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[Caligula] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"Your life shouldn't be built from someone else's blueprint. No matter how unskilled you may be you should draw it yourself."

It's good to see the Musicians' motivations for their actions: it makes sense that they'd do anything they can to protect the world that they've become dependent on. I actually felt bad watching them break down. I'm interested in what Thorn and Kagi-P are planning, since they both seem less affected by mu's absence.

That Izuru scene...

They're supposed to be the bad guys, but it's a bit hard to be fully convinced that they're wrong. Even though I disagree with them.

I agree with them. What's wrong about living in an unreal world if they can be happy? Why is it so important to live in the real world?

I doubt you'd say the same if you were one of the guys being used as a slave by the Musicians. There are 500 people in Mobius. Except for the 7 Musicians, the rest are being used as slaves by them.

Honestly, as long as I'm happy, I couldn't care less. I'd rather be a slave and be happy than be a king and be miserable.

  • I wonder how IkeP looks irl. I also disagree about being hottest guy in Mobius. That goes to Ritsu!
  • Still loving the OP. I think my favorite of this season! Overall the OST is great as well (my fav is Peter Pan Syndrome)
  • Omg I am dead he had a spotlight that follows him. Oh he’s on a stage
  • Oh it’s SweetP’s friends lol
  • I still think her attendant is sus
  • I think they haven’t seen the musicians in a month and now IkeP just walks up to Izuru Minezawa
  • Oh it’s Tokyo Ghoul character! We haven’t see him since he debuted at the start of the series. Looks like he destroyed a house. Can’t wait to see more of him
  • So this is how Megane-kun joins the Go Home club!
  • Ooooo trauma of IkeP’s past. He sees the salesperson as who he truly is
  • Wow IkeP is really jelly of Izuru...
  • OH NOW WE BACK TO PRESENT TIME. The hot pot episode!
  • Oh. I think the Musicians are losing their powers. SweetP is gaining weight, Thotty McThot is having her card declined, IkeP losing the popularity poll. Also I just realized IkeP is prolly short for Ikeman.
  • Poor Izuru having all these crazy fan girls chasing him
  • Yes sexy transformation! I love his half mask.
  • I believe each of the Rouge characters have their own flowers. I believe his is the Iris.
  • Wow must be nice to be born beautiful.
  • The glass will cut his face !!!??? :(
  • Oh hi there mu
  • UHHHHHHHHH. I think maybe he was suicidal in the real world?!
  • Yeah self harm :(
  • Ok all the baddies are gathering, mu is back, and all the MCs under the tower. SHIT ABOUT TO GO DOWN
  • (Side note: I thought Shounen Doll was Izuru Minezawa. I looked up online and found out they aren't the same person but also got spoiled something really big UGHHHHHHHHHH.)
If they don't show how the characters look irl before the series ends i am gonna be pissed

>Hottest guy in Möbius
>Not Shogo

Shogo is #2 for me. Something about a pretty boy MC with amnesia gets me every time...

I think that her attendant is also likely an older gentleman, likely a family butler, who was altered by µ like her. He doesn't really speak or act like the younger guys, and it's implied he's likely been tending to her outside of Mobius where we know she's likely no longer young or rich.

Yes, I like this theory!

When you're living in a simulation custom-made to make you happy, and your card gets declined. That's next level depressing.

For those wondering why the Go-Home Club can't just go home on their own, it's established in the game that anybody going home will rupture the already tenuous loop. I don't remember the anime ever establishing this even though it is VERY important.

I liked it. Twelve episodes is a really limited run and I think the way they're getting all the important stuff in is pretty good so far. Like they could have gone straight back to the heavy action but another breather episode establishes:
1) exactly how desperate the musicians are for mobius, casting a ton of sympathy points
2) reinforces the fact that the go home club is just as messed up, if not more than the musicians, to the point that IkeP is freaked
3) exactly how shallow of a world mobius really is, reinforcing the whole μ doesn't understand people from the previous episode
I like how they decided to keep Kensuke's loyalties up in the air for the viewer for a bit longer as well. Everything seems like its getting ready for a penultimate showdown. All in all, a good episode.
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i like how his character arc : hes depressed because hes TOO hot

Such a tragedy that he was born with a beautiful face

This reminds me of a doujin where a son was kicked out of his house because he's prettier than his mom.

That sounds directly inspired from Greek / Roman mythology.

Is good to see how the musicians were doing while µ was unconscious, and also the real reason they were concerned that she was unconscious.

The episode was pretty great, Minezawa just slashing his face was a great scene (even if I didn't get why). Also seeing the Musicians handle not having Mu around was pretty interesting, and humanized them in a good way. It makes their plight something I can get.

Okay so who is IZURU!!?? I don't really remember any significant scenes with him. Can anyone tell me what scenes with him; I'm sorry I don't remember anything.

He was one of the students turned into dolls in Shonen Doll's library, and he shows up to the club room to join when everyone was away or at Sea Paraiso

Oh okay thanks!!

Looks like we are going to be heading into the final arc, looking forward to this. Really enjoyed this thus ar.

It's weird that they showed Kagi-P joining this episode after letting it be confusing last episode, but that's just symptomatic of the overall current problem of not constructing the narrative around the characters so much as just hitting plot beats (are they even the same as the game at this point?). If the show is 12 episodes then this is probably what would pass for Izuru's backstory reveal, but it wasn't actually revealed; they might just be leaving it for the game but that means the anime doesn't stand up on its own. It's a shame that's where they're going, after the first couple of episodes suggested the anime was following its own path.

Are the girls falling all over Izuru and Ike-P real or NPCs? I think the guys falling all over Mirei a few episodes ago were students and therefore real people. Even though the villains have been clearly abusing their power this whole time regardless, I have to question how the VR is supposed to be for everyone's happiness if a large chunk of them are also being extra-brainwashed into obsessing over the Musicians.

It was good to see how much the Musicians value the virtual world and what they get out of it, but I wish the framing was more sympathetic to them somehow. Or that they were written as less contemptible from the start, perhaps. The episode was inviting the audience to laugh at them even while adequately explaining their motivations, which really kills the earlier episodes' suggestion that the virtual world is somewhere a protagonist might actually choose to stay in because of the happiness it brings them. And it means they really don't feel like a threat.

With each new episode I'm less and less understand what's going on. Is the game better in explanation and passing?

I think the plot is pretty understandable so far, but what is hard to follow are the character motivations. I get why each of the Musisians is doing stuff, but the traumas of the protagonists are not that clear, like say why Minezawa was happy to slash his face or if Kotone was someone who abused someone or was abused in her relationship.


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