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[Caligula] Episode 5 everyone's impressions

Episode 5
"Everyone gets hurt. But those who don't realize they're hurting can't be healed."

"Hey guys, I know we just recently found out that the world is a simulation with hostile controllers, but who wants to go to Seaworld?"

Right? I thought that was just so bizarre. xD

Damn, Ritsu got exposed this episode. Now that I think about it, the things they say to awaken people do sound really chuuni out of context.

Yeah, he should've approached Kotono a bit differently
That's what happens when the only one you hang around with is Shogo i guess

Looks like they're not gonna bother making logical transitions from one episode to another. Each one just starts in the middle of something completely different. Making episode 3 an Alice-in-Wonderland tea party certainly was a good choice then, setting the tone for absurdity.
Ok, wtf, is the script for Saiki Kusuo somehow got mixed into production? Mirei's fan club, Ritsu mistaken for chuuni, Kotono's victory speech - everything would be right at home there.

The guy ecstatic from being steppped upon should be a reaction face.

We now know why Ritsu got sucked into Mobius - he got sad no one in the real world wanted to listen him talk about psychology.

Funally someone's Catharsis have manifested. We're five episodes in, and not a single real fight happened, everything got resolved by talking-no-jutsu. I was starting to question how is this even an adaptation of JRPG.

≫I was starting to question how is this even an adaptation of JRPG.
I thought it was a visual novel. No?

It's a vita rpg with a ps4 remake out this Thursday.

I feel like between episodes things are happening cause when did they all get to know each other so well? It's a bit confusing I guess but more because very few answers are being answered and it just keeps going. Kotone was pretty good though (and that competition).

I'm actually surprised that Mifue's "real" mother wasn't erased.

I didn't understand that at all. Wasn't her mother fake from the beginning and they just changed her form? How did she find the old form of her mother? Is that her real mother?

I mean she is still fake, but I think that she is the emulation of her real mother.

That blonde woman is such a sadist lmao

Kotono was amazing this episode! I hope I get to see more from her!

Seems like the characters are going to be getting power ups now that allow them to fight. Still don't really understand all that much, but enjoying every second of it.

Overall, I like the ep, but I feel that they should have explained a bit more why they were at the park. Even just saying they are going to investigate a way out would have worked. Also, Kotone was pretty fun and I loved how smug she is.

Ritsu having doubts about leaving is interesting and I find it cute that he totally tried to woo the girls with his psychology talk. Still he is an idiot, his friend totally invited him to the sea park on a date, and he brought tag alongs and then went to hit on some other girl. She will leave him at this rate.

I have no idea what is happening in this show and I'm having a hard time keeping track which character is which

But I'm committed for some reason

Same here. Honestly, even though the anime isn't that good, I am so ready for the new game coming out... when it gets translated.

Caligula continues to be a bizarre, absurd run that begs us to ask questions, with only snippets of answers.

So this episode suggested certain character's reasoning for being in Mobius.

Firstly, and most obviously, Kotono has an abusive boyfriend... or perhaps, most intriguingly, she is an abusive girlfriend? But in any case, she seems to have gotten over this fact and accepted her love for her significant other.

Secondly, we were given hints at Shogo's reasoning, which looks like some kind of a suicide. But, and most interestingly, does that mean that the reason he is in here going to keep repeating itself until he gets out? If so - no wonder he's the first "awakened" of the Jocks. Theorycrafting time, but what if he wished for somebody to kill themself, and though understands it is wrong... doesn't regret it? That might be part of why Mu is making him relive it, as she thinks it's what he wants?

And Shikishima, o you. I've been waiting for this... smartass jerk to get some kind of an ego-hit and this was perfect. After fully embracing, with a Knowing Narrator to sympathise with the audience on, his desire to receive ego boosts, he gets woken out of that fact by the sheer contradiction of his personality. Good stuff, even if brief.

Mifue's mother story seems a bit strange and, with the little amount of description we're given, hard to read into. In any case, Mu hasn't erased Mifue's mother - simply displaced her? That or recreated her... for reasons. Very hard to read into right now, need more info.

I downloaded The Caligula Effect album and phowar gee is it a doozy. Highly recommend it, and I can't wait for more of its tracks to leak into the anime - Peter Pan Syndrome (notably in episode 1), sin and Cosmo Dancer being my personal standouts.

Wow, what a show. Three episodes in a row I'm thinking to myself that I'm going to watch one last one before dropping it because of remarkably terrible writing, but the sheer absurdity of everything keeps me postponing. The whole contest scene alone (with bonus Mahou Shoujo at the end) would be enough concentrated idiocy to sink any other non-comedic anime, but here I am watching with giggling fascination instead.

Yeah, me too.

I didn't know until the other day that it was an adaptation of some game, which explains the incredibly strange pacing, but goodness gracious no one on the writing staff has ever heard the word "tone" in their life, I'm convinced.

I really like the music in this show. Especially since when an insert song kicks in by µ, it's not just an insert song for the audience but an actual song that the characters in the show hear too. I love it! XD

This show jumps all over the place, and I understand nothing.

So, instead of fighting those musicians and returning to the real world, they decided to go to an amusement park? Fair deal.

I guess I would feel the same about the Persona 5 Anime if I hadn't already played the game. So maybe playing the game Caligula helps understand this stuff? Lol.

It's probably harder to fight musicians when only one of you actually has powers.

Now that I think about it, the game does a better job of sensical plot progression but at the cost of being shallow and systematic. As an RPG, the game actually has some characters get their powers in the beginning, and so most plot progression is just "go through Musician's dungeon and plot events, beat up the Musician, more plot happens then repeat".

At this point I've stopped anticipating the anime to come back to the pace of the game. I do hope it continues to make minimal sense for newcomers.

I have some mixed feelings about this episode lol. There were some good moments, and I did get a few laughs. The Queen being pretty pathetic was consistent with what we've seen so far from the other musicians too. I also rather liked Koto haha.

My main complaint was the whole contest thing. The tone kept jumping and shifting all over instead of transitioning. The sheer ridiculousness of the first part was OK since it's what we've come to expect from Mobious. The anime was also clearly self aware too which was nice, but then when they started to bring out the heavier stuff with Kotone's past they should have transitioned completely instead of going half and half. Moments where the music doesn't match the actions on screen were really jarring. It would have been a more powerful moment if they went full in one direction after Kotone started to figure out that there was something wrong. The anime actually did a good job with the tea party earlier, going from ridiculous into creepy and adding some emotion to the end.

And that's it for me. I wanted to like this anime but it's just all over the place.

But the anime itself seems to be aware of this fact, which makes me think it's intentional.

Intentional, but does that make it good? I liked the whole, "Wtf is going on?" schtick a few episodes ago. I felt this anime could be brilliant, but now I don't know. If it gets better I'll marathon it later.

Anyone know the song right before the ending?

It's the anime exclusive song レネット

woooo, we finally get kotono!


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