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[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 5 everyone's impressions [My Hero Academia]

Episode 5
"Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!"

Tokoyami Fumikage ``He didn't choose the edge, the edge chose him´´

"Ah, you think the edge is your ally? You merely adopted the edge. I was born in it, molded by it." - Fumikage Tokoyami

dude the shadows version is literally tokoyami. he was born in the shadows.

Can you imagine the shit his parents put up with when he was young at night?

..put on lights? I mean day one or two had to be hell - but I'd imagine they'd learn

The manga panel for reference!
Such a great scene

I fucking love Eraser Head

That Knee of Justice got me so damn hyped up.

Eraser is super fucking good at hand-to-hand combat, I’d be super interested to know where he started learning it. He curb-stomped so many of the mooks in the USJ incident before the Nomu rocked up.

That would be a really cool origin story to read/see animated. From who we've seen so far, I'm fairly certain Eraser Head is the best close combat fighter in the series. Well, Stain might one up him, but I'd have to rewatch all of their combat scenes to guess at who is better.

I'm not so sure, honestly. I think the only thing Stain truly has on Eraser is durability in terms of feats so far. Eraser dodging a point blank (AoE) sneak attack with zero damage taken has to be worth something.

I'm an anime-only watcher, though. So I can't really argue for their current power levels in the manga.

Stain also dodged Todoroki's fire point-blank

I'd actually argue that his ability to dodge Todoroki's ice attacks are far more impressive. Given the size of some of the walls he makes, and the insanely fast time he makes them.

Dodging Todoroki's fire in that particular instance isn't as impressive as Eraser dodging Dabi's flames, imo. Stain was in a much better position to react.

Deku doing his best naruto impression with those broken arms

Even Tokoyami is jealous of that run.

the only legit reason the " Naruto run" makes sense.

``No matter how wonderful your quirk, at the end... you're still human!''
I really liked that part, very intimidating.

Kendo <3

Loved the Kendo and Tetsutetsu team! For a big Kendo fan I loved how she handled the situation calmly and made use of her quirk

She has my favorite character design and personality out of the girls so I've been waiting for her to get more screen time. This episode definitely delivered on that front, and even added a surprise ship.

That line in your screenshot awakened a ship that I never knew I shipped.

I never knew I needed this ship in my life

Their kids would basically be Armament Gear Third

I like how we can tell that mustard definitely aspired to be a hero but wasn't able to pursue it leading to his attitude towards U.A. Kinda reminds me of that 1 class B kid

Hitoshi Shinso? He's not from 1-B but from the general studies course as he couldn't beat up robots with his quirk. He still went to UA and wants to get into the hero classes by performing well in his general studies classes to get the upgrade.

In a universe where everyone talks non stop in fights that guys power is fucked.

Yup, technically a "Hi!" would be enough to get an instinctive reaction from your a villain. Just a "Huh?" is enough. The only thing I could see would be that villains would be wary of talking in general if he were to get famous. He's already a bit know due to the sports festival (broadcasted all over Japan).

But he was able to provoke Deku into talking despite him knowing how the quirk activates and Deku had to really fight against taking again after that. Shinso knows how to get under people's skin so they blurt out something.

"Should I head toward Kacchan, or help Tokoyami?"
breathes in

Deku knows that if he stops, he won't get first aid but going directly to ICU for several days. Better take advantage of the adrenaline rush, is not like he can worsen his condition much more.

Really liked Class B's spotlight, wish we got more of them in general. Hurts more after that bait in the season premier right before Eraser was going to go through their roster.
Also, super happy with how Twice was adapted in the anime. Looking forward to more of him

Deadpool best MHA villain

He makes everything Twice as fun!

He's the BEST! He's the WORST! Twice has finally appeared!

I fucking hate him! I FUCKING LOVE HIM!!

I can't fucking stand that guy. I'm so happy to finally see him animated!

Remember that Kacchan is specifically Deku's nickname for Bakugo.
So Bakugo was especially pissed because he knew Deku had a hand in his permission to fight being taken away.

Yeah, they didn't really translate his line correctly in the subtitles when they wrote:
"Stop making so much noise in my head!"

He actually says something like: "Kacchan, Kacchan, urusein dayo!"
which actually means something along the lines of: "Kacchan, Kacchan! Shut the hell up!"

Kendo is this episode's waifu, she qt

Mandalay relaying message/orders that they have permission to fight gave me chills. I kept repeating that part. Her quirk is so cool!

Awww, Kirishima! The feels are real. <3

I know right!? I love how concerned he was for Bakugou! :)
Best bros.

They need to make these episodes longer than 3 minutes

Tetsutetsu is the real MVP of this episode!


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