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[Caligula] Episode 4 impressions

Episode 4
"People who do not respect themselves will not be respected by others!"

I'm loving the structure of Caligula episodically tackling musicians in creative ways. Last episode's fat-shaming felt uncomfortably harsh, but coming to terms with Shounen Doll's loneliness was much more heartfelt.
This show is still oozing with style though. The dystopia is so paranoid.
I enjoy this show more than I would like to admit. It reminds me so much of Persona.
Written by the same person as Persona 1 and 2 IIRC. So that makes sense.
It also looks very close to Persona's visual style, with its black and white aesthetic.
It seems that almost everyone is together now so we will start to see things accelerating. I think it's a pretty cool concpet and the aesthetic of the show looks really good too. Excited to see where it leads later.
Wow. They actually used Lord of the Rings and proper names of the characters.
Anyway we finally have an explanation what it Mobius is. And it's not really like the Matrix. Basically it's a world created by μ and Aria (who are entities born from the internet?) to try and help people who are suffering. Anyone seeking solace through μ's song in the real world are transferred to Mobius. And the Musicians are the people that wants to stay in that world so they try to silence anyone who realizes the truth.
So basically this is closer to SAO then with their consciousness locked in the digital world while the real world is still normal. I am curious what's happening with the people in the real world though. With these many people trapped in Mobius then this should be a huge crisis in the real world then? Maybe that explains the hospital and medical pods shown in episode 1?
I think it's implied from the previous episode (at around 21:53) that everyone who is in mobius is in some kind of capsule. It's possible that at some point they all volunteered to enter Mobius or enter the capsule for some kind of treatment for their issues and then just forgot about it via brainwashing.
≫It's possible that at some point they all volunteered to enter Mobius or enter the capsule for some kind of treatment for their issues and then just forgot about it via brainwashing.
That's what I thought at first, but in this episode Aria said that she and the other vocaloid were just websurfing, saw people in pain, clapped their hands together to create a new world, and drew the sufferers in through song or whatever bullshit.
At first I thought it was merely Ritsu's flashbacks to his life outside Mobius (which likely involved hospitalization and many drugs) but the shot of the machines at the end of EP3 really threw me for a loop, even though I was familiar with the game.
Then again, the anime is taking a completely different plot direction than the game so even I don't know what to expect at this point.
Mobius is a good name for the virtual world. The features of a mobius strip are that it's infinite and that you can't distinguish the outside from the inside.
Aria in the Franxx
I'm really enjoying how this show is developing, and the various ways that are being used to defeat the mini bosses along the way.
Shonen Doll calmed down via Talk no Jutsu + Song no Jutsu.
His last line about being "The one who will guide you all down the right path" left me intrigued.
Will he eventually turn his back on the Ostinato Musicians and really help out MC's group? Or is it just part of the plan to catch them off-guard then knock some sense into their heads with his fists claws later on?
The Ostinato want everyone to stay brainwashed and happy in Möbius, it's what they believe is best and the "right path"
So it's basically just him telling the club "we'll fuk u up"
I really like all the songs that play during battle scenes. It makes watching the action generally even more enjoyable for me. It kinda reminds of when an OP song starts playing, just with the difference that we have a lot of different songs here.
Oh wow a Lord of the Rings reference in an anime, first time i see one and pretty good one about smeagol and the one ring. This reminds me i still need to start reading the LOTR books dammit smh.
Good episode again, i really like OP and ED of this.
Huh that was interesting. After seeing two of the Musicians get psychologically defeated with relative easy, I feel like I've got the wrong idea about them. I thought they were some kind of sinister group with access to admin level powers/connections.
Now I'm leaning towards more them just being broken individuals who just happened to have gain a bit more info on how the Mobius works and have used that info the game the system to their advantage. They're probably even more emotionally unstable than the average Mobius user, hence why they want to maintain the status quo and keep it running in a loop.
I do like the way the "boss battle" was handled though. In too many works of fiction the other side is just a one dimensional figure for the protagonists to bowl over. The way Shounen Doll was moved by Suzuna's singing and how it showed she was trying to overcome her emotional issues made him seem more like an individual than just a comic book villain.
As a few have already said, I am enjoying this, somewhat under the radar, show quite a bit. It's quite the surprise too; the premise drew me in and the show itself is keeping me in. I expected this show to be a "meh" show but to me, despite the flaws, I am quite enjoying it.
Fourth episode in and I’m still trying to crack show’s (and game’s) title and where did it came from. Does it have anything to do with the Roman ruler? Or maybe with some book on that matter (Albert Camus wrote one and it’s quite philosophical). Or maybe it’s random. Anybody knows maybe?
The title comes from Caligula effect (which is also the English version's title), "the desire to do something people considered taboo."
Taboo as in not what considered normal in society.


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