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[Boruto] Episode 58 everyone's impressions

Episode 58
"The Tournament Begins!"

See Boruto if you actually tried and learn proper shuriken jutsus you wouldn't have to cheat.

Temari being an absolute stage mom was hilarious! She didn't care if her son is facing someone from Sunagakure. XD

Sarada showing us the scary combination of her father's sharingan and her mother's crazy brute strength.

The moment Inojin predicted that he will win the more obvious he was going to loose. Also that dude he was up against didn't even show off his jutsu.

Mitsuki getting a little bit carried away. I really wish we got a reaction shot from Naruto when Mitsuki started gathering chakra for his Senjutsu.

No way ChoCho is going to win this. Although I hope she at least puts up a decent fight.

Has the anime done anything differently from the film yet?

Seeing the Mitsuki match is one. All the locker room chat is added in too.

During that first fight between Boruto and Yurui, after the first bubble popped, Lee grabbed his hair and panicked.

Did that fool go bald training so hard?!?

One punch man training regiment

Hearing Ino, Sakura, and Temari talk about the old chunin exams really make me miss how much more the original Naruto had for the chunin exams.

Literally the best anime fight of all time.

Yodo best girl.

Calling it now, Shikadai gonna hook up with her.

I was totally expecting him to say he was falling for her, when she was talking about his increased heart rate and harsher breathing, to try and get her off balance.

This was disappointing, I don't know about you guys but remember in the Original Naruto when the Exams was actually these long epic fights of each characters that not only we get to know about them both but how they fight with all these abilities and tactics they used? This was many fights in one episode with nothing really to be excited about.

With the difference that this time around, we already know how the Konoha child soldiers fight. With the exception of possibly important characters in the future, like the Suna gang and maybe one or two from Kumogakure.

The fights just boiled down to the basics and that was ok. Except for Mitsuki's and Boruto's match. I would have loved to see more of Mitsuki and Boruto's was kinda lame but not because he cheated. Maybe an aditional lightning jutsu or him trying the rasengan could have made that one more enjoyable imo, even if they failed and he still relys on the special shuriken.

You should have seen how disappointing it was in the movie. The Boruto and Sarada ones are straight copied, but this whole episode took up around 3 minutes and 30 seconds of the movie. (Not showing Inojin's, Mitsuki's (only him with his arm raised as the winner), and Shikidai's fights at all).

I'm just glad this series is expanding on it.

Original Naruto was just way better in general. I guess the female lead of Boruto is better (Sarada) but thats about it

I really hope to see Mitsuki go ham more. He's currently the most interesting character imo, plus his sage form in the earlier episode (whichever it was) was pretty dope.

Also nice to see some of the fights, but honestly I wish they were long and drawn out like in the original Naruto. Kinda lame to just have these fights literally end in 3 seconds.

≫I wish they were long and drawn out like in the original Naruto.

I wish they could too but I can see why they did that. There's really no point since all of the suspense is already lost. Everyone who has seen the movie already knows how those matchups will end.

Also in original Naruto there were deaths everywhere even during exams. Here is just a sandbox for children.

Do you really think Naruto will allow deaths in his Chuunin exams? That's like the one thing he would never want to happen.

I mean, the ninja tool is a cool thingy and certainly has it's uses but for fucks sake at least try to fight on your own for a little bit, Boruto!

The sad thing is that he reached for his own tools, the results of his own training, and gave up.

The throwbacks are nice, Shikadai facing off against a blondie with long range attacks like his dad, and ChoCho fighting the last match against someone way too strong for her own good. Hopefully she lasts longer than her dad did in the prelims.

Also, Sarada is kickass.

Damn. Sarada aced it. Also Yodo's kinda cute - I like her design.

The dynamic of Boruto fighting a friend while having a powerful tool is pretty interesting. To be honest, I'd be surprised if he cheated against Shikadai, considering he's so forthright about friendship and the idea of keeping your word. But...he has the tool and it's supposed to be the focus of the conflict right now, given that he hates losing and wants his dad to acknowledge him, so I know where it's going.

Surprised we got that many fights in one episode too. Feels a little quick. Hopefully next ones get to breathe a bit.


The Original series at this point was way more interesting

I agree. I don't exactly dislike this series but I feel like early Naruto had something that Boruto has been lacking. I continuously feel myself wanting to drop the series but I keep putting in hope that it'll get better.

I'm looking forward to Shinki vs Chocho; I hope it's a longer fight than the ones in this episode.

i think it gonna be a good fight base on the preview, i guess chocho tell him to dont look down on us. he kind of resemble the old garaa so far.

except.....probably a lot less murderous.

Was kinda hoping that Shikadai vs Yodo would be similar to Shikamaru vs Tamari (kinda nostalgic and i really liked that fight). But nope

The fight did a good job of showing that Shikadai was a bit more impulsive than Shikamaru. Yeah he’s smart, but he also has some of Temari’s aggression mixed in there.

I love the shot where it showed Boruto initially reaching for his normal shiriken pouch before switching to his device. Boruto could have tried using the throwing technique Sasuke was trying to teach him but by this point he's clearly become super dependent on the device. He pretty much forgotten about using his other skills.

I love Shikadai's family. Watching Temari and Shikamaru cheer for their son was awesome.


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