronger? Like I guess eventually if her magic kept growing she wouldn't even need cards anymore she'd just order anything and it'd happen. So maybe vagueness in the card's meanings means she has a wider range of abilities?

If everything in this arc is based on "Alice" and "the wonderland", could that "dragon" that appears on Sakura's dreams be the Jabberwocky? Maybe Kaito and Momo are trying to stop the end of the book where "alice" dies to the Jabberwocky... idk.

Jabberwocky is the name of the poem, Jabberwock is the beast itself. Minor pet peeve of mine.

TIL! unfortunately i'm misinformed in the name because of the Tim Burton Movie, I had no idea of this :p

The Tim Burton movie is a travesty against the source material. If you're interested, I highly recommend the Alice games by American McGee. Really interesting takes on the story. American McGees Alice is really old and you have to torrent it, and Madness Returns is a bit janky (fortunately you can tweak the Config files to make it a bit better), but it's also a lot of fun. The music for both games is amazing, and Madness Returns has a phenomenal story.

What a fun episode (even if the animation/design was distractedly all over the place)! The roll cake was just hilarious, as well as the apron run. It's interesting that Kaito seems to be touched by what Akiho says. He seems less evil in the anime. The only thing bothering me is that Syaoran only does cameos at this point (even if the S/S moment was very sweet). I really miss seeing Sakura and him work together to collect the cards.

Does anyone have a clip of that most epic "hoeeeeeee!!!!"?

So like, what are the odds that everyone in town knows magic shenanigans happen and have collectively decided to keep it a secret?

I mean, between the giant flying cake bun, the giant box that appeared around a mansion, and that one time a girl fought a giant ass Dragon it's kinda hard to believe no ones seen anything lol

Akiho has been asleep longer than she's been awake this season lmao. Kaito finally showed more genuine concern for her this episode though!

UGH I really hate that Syaoran is never there to help Sakura capture the new cards. I'm not sure if it's just because he can't sense them or if Sakura needs to capture them on her own.


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