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[Boruto] Episode 56 everone's impressions

Episode 56
"Rivals, Gather!"

man i was pleasantly surprised. great to see the test expanded to a more reasonable first task. that being said showing rivals over who sits at a booth in a burger joint is maybe the dumbest reason for tension ive seen in a long time.

also my boi shikadai saving his team in the most badass way. sticking himself to the wall and then paralazing his own teamates shadows.

Hop in the Naru backpack as he carries you like a package, his teammates sitting there looking like some luggage.

That being said showing rivals over who sits at a booth in a burger joint is maybe the dumbest reason for tension ive seen in a long time.

It was kinda silly. But imo it was clearly the other team trying to pick a fight. The whole booth thing was just an excuse. They're being set up as a bunch of bullies, basically.

yea but like, i can think of ten better ways to set that up. really trivialized the whole thing. they could have just been in the training grounds and bubble gum boy could say "oh thats boruto? figured the son of the hokage would be less of a little bitch" and boom off to the races. instead you get perhaps the pettiest tweens ive seen since luke skywalker in a new hope

After watching this, I think that what Naruto (at that age) would do is not stand on either platform, thus would pass.

I mean back then during the first exam, he just handed in an empty paper. It would be EXACTLY what he would do...

Nice to see Tenten again!

And I love how each team escaped the ink pit. It's a nice preview of the other team's jutsus too.

Shinki and his team is just cool. I love that he wears his Iron Sand like a puffy fur lined jacket and he basically behaves like young Gaara if young Gaara had a lot more chill. As for his relationship with Boruto I feel like they can be good friends but I can also see Boruto hating Shinki's guts for no good reason other than he's the son of a Kage and they get along well.

I feel like the latter option is how things are going to go, through petty jealousy if nothing else. Although if this series ever goes on for half as long as Naruto did I can kind of see them getting along with Naruto and Gaara do now.

TenTen's so pretty! Was nice seeing her again

yeah, on a scale out of ten, tenten is definitely a ten out of ten.

She's the only character that is better looking in Boruto.

Agreed. I think Hinata is probably the biggest downgrade, especially when you look at "The Last" Hinata.

Can't skip the ED at all. It is so good.

I really like the character desing of the Sand village kids. Hope we see bit more of them here.

Man, they really have upped the animation quality lately. Very few bad frames as well. It would be great if they can keep this up.

Perhaps reusing some of the animation from the movie helps reduce the load and focus on the fewer frames/animations than there would be otherwise... or something like that.

Ohh they're triplets. I thought they were waterclones in the movie during the 2nd Exam. I feel dumb

I forgot the movie already, so I'm really enjoying this! The scenes were all pretty darn cool here :3 loved it.
I was smiling through the whole conversation with Mizukage though, that was a cool callback!
Seeing 10/10 was darn cool too! Was she in the movie?

a lot of this episode was new/not in the film. they are doing a great job fleshing out the ark that the film glossed over.

Agreed and I'm really enjoying it!

Hey look Ten Ten screen time who'd have expected

Can anyone explain to me why Boruto's tool is any worse than anyone else's tool? Why is it any worse than using the super beast scrolls, summoning scrolls, or any number of blades weapons? Using tools never seemed to be an issue before

All those tools, and summoning jutsu's, all work via the wielder's own chakra.
The ninja tool uses another person's chakra.
At least, that's how I understood it working.

Im guessing that unlike scrolls and blades, the kote (looked up the name) requires no training or thought put in in order to use it. Obviously, in real life combat no one cares as long as the tools are effective. However the chunnin test is a chance to show the fruit of ur training and the strategy u come up with.

Finally more action and better plot than movie.

Was this episode delayed or has Boruto been switched to Thursdays? Asking so I know for next week.

That said, I enjoyed this episode. I never watched the movie so I don't know how different this is from that but while round one was interesting it felt like a step down from the original. Doesn't help that it was one episode so it was rushed as well. Hopefully later rounds will be better.

Thursdays now


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