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[Caligula] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"Looking forward doesn't equal progress on its own. Understanding one's situation is also an important step."

Damn, this anime may be a mess but it is a hype as fuck mess.

Yeah the soundtrack of this show is pretty dope too!

I think with this ep it is finally something I'd call "good." It took a while to get to this point but now the plot is actually moving and it was tied up nice and tight, aside from random new guy

So it seems most likely μ was created by Ritsu.
My guess is that Ritsu probably didn't have a very happy life in the real world, but created μ as a normal music AI. But as μ developed she wanted to help Ritsu be happy and ended up creating the virtual world to do that.

I like this theory too. My own theory was that maybe she's his sister that died and he created an AI form of her, but this is interesting too.

This episode, too

Everyone getting their Catarsis effect in the same episode felt rushed a bit

The fights were cool, I hope we get a lot of them in the next episodes

Ritsu 1HKO was hype as fuck and unexpected, I want a serious fight between him and Mu's now

I didn't expect that jojo reference from Rotaro

SweetP's facial expressions are top-tier.

I figured mu would crack, but I didn't think it would happen so quickly. That was such a cool scene (Mifue's outfit is my fav). Ritsu doing his own Catharsis Effect and knowing mu somehow... this is getting real interesting.

It took them 6 episodes but finally the Go-Home Club is formed and everyone has their own Catharsis Effects! No more running away from fights now that everyone can kick ass!

I'm going to take a wild guess here that Ritsu has some sort of involvement in the creation of μ and Aria since it looks like μ knew him. Aria probably knows the truth too but forgot about it since she did mention in a previous episode that she lost some of her memories along with her Powers.

My theory is that he watched his sister die (or something along those lines) and µ is the digitized version of his sister. Maybe he created her, or maybe someone else did. That's my theory anyway.

≫I'm going to take a wild guess here that Ritsu has some sort of involvement in the creation of μ

That's what I'm thinking too. The programmer or the designer perhaps? He's into psychology so maybe he designed her personality.

But dark μ was quite a sight, it was hype.

I want µ to be happy. Well, I love that kind of antagonist.

The OST is really good. I am loving it

Even though this episode felt rushed, it was also satisfying to me. Feels like the story is really going to start developing more, just kinda worried about how we only have 6 ep left.
Really though, the anime makes me want to go out and play the game.

I guess I'll do a PSA - "being a member of Go-Home Club" is a japanese slang for not participating in any clubs - you spend time allocated for after-school activities to, well, go home. The fact that our characters are literally a club of people trying to go home is a pun.

But the club still exists as an entity? In that it is still registered as a club, but the members just chose to spend their allocated time to go home?

Is the "fuck the system" club for when the school mandates to join a club?

No, it's a way to say "I'm not in any club". Not sure if they say it as a joke or if it sounds better to use a positive sentence.

Evil µ song was nice also liked how her clothed changed.

What's the name of the song that Mui sings twice during this episode? And is there a way that I can listen to it on youtube or somewhere else? If anyone has a link to the song please DM me or comment. It's so beautiful.

It's not released yet but here

Thank you. The song is beautiful. It really gets me in the feels because I’m going through some stuff right now and the displayed lyrics and character interactions and what they were saying really hit me

Philosophically I'm kind of on the side of the musicians. I would prefer to live in a happy virtual world even if it meant being deceived, than a sad 'real' world.

μ is one freaky vocaloid. don't get on her bad side! lol

I like how everyone finally awakened but it would have been better if they did it one by one or twos per episode instead of a grand mass awakening of their catharsis effect.

I still find the MC Ritsu kinda annoying (especially in the earlier episodes). Plus his VA doesn't help. The way he unleashed his own Catharsis Effect and suddenly became OP than everyone else was meh. Though seems like he's special to μ. But I'd rather make a party with everyone else than him.

I wonder if they will be able to restore Aria to her normal state. Her chibi form is cute but I want her to return to her normal form and slap the heck out of μ.

What a great episode, I was looking forward to the ep where they get their powers at last and battle commences. I was fearful we would get that very late in the show, near the end as a "play the game, stupid" ending.

The uniforms look nice, but their Catharsis looks even nicer. At least for most of them. Though I still don't get why the spike doesn't go trough their left side, in the heart if it's supposed to represent their heartache.

I hope to see more of dark μ, for even more songs.

This is one of those shows that have a great story and a bad execution. I’m really happy some things are clearer and the story actually started moving.


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