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[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"From Iida to Midoriya"

Why would you ever kidnap a bomb that wants to kill you?!

Have you ever heard of a bomb that doesn't want to kill you?

Bakugou while he is sleeping?

That's simply a time bomb.

"I'm sorry I punched you in the balls."
Kota getting the important stuff out of the way first.

I loved how formal and stiff Kota sounded as his voice read the letter to us. He was trying really hard. :)

He's a good kid. He'll make a great waterbender some day.

We need a bloodbender in this show.

“There’s a lady with a huge rack over there”
Nice Iida, nice.

I love how his straightforward attempt at being a villain/thug is basically becoming Mineta

We should just call any perverted character a Mineta from now on

It's funny how everyone BUT Shigaraki seemed to realize that Bakugo wasn't buying any bit of the shit he was selling. He had no compelling arguments other than "join us, heroes are lame". Even his minions were like "You know this little shit is gonna fight you, right?"

Honestly I dont think recruiting bakugo was their main objective, just proving they can kidnap a UA student was a hell of a message, you say how they turned the public against the heroes


Not only has Momo become really helpful lately, she looks great in her disguise and cares for the economy. That’s best girl material right there.

This season has been great for showing off the other heroes and I love all of it.

I appreciate Momo's values for her powers. Shes a good kid. Wont use it for personal gain.

Well she is incredibly rich no reason to use her power for wealth.

Yeah, she respects the rules because she can afford to respect the rules.

Bakugou blasting Shigaraki face together with all the Sasuke prediction theories.

I'm so glad we won't have to read anymore Sasuke predictions now.


Villain Alliance: "Become Sasuke."
Bakugo: "Eat shit."

I forgot how hard Iida's little speech hit me, the boy has been through a lot. Though his bit in the mini recap was kind of ham-fisted in there, felt out of place being as that segment last week was an emotional build up.

Man I really enjoy how Midoriya and Bakugo both respect All Might but in different ways. Deku wants to save others like All Might while Bakugo cares about defeating villains

note how bakugou also smiles despite the danger like all might and deku

yeah like it shows where Bakugo got his motivation from. During entrance exam and pretty much throughout this whole series, his only motivation was to win, like I dont even think that he got into UA to be a hero, maybe it was all so he could fight villains.

What I got from it is that Bakugou wants to be a hero.

He wants to be a Hero like All Might. To him a Hero like All Might is someone who can always win regardless of the odds or situation and he respects that and wants to do that also.

What a suspicious group

Bakugo mocking Shigaraki was so good

What I really like about Bakugo is that he greatly respects All Might and wants to be like him, he's hellbent even

Man Deku's arms got really fucked up after that.

I like how a lot of the injuries the heroes sustain have long lasting impacts. First it was Eraser, then Iida, and now Deku

Deku should get an insurance for arm injury at that point.

Which insurance company would in their right mind give him an insurance on those arms after the footage of the sports festival was shown lol.

It’ll always stand out to me how Horikoshi has had Deku sustain serious injuries and permanent scars in what is really a short amount of time. Not only does is it look fucking dope but it’s something that most authors wouldn’t do and I respect that.

It’s weird how so many of the characters have this black and white view of the world through the Hero system. That somehow breaking rules puts you on the level as villains. You need balance in a superpower society buts its also creating the situations and giving legitimacy to vigilantes and that’s why I’m really digging this rag tag team toeing the line.

Also Yaomomo is just fucking precious.

Yeah, I like how Recovery Girl isn't just like a pokemon center who can heal you back to 100% every time you get hurt. Makes it a bit more realistic.

≫It’s weird how so many of the characters have this black and white view of the world through the Hero system. That somehow breaking rules puts you on the level as villains.

It's not an unfair comparison, IMO. I mean, yes, obviously there's nothing evil or wrong about wanting to risk your life to save a friend. But at a basic level, being a villain is about breaking society's rules and just doing what you want, regardless of the potential harm to other people.

Which as Todoroki pointed out, is exactly what they're doing. They're not helping Bakugo because he needs the help; he's already got much more competent heroes on the case. So this excursion boils down to little more than just an attempt to sooth their own bruised egos. It's selfish and reckless; far more likely to do harm then good. Tsuyu isn't reaching too far when she calls it villainous.

That scene of Kamui and Mt. Lady driving to the tactical meeting in their car was so surreal. Like the most ordinary action in the world mixed with these flashy heroes.


The speech by Iida was very powerful this episode but felt like it kinda went in one ear, out the other on the guys. :/ Momo's inner monologue makes me think she knows their plan is still naive and reckless and I hope she can guide them through it successfully. Arghhhh, I'm stressing out over what will happen next.

Aizawa can sure clean up nicely!

Real talk, you realize that your quirkless son gets to go to superhero school one day so first you're like "what? How? Okay, I guess" and then you see that his quirk is so strong and he has so little experience with it that he's breaking bones and injuring himself every other week. To top it all off, there are a bunch of people out there who are actually out to kill him or worse.

Dekumom is a tough existence.

I can't wait to see this group in action, so hyped.

Okay, that episode felt very short.

The drama and the build-up for the upcoming fight are ready, and finally, we'll be able to see some badass moments for the next 2 weeks. I'm so hype!

EDIT: Momo looks like a fine lady in her disguise, and I really love it. <3


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