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[Boruto] Episode 57 everyone's impressions

Episode 57
"The Reason I Can't Lose"

Metal's lucky. The last time this match up happened his dad was almost crippled. 

I love how over the moon Naruto is with Boruto passing the second round. It's going to be a lot more painful when he finds out how his son won :(

Im realy looking forward to that scene. I kinda hate how he is winning

It's tough to watch but I think it's necessary for both to to actually have character growth.

I think it's interesting how Naruto goes from one of the most charismatic characters in the Narutoverse (who could do the impossible by talking irredeemably corrupt villains out of their evil ways), to having the charisma of a potato whenever it comes to Boruto.

He doesn't even struggle to interact with Himawari. Guess that teenage sons belong to a whole new category of difficult. Still, it made for a rather touching moment, though I wish they included the scene where Boruto starts crying into his bed from sheer happiness (which was present in the movie).

Also, bonus points for Mom intuition. She knows that something isn't right with Boruto.

Himawari has Hinata to look to as a role model as both a woman and likely through her bloodline abilities.

On the other hand, Naruto's interaction with Boruto seems to be a result of his own lack of experience with the role of a father. Family isn't something he had any experience with growing up, but I agree that a more likely path exists due his numerous mentors that he could've chosen to emulate.

I think Naruto's a realistically terrible father because he's looking at his own success, credits his own father's role in it, and is following Minato's horrible parenting style.

Minato's 'dad philosophy' wasn't to be day-to-day hands-on buddies with his son, but to set his son up in a world that can allow Naruto a chance for success, and set him loose to discover his own path in that world.

Nevermind that Naruto was damn lucky to have Iruka, Kakashi, Jiraya and everyone else set his compass straight and bring the best out of him, instead of becoming a weirdo angsty loner like Gaara. To us, they are the real dad figures, but to Naruto, that's not what dads do.

You can tell Naruto actively forces himself to be distant from Boruto because Naruto himself hated authority figures telling him what he could and could not do, and fought to push his own limits instead of looking to be coddled. Naruto's being a 110% Hokage because that's what his ideal dad, Minato, did out of love for his son.

It's hard to be day to day when you're dead

Yes, and that was Minato's choice after doing 'dad math'. He could either be a terrible hokage, flee and let Konoha be destroyed, and live the rest of their lives on the run as disgraced refugees, but be there to take care of Naruto and handle the consequences of that choice as a living dad, or be a dad that hands Naruto a Kyubey-free Konoha to grow up in as an orphan. He chose the second, and Naruto agrees with that choice. Naruto basically agrees with Minato that the -results- of one's dadhood are more important than the actual journey of dadhood, which is why he thinks being a good dad is using all his time fixing Konoha for Boruto, and not actually spending time with Boruto.

Hey, thanks for sharing your views! It makes a lot of sense and you expained it in a very easy to understand way. You made me sympathize with Naruto's actions, even though I do not agree with his parenting style.

Really wish I hadn’t already seen the movie. It sucks watching Naruto talk about the soul of a ninja while his kid cheats in a super important ninja contest.

I think it's hilarious because Sasuke knows about the ninja tool yet he didn't give enough of a fuck to tell Naruto about it.

He want's Boruto to learn from his mistakes. If he told Naruto, he would have either took it away from Boruto or disqualify him.

Feel like Boruto's power level got nerfed for the movie parts. He shouldn't be that bad against those three. Guess you can argue he's not believing in himself because of the ninja tool but just seems weird.

Okay episode overall, would have loved some more screen time for the other fights.

I think Borutos current power level is what it should be, in the movie he was way too OP.

Imo they could've made the fights into its own episode. It would had been interesting to see the triplets vs team 7 and Metal vs Gaara son in a all out fight even if they lost.

Yea I was really disappointed in that. I can't help but compare it to the original chunin exams. Hopefully the individual fights make up for it.

Jeez Naruto was that so fucking hard? Just do that every other day for an hour and this whole problem would never have happened. I'm enjoying the show but its so hard for me to buy this forced drama between him and Boruto. It really has no reason to be a thing.

Naruto's responsibility as Hokage has grown dramatically over the recent years. The mounds of paperwork alone should tell you that. You also have to look at it from the perspective of Japanese culture. It's not uncommon for kids to not have as close a relationship with their working fathers as is it is in the US or Europe. I imagine the drama feels much less "forced" and much more relate-able to young boys in Japan (the show's actual target audience).

Naruto, with his shadow clone capabilities, would be perfect for doing paper work. If a hokage capable of handling hundreds of times of work a normal human isnt able to keep up with it, there is no way this level is reasonable to expect.

They have done a good job showing the the job leaves Naruto both physically and mentally drained. He often passes out in his own office due to being overworked. Using a shadow clone for only a few minutes has causes him to lose the last bit of stamina he had, as seen during himawari's bday.

Yes, this is in part his choice. He feels he has to put in as much effort as it is his duty to the village as hokage. I again stress the target audience and the Japanese work culture here. It's all relevant and, to a fan in Japan, it may not seem as inexcusable.

should i watch the movie instead? waiting is hard.

Honestly I really liked the movie but I almost wish I didn’t watch it, because of things like what’s going to happen in the next episode(or 2). With this much development it just feels like what the movie struggled to portray. IMHO If you can I’d wait.

I absolutely love the naruto and sasuke scenes in this show. really makes me feel like they've grown up.

Sad that Namida's team didn't make it.

Still a bit too fast tbh, slow down for heaven's sake and give characters time to shine before being dropped out... Ugh

The rest was cool and we got nice animations for the water jutsu, and the scene with naruto at the end was pretty darn cool.. Too bad what it's leading up to hurts me..

Sarada and Naruto doing things that require Boruto to use his arm is great xD

The biggest moment of the episode was the fist bump of failed promises at the end. The last time, Boruto went for the fist bump for the birthday, but Naruto didn't reciprocate properly and we know how that ended up. This time, Naruto went for the fist bump, but Boruto failed to reciprocate.


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