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[Boruto] Episode 59 everyone's impressions

Episode 59
"Boruto vs. Shikadai"

I knew Shinki was going to win, but I didn't expect him to win that easily. He didn't take a single step and still won. Gaara and Shinki's first interaction made me love Gaara more.

Boruto vs Shikadai was good. We got to see the benefits of Shikadai's training.

We haven't got much information about Boruto's eyes in a while now. I hope they start focusing on them again; I was quite intrigued about them.

I enjoyed this episode more than the previous one, but I think I'll prefer the next episode, since they're going to focus on Mitsuki and Sarada's next matches.

Sound like you haven't watched the movie. I wish I hadn't but imo they are doing great improvements. In the movie, chocho actually got one shotted since she wasn't much of a character.

I have, but I've forgotten a good portion of it. From what I do remember of the movie, I currently prefer it as a part of the episodic series instead of a stand-alone movie. More characters are developing and they now have a bigger role.

I'm glad Chocho is getting more attention now, and I look forward to what she does in the future.

This scene made me giggle somehow We ARMS now?

I really wish we get more serious Cho-cho. She was pretty badass this episode. Also I was half hoping she was going to use Calorie Control without the pills when they mentioned she "hates that technique".

That AOE Shadow Bind was like the perfect technique to shut down Boruto. Too bad he had to cheat this match >_<

Speaking of cheating would it still count as cheating if you're using your own technique with via Ninja Tool? Boruto suddenly using a Suiton jutsu during the capture the flag is definitely cheating since he doesn't have an affinity with that element. I'm not trying to justify Boruto cheating but we've seen ninjas in the past store their techniques and tools in scrolls to use for later. I'm curious what you guys think about this.

Well, in the movie he uses like 20 shadow clones , so this is a huge improvement.

I really wish they edited everything to be more realistic.

Ohhh suddenly using 20 shadow clones when he can only do 4 max would definitely be cheating.

That ninja tool is unauthorized for use in the exams so it's cheating in that respect.

There's also the fact that he wouldn't have been able to summon the 5th clone because he couldn't make the seal in that state (unless he fought against it well)

At least the other ninjas stored their own techniques, which they took time to learn. Boruto is using techniques he has not attempted to master, let alone learn, so I wouldn't class them as the same thing. However, it does make for some interest storytelling, so I'm content with it.

Wait, Cho Cho's name is actually Cho Cho? I assumed it was a nickname.

Her name is really fitting because it means butterfly in Japanese, which references Choji's jutsu.

I was thinking she was going to bust out THAT jutsu instead of the ball thing.

This is probably one of those episodes which I'd rather not rate by number.

Seeing how they reduced the shadow clone numbers from 20+ to 4 really caught me off guard!

It's one of the many reasons I kept watching Naruto Shippuden while reading the manga(on the other hand, too many fillers :/ ). I love it when an anime changes a few things which were criticized in the manga.

Animation was a bit sloppy in my perspective, while lip-syncing around most characters felt a lot more accurate than the few previous episodes.

Also I just love Choji here. He cares about his daughter's improvement while keep trying to motivate her(even though her motivation level is preeeeetty low..). Absolutely one of the top contenders for best papa in the anime. :)

ChoCho was amazing.
ChoCho: Naruto Next Generation

I need more episodes involving the Nara family. I love the dynamic they have and I'm still really happy that Shikamaru and Temari ended up together.

Boruto is like a drug addict. He just cannot stop.

So, I won't argue that Boruto is not exactly fighting fair and square but can someone explain to me how is using the ninja tool any different from using other ninja weapons, that are not forbidden? In the end the ninja tool is "just" another weapon so it shouldn't be off limits even though it's unethical as fuck. Well, that's my opinion at least.

Its not that its unethical bc in an actual fight where death is a real thing on the table, ethics can go straight out the door. However the chunin exam is a test to measure ur ability whether it be taijutsu, ninjutsu, chakra control, strategy making, etc. The Kote (ninja tool) doesnt employ any of that and anyone could use it without any time spent to master it and without sacrifising any chakra to use it. Think about it this way, there are alot of ppl who argue against calculators in math exams because it doesnt really demonstrate wat you have learned.


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