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[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"Roaring Upheaval"

Dark shadow is fucking busted holy fuck

Yeah. He’s probably the strongest student in the class at night. I think Deku will eventually surpass him one day but it’ll take a while.

so... the opposite of escanor?

Well to be fair Escanor is still rational during the day and able to distinguish between foe and friend

“At least let me do this!”
proceeds to rip shirt off

Man, Ochaco's advances toward Deku are starting to get kinda aggressive, don't you think?

Well, with how he is, one of them has to take charge.

Yep it's a shonen MC's job to remain incredibly dense when any female characters is romantically interested in him.

I'm glad though that at least that isn't what defines her as a character. She l can stand as her own character.

I know we’ve seen it before, but I really like how Bakugo and Shoto deal with Dark Shadow. It’s an innovative use of their quirks, and it makes them even more important as they're the perfect counter to Dark Shadow.

Also, I appreciate more Shoji, and Himiko is still creepy.

For comparison's sake, the two of them placating dark shadow in the manga.

They did a great job adapting that scene.

I agree, they did well. Hate when an anime tries to take liberties.

Really liked how deku used dark shadow instead of splitting up. This episode showed how smart and creative he is.

Yea he is able to think alot in a short amount of time. That's why Gran Torino said this when they were training:
You think about a lot of stuff normally, don't you, kid?
You made me dodge seriously for the first time in a while.
This kid might become a monster.
youtube link for reference

The best example in this episode has to be the "human bullet" plan that he thought up on the move and utilizes everyone's quirk's to succeed.

Can my homegirl momo gets some love after being badly injured to the point of being unable to run she still managed to create something perfect for the situation

this entire class are gonna be monsters by their third year

And to be fair that nomu thing is like fucking horrifying jesus christ

That scene was unsettling. The kids were accepting their death, and only were saved by chance.

Yeah it's fucked up if you thank about it that way.

And Dabi might not have recalled the nomu if Twice didn't remind him which meant it could have rampaged on more students

Momo has been one of the major player in this arc and she wasn’t even the main focus.
Y’all can stan Toga as much as you want, Momo is still my best girl

Toga sure is a little psycho, isn’t she?

“Then you realise you actually want to become that person!” Good god, kid, where are your fucking parents?

So, Dabi and Twice are basically the villain version of Eraser and Present Mic, right? Dabi’s VA just sounds so over hanging around with anime Deadpool all the time.

Holy shit. They are the villain version of Eraser and Mic.

For a guy who shoots out ultra-hot blue flames, Dabi is certainly the most chillaxed out of the villains and I love it.

I like while he's so completly done with the antics of his comrades he's also not giving them shit for it.

Toga’s ‘bye bye’ made my day

Toga falling for midoriya because he is always bloodied and beaten is so nice, imagine how much she loved seeing him in the tournament

I think it's also because he's the one Stain chose. The one he saved. She has an unhealthy obsession with Stain.

If you look closely at the after credits scene, you'll see her copying Midoriya's broken arms while running.
Edit: Sorry if I confused people with "after credits scene". I meant preview haha.

That is unbelievably super adorable... I can't believe I'm saying this about a psychopath..

It seems like Aoyama felt like a coward hiding, but honestly hiding was probably the best option for him since there is no way he would be able to protect 2 unconscious people while fighting with his quirk.

The thing I like about the Aoyama bit is that it shows a little about his character. He tries to act all cool and confident all the time but when moments like this happen he is doing the debatably smart idea and hiding. This also shows what he was most likely doing during the USJ arc when they first got attacked. He was the only character not shown and when questioned about his whereabouts during the attack he said it was a secret. He most likely was hiding like he is now.
EDIT: Typo

I thought the real reason why aoyama wasn’t there was because hirokoshi forgot he was a thing during that arc XD.

Don't bully Froppy please!

EDIT: Or suffer the wrath of Ochako

That tongue cut looked like it really hurt, especially for someone with a Quirk that utilizes it frequently. Was a nice detail that she was bleeding more after she threw them with it.

Shoji is so underrated, man, hopefully this episode gives him a lot more recognition!! The man is one of the most heroic in all of 1-A!

The chills when Dark Shadow rumbled "Dont beg. Small fry" to the villain that scared me the most in the series so far as he demolished him in seconds. I scoffed at Deku saying they could maybe even face All Might with their team but solely for Dark Shadow at night, maybe they could do something.

Also I wonder if there's ever gonna be some sort of sad flashback to Tokoyami's childhood where he's afraid of the dark as a kid because thats when Dark Shadow gets all OP and scary. What a beast.

Toga is terrifying....and I love it!
Next week looks like a battle royale. Please hurry.
Need more thumbs to rate this!


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