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[Black Clover] Episode 31 everyone's impressions

Episode 31
"Pursuit over the Snow"

Bah-Ha coming in to save the day

Man if there's one thing that can make me hate you as a villain right away is laying a hand on a kid.

That siscon is going to need some good redemption because I really don't like him at all right now.

I love when Asta gets angry because it shows that you really messed up. I'm also happy that he's still following the advice of Fuegoleon and a nice nod with his chop on Rebecca lol.

That probably has to be one of my favorite Petit Clovers so far haha.

Its always entertaining to watch Asta bitch slap people with his sword after they laugh at him for not having magic

Hella hype, laughing at one guy for a sec then the next sec asta flash steps into a claymore wide swing. Always satisfying.

I hope you guys can already sense what kind of character Neige from this episode. Fuck Baro though, Baro is 100% definitely an asshole. Nice to see they showed HOW Noelle contacted the Magic Knights though, that part was left out in the manga.

And Asta is just great this episode. He's shown that he's learned something from Fuegoleon and has definitely kept it to heart. He's also really great with kids especially on how he was able to calm Marco down. I can't believe that I use to hate this guy.

\I'm already hyped for next week! The animation has certainly improved looking at the way Gauche avoided the attacks from Neige and how those snow golems moved is definitely a whole lot better than the zombies from the Royal Capital Arc.

Also that Petit Clover was adorable af <3

≫ Nice to see they showed HOW Noelle contacted the Magic Knights though, that part was left out in the manga.

That's something the Anime does that makes it worth watching; seeing all the little side details expanded on. Like how Fenral picked people to go to the mixer with. Good shit.

Fuck them both, but I hate the spineless snow dude more than Baro.

Enjoying this show a lot so far, but I feel it's time for some serious character development, the show's been a bit too slow-paced.

≫how those snow golems moved

Pierrot’s character design for the golems is eerily reminiscent of the recurring villain thingamabobs in Pierrot Plus’s Magical Girl Ore.

This was way too funny I love Asta.
That Petite Clover was the cutest thing out of this anime yet, need more of that

Is there anyway I can complain formally? The characters are looking uglier and uglier each non action scene they get. I still want to watch black clover, it's been my hype since reading it but can we at least get some consistency for the art? I hate just seeing the uneven eyes or just the panning gif shots. At this point, I'm just a masochist for the wrong reasons.

Yeah dude I absolutely love the manga but every week this adaptation gives me a reason to drop. I'll probably end up pushing through it anyways though.

Jeez it wasn't that bad lol. First 10 minutes had some bad shots. The 2nd half of the episode the animation was way better even when it wasn't just action.

While people can gripe about animation and shit, I just love all the little added details that the anime is adding to scenes from the manga. Granted, all animes do this to pad scenes out, but some feel more forced then others, where as in Black Clover, they feel like they should have existed in the first place.

Also, next three episodes are ganna be lit AF bois.

Asta's ass kicking scenes are always satifsying, fuck those that look down on him! Gauche's mirror magic seems quite powerful, he should tag along on those future fights they might have.

I wonder how they are gonna sell those magic they have gotten from the kids, but that shit is not cool, and fueled Asta's anger.

After Asta comes in to the rescue and Marie gets away from Generiko Virran and runs to Gauche, I was thinking the way to ruin the moment would be him getting a nose bleed.

And then he gets a nose bleed.

Love ya Black Clover.

Now we have one of my favourite parts. The kids have their magic sucked out, so Asta could become a mentor figure and inspiration to them.

≫I was thinking the way to ruin the moment would be him getting a nose bleed.
And then he gets a nose bleed.

I just wanted to note that was an anime only scene. In the manga Asta and Sister arrive, Sister sees the kids have no magic and Asta slams Baro with the sword.

There's nothing about Marie running to them and telling them what's happening that was all added by the anime. Just like with all the jokes the anime seems to have no sense of not beating a dead horse, in the manga Gauche isn't nosebleed city, he has them but only a few and usually in comedy scenes.

The anime has really given him a bad shake, in the manga he's much more about being protective of Marie, not as much "in love" with Marie.

I have checked the manga a few times and I have to admit that Gauche isn't as bad in the manga, rather he looks like a cute protective brother. The anime is pushing the envelope too hard.

Oh boy, I can't wait for the next episode of Bah-ha Bah-ha-ho-ha!

Some pretty nice scenes this episode with Asta being calm, if only the art looked good there though..

The jokes were funny I admit tho, but the art looked ridiculous for a good minute there. Some decent animation at the end there kinda makes up for it.

I really like the opening. It might actually be my favourite one this season honestly.

the new opening is fantastic, great song and dope visuals

Man this episode looked weirder than usual but still an overall good episode. Seeing Gauche and Asta interacting was actually pretty fun to watch. This weeks petit clover was pretty good, really got me laughing.

Every time I watch the OP I get so hyped for the Yami fight.

Man, after seeing Asta's magic-less struggle so far this series, then seeing the unbridled rage he aims toward someone who would knowingly inflict that onto others... Chills!

the art style kinda lacks this episode but it's still fine as long as the story progresses
episode 32-35 will cover up to 50th chapter of the manga according to sources.
can't wait for Yami to fight! ><

Noelle of course has to stay behind with Rebecca for some cat fight ;)

Marie running towards obviously asta was by far the best scene, screw gauche such an annoying bastard.

And magic drainer guy with a scouter that threw away Marco will of course hate on Asta, its Destiny.

Dam Asta is really growing on me do, when he was comforting Marco- Asta best big brother for sure.

≫Noelle of course has to stay behind with Rebecca for some cat fight ;)
For a quiz game - see Petit Clover.

Does anyone know if Black Clover Will carry on as an anime after the claimed 51 episodes, specifically what factors determine it (e.g. sales).

It was the 14th on 50 most soled manga series. It probably will get a second season

I agree animation was lacking but every week I'm just having fun. I'm not looking for the most amazing anime of the century. I'm just looking for a chill anime that let's me enjoy watching it progress. Black Clover does just that.

One thing I particularly enjoy is watching evil people shit talk Asta then get a beat down. Asta's story from being poor / weak to becoming a super strong knight is just a lot of fun.


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