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[Caligula] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"When you're in a desperate situation, it's all the more important to keep smiling."

Wait... Why is one of the Musicians suddenly with the Go-Home Club? Why are they all okay with it? As usual, what's going on???

(No need to reply with game spoilers, I already know them.)

I didn't expect this since they said this was the Caligula Effect's anime adaptation.

either he's betrayed the other musicians or they've been brainwashed

I think they basically had that Musician join the team in the timeskip and will reveal it next ep properly. The way that Musician has been shot lately has hinted that he was a traitor by now.

Still the dream sequence with Ritsu was pretty great, and it's nice to confirm that he was involved with all of this. I guess this really starte because he made Mu listen to his psychology talk too much.

Quite late, but 2 noticable things with Ritsu since Episode 1:
  1. Dark Gray shirt - in color psychology, gray means being neutral, analytical and logical. This is how Ritsu has always been. Most notable in Episode 2 and 3, where instead of immediately siding with Shogo, he took a neutral stance first to find out and understand the truth about Mobius. Lighter shades of color convey communication. Darker shades convey authority - this is more fitting at this point, since he is now the President of the Go-Home Club.
  2. Red Rose brooch - (or is it a pendant?) Red Roses symbolize lies. The world that they live in is a lie. The normal, peaceful high school lives they once had is also a lie.
The ED even had Red Roses as the most prominent feature. There's also a scene where Mu picks up a withered red rose and breathes life back into it - "What is over will begin anew". An endless loop of the blissful high school lives for everyone.

Some screenshots - though they are from Episode 6

Ritsu finally activates his Catharsis Effect

Notice that his spike is way longer than everyone else's

Mu and her Darkness Sphere gets shot down by dual beams of "friendship" that are probably as powerful as Nanoha's Starlight Breaker

Bonus Kagi-P being fabulous- tfw someone insults Best Girl

Kagi-P was also fabulous this episode, hanging out with the enemy team like its nothing.

If your cherished pet dies, I'll make a new one for you.
If you have a mother you hate, I'll produce a new mother for you.

That's actually pretty fucked up μ. Her understanding of what happiness is is worse than a child's.

And those flashes during Ritsu's conversation with μ really makes me believe that he's either the creator or at least partly responsible for μ and Aria's existence.

Also was Kensuke there all along? I feel like he just suddenly popped out of nowhere. When did hee switched sides? O_O

≫Also was Kensuke there all along? I feel like he just suddenly popped out of nowhere. When did he switch sides? O_O

I know, right? He totally took me by surprise & I had to go back to check if he was there all along.

Actually, I think in previous episodes we had im appear in two different places at once. "Omnipresence" (or rather "multipresence") might be a power the Moebius can grant, so... totally possible.

However we know nothing about the "why", so i hope that gets resolved in the next episode.

"We're trapped in a computer simulation but have no means of actually escaping, so instead we hang out in our club room and eat hot pot".

 Lmao, this needs more beaches, hot springs and not-related-by-blood sisters. Musicians could just leave Go-Home club as it is, it's not like they're actually disrupting Mobius. But, I guess, μ really wants everyone to "be happy", and status quo is not an option.

I see Ritsu went into Okabe Rintarou school of crossing the road.

Wait, wtf Kensuke is doing in the club?! I though it was peculiar that one of the Musicians is wearing the school uniform, but now he is either a mole or defector, without any explanation.

Dat lampshade hanging about Persona 5 doe.

This series is a dark horse of the season. I picked it on a whim expecting generic shounen maybe with cool songs, but it turned out to be "The Melancholy of Hatsune Miku", with sci-fi backdrop for a slice-of-life school comedy, liberal approach to time line, and smart-ass MC who doesn't quite understand his own self. I just wish that the show better conveyed what it actually tries to be. Haruhi had cool action scenes, but not in the first episodes that set up viewer's expectations. It needed something like "The adventures of Asahina Mikuru episode 00".

It also needs what I watched/expected/got macro with persona 5 and Haruhi+Hatsune Miku mash-up.

That dream sequence was really pretty, too bad Ritsu just barely missed out on getting through to mu. Surely getting more of those memories back is the key to escaping Mobius.

The hotpot was nice and relaxing, it was great getting to see all the characters interacting in that setting. I enjoyed Shogo's job struggles, and his part in the 4koma was funny too!

And that glasses guy is one of the Musicians, right?

Yep, so i'm guessing he's a traitor

But we don't know who he's betraying. Plus, shouldn't the Rogues have recognized him ?

Well they were going on about a counter attack at the end so either he told them enough for them to trust him or he's done some brainwashing

That dream sequence felt like something right out of the ending portions of Ib to me, and I think that was done on purpose to indicate Mu’s childish tendencies.

I want to focus on Rescue Man and Naruko for a moment. It was implied last episode that someone close to Kotaro (mother? Father? Sibling?) was an emergency responder. So Kotaro becoming what amount to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is a way for him to cope with losing that person close to him. And Naruko’s absolute obsession with social media is likely leading into her insecurity, meaning that she just want people to know who the hell she is.

"Hey Ritsu, what should I do?"

"Well, you can let everyone remember who they are, and then let whoever wants to go back to the real world go back to the real world, and whoever wants to forget again you can make forget again."

But that would've made too much sense, wouldn't it have. As would've been doing something in the month that their enemies were out of action.

"And how is going back to the real world going to make them happy ? They came to Mobius because they were sad there."

As for the month, maybe. But what can they do with µ out of the picture ? She's the one who has the keys.

"And how is going back to the real world going to make them happy ? They came to Mobius because they were sad there."

That's when you explain to the little idiot that it's up to the people to decide that, not her.

As for the month, maybe. But what can they do with µ out of the picture ? She's the one who has the keys.

Find her where she's sleeping and take those keys.

Is good to have an episode in which I don't have to wonder what exactly is happening.

Baka Ritsu! Don't confuse µ with all your philosophical rambling!

Anyway, I guess Ritsu is one of the reasons why they're in this mess and the rest are either test subjects or volunteers.

I also think it's pointless that Kotaro's trying to be a hero in a world full of NPCs. If they were trying to make his shtick a gag, it didn't come out as that funny.

I find it weird how Aria has her own preference when eating a hotpot. Wonder if her creator programmed that into her too lol

this show has so much rewatch potential tho. it actually seems like they had 2 hotpots within a month but the scenes are contructed in a way that at first glance makes it look like there was only one. that's why kensuke appears out of thin air.

Hotpot scenes were kind of pointless, especially Rescue-man, but the Ritsu - μ conversation and hints at their relationship was rather nice.

Glasses guy being there is not a good sign.


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