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[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"What a Twist!"

Shoji has been exceptional this arc. The dude does not fail to get shit done. He is a true hero.

It's too bad he got outsmarted hard but his opponent was a bloody magician.

Can't steal the correct one if the opponent never showed the correct orbs in the first place. Its pretty impressive how he remember which pockets the orbs were put in though

Yea. The fact that he noticed which pocket the villain put the fake "marbles" is also pretty impressive. This arc definitely pushed him so much higher in the ranking of characters in this show!

Kirishima: We have to save Bakugou!!
Iida: Leave it to the pros!!
Boku no Civil War incoming.

Kirishima: "He (Bakugou) is my friend!!"
Iida: "So am I."

I would actually love a civil war arc in class A now that I think about it

No kidding I would LOVE this! Seeing these very competent and strategical kids use their abilities and brain against each other would be HEAVEN to watch. Especially when Horikoshi is much better at writing combat than Matsui and AssClass's civil war arc still left me unsatisfield.

Man, I'm loving how other students of Class A have been pulling their weight. Tokoyami going berserk, Shoji being a total bro (Broji), and Aoyama finally being impactful in a major fight were all awesome.

Edit: Having the police be the ones to do the ground level investigation was also neat. Shows how the society isn't entirely reliant on heroes for everything, but that they have a symbiotic relationship.

Yeah I like how the law enforcement is actually competent in this series.

As for Class A, Momo also played a huge role by helping reveal the location of the Villain League.

Well, competent in terms of villain tracking, but completely irresponsible in terms of shutting down illegal underground pubs. I bet Kurogiri sure as shit doesn't have a license to operate that bar.

Actually though I was kind of surprised the villains just walk into their base off the street through the front door. Seems like warping everybody in from different locations around town would be a lot safer and quieter.

Kurogiri seems proud, I bet he refuses to be a taxi service.

There was also that thing about him not wanting certain stuff inside him cause it was dirty, he might refuse to transport people for day to day stuff, like for Toga he probably does not want to transport blood all the time.

Also, the building was supposed to be abandoned, meaning that pub didn't have customers.

We got to see a good amount of characters in action this episode, but Shoji stole the spotlight by being Broji.

Himiko is still psychotic.


Bakugo is showing anger towards the League of Villains and it's perfect.

I feel bad for Deku...

Bakugo is an equal opportunity provider for hate.

Bakugo is a little shit sometimes (okay... most of the time, really) but I think when it comes down to it he's fully a hero. They won't break him.

Horikoshi actually regrets putting that scene in and has been trying to run it back for a while. It's completely canon but he doesn't want it to be.

I think it's great it was in there. That way it will be even better when he slowly becomes more mature and sensitive as a character. I'm a real sucker for really subtle and slow character developement and redemption if it's handled well.
Also, it's not like it's unrealistic. Shitty assholes like that exist in real life as well. And they often times don't even think how harsh or fucked up the things are that they are saying. That doesn't mean that they stay bad persons for the rest of their lives though.

Shouji on thot patrol.
The ED is just becoming more and more out of place with each episode lol. I was thinking that the whole situation wasn't presented as a big deal at first, but then Deku's mum crying in the flashback hit me and the episode continued to be sad. I KEEP MY IDEALS FEELS.

I swear I immediately thought “BEGONE THOT” when he slapped Toga!


Bakugo's delivery of his final line was amazing. It was powerful written in the manga, but it was so much better hearing it said without the usual rage.

Yeah instead of sounding like a "fuck off I don't need your help" it sounded more like a "you'll get hurt too so don't"

Was that the first time Bakugo has shown genuine concern for Deku (or anyone)? He's still a character I can't bring myself to like nearly as much as the others, so that development was great to see.

Aoyama sure understands the meaning of ult economy.

As an aside, I was super stoked to see Vlad’s quirk animated, I don’t remember actually seeing it on the page.

Aoyama is that one teammate that does nothing the entire game but ends up clutching in the last few seconds.

Aoyama with that mercy-hide strat from before the rework.

Hey man, those tummy aches are no joke. Plus I guess he was protecting Jiro and Hagakure so he couldn't just give away his position right away when the other kids showed up.

Yeah. His quirk isn’t suitable for multiple and long fights. He still needs to strength it

By the end of the series, I expect him to take on a planet-buster in a full glorious beam struggle.

i want to see a complex network of mirror tubes redirecting his laser to different body parts, turning him into iron man

Uraraka please hug Deku, because we cant...

Just look at her reaction when they visited Deku in the hospital

Muh heart

I expected a big villain v hero team fight this week.
Instead I got the feels.
Thanks MHA.

The real victim this episode is Deku's mom.

I love that Aoyama helped even though he was so terrified. Navel laser!
I feel so bad for Kirishima though. Hopefully we'll see a rescue next week?

And now the Forest Camp arc is done. I completely forgot just how short it was until I looked up the length earlier in the season to try to pinpoint where it would end.

Traitor talk has finally shown itself in the anime. I'm pretty interested to see what kinds of theories anime only fans manage to come up with.

Deku is the traitor obviously. All the manga is a ploy to make us feel that he is a good guy, but he is a villain from the start ! It's obvious, isn't it ?

Obviously he's been secretly helping the Villain Alliance League of Villains in order to create a threat he can very publicly take down to boost his hero standings.

"This is the story about how I became the #1 hero" is a confession, not a explanation!

I loved the perspective changes during the hospital scene with Midoriya Kirishima: from the first person perspective of Midoriya's eyes tearing up, to the way the blue background of the windows framed Iida and Todoroki. The scene felt so much more impactful than it did in the manga and I felt that the frustration of the characters was conveyed really well. Studio Bones are doing a terrific job with the anime adaptation, and I can't wait for next week's episode.


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