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[Black Clover] Episode 30 everyone's impressions

Episode 30
"The Mirror Mage"

Sorry Noelle, I think I'm gonna jump for the Rebecca ship! But her misunderstandings are just hilarious and that outfit is cute.

Gauche's magic is quite cool, especially the real double magic. For so long, the only thing we know about him is his siscon, but maybe with this arc we'll know him better? Guess we might see Asta and him work together to defeat this child abductor.

Rebbecasta is life

Seriously I am all about the Rebecca x Asta ship. She's so hardworking, loyal and adorable. She really deserves a great guy.

I'm not sure if this was said in episode 28. Does anyone remember we saw Rebecca and her kids way back in the episode (4 I think) when Asta and Yuno first arrive at the castle town?

Yeah I noticed that when that episode airs, ever since I've been looking for any more foreshadowing like that.

Keep your eyes peeled. Tabata likes to drop hints all around the place.

Noelle, Mimosa, and Rebecca are all such contenders for best girl that I'm not sure I'll ever be able to pick one.

Alright guys, before everyone jumps on his bones, Gauche actually has a legit reason why he acts the way he does, which will become clear in the upcoming episodes.

Anyway, I feel that they've slightly increased how Tsundere Noel actually is compared to the manga, definitely exaggerated that aspect of her.

lol at the guy who kidnapped Marie, you got one hell of a guy who is about to fuck up your shit

Ohhh! I like this! They actually added details that the manga didn't provide. The chapter this episode is based on just starts with Gauche arriving at their village late and sees Asta and Marie playing together and for some reason Noelle is stalking Asta in the background.

While we already know that Asta promised Rebecca that he will come over, I like that they added the detail that Gauche was late because he was busy shopping for presents and Noelle was there because he overheard Asta talking to Magna.

Anyway I'm already hyped for this arc. Sister Theresa is going to be a treat to watch. That eye scar isn't there just for show. Also this arc will finally show one of my favourite aspects of the manga: Magic combos!

≫Also this arc will finally show one of my favourite aspects of the manga: Magic combos!

I noticed the OP showed Noelle making a big water area and it looked like Luck was diving into it with his electricity, so im guessing something to that degree?

Yup! A lot of the fights from here on will rely on characters being creative with their magic and doing combos. So when they win against an unbelievably strong opponent it's not because of an asspull or friendship power ala Fairy Tail, it will be because of actual teamwork.

It may sound a bit critical, but it's this concept that got me sticking around with BC manga. Outside of the incredibly powerful good guys like Yami and other captains, pretty much everyone else relies on combining their magic to great degree and it's always fun to watch.

They changed some effects in the opening (like the demon and some other stuff), now it looks much better. Anyway, this was a nice setup episode.

The comedy episodes are the best of the series for sure.
Now please, deliver in the aspects where a shounen should deliver.

Gauche is the best.
All the extra bits they added were great both for some fun fluff and explaining some things better, in the manga the blind date chapter ends and then Asta just shows up already playing with Rebecca's siblings the next chapter so it was nice to see how he got there. I liked the shop that was treating Gauche like a whale too.

I loved that part, he was prepared and he know Gauche so well he just use "Keywords" so he can get all his money.

  • The new op is still amazing. Imho it is one of the best ones right now.
  • Gauche is just one dimensional and annoying. I don't think there could be any reason/backstory to rectify his behavior.
  • I hope this whole "Noelle misunderstands things" won't be stretched out to much. I guess since this is a shounen I should not expecting any real progress in terms of relationships.

  • Yay, we're at the point where I started to actually enjoy the manga instead of reading it to be "in the know." As has been said a lot.

    Decent episode and we meet a really good character in the old woman. It's a while since I read this part so I don't remember much, only that I was impressed with her character.

    What a fun episode. Rebecca's the waifu of the show. Siscon guy needs to die ofc. Too bad the plot started at the end there.

    God, I love how the animation seems to have gotten better. I still can't get over how good this ending is

    Another fun episode. Noelle was great through out this episode. Seeing her freak out during the dinner scene was probably my favorite part.

    The best part of this anime is easily the Noelle stalking action and Rebecca, loved how all the siblings are all trying to motivate her to just jump Asta when in bed, well she did offer to him to sleep over at her place so ------- Than we get Noelle on the same time overhearing this become more and more explosive emotional over it to say the least -

    All of that was great, we get the new arc villain etc.

    But dam, Gauche does he have any good qualities? He was my least favorite black bull and no we see him trying to assassinate Asta when hes sleeping, this guy seem to have zero redeeming qualities and I doubt if he get a flashback it would motivate me to like him regardless of what happened in it.

    I liked the little chat between gaucha and sister.. Lol

    Luck fantastic as always, 10/10

    that changes in Opening is sooooo good! Also the episodes just keeps better and better!

    wow, even tho there wasnt much action, they put a ton more in noelle and rebecca. thank god, and the animation looks really clean. So hopefully that top 5 anime fight will be really good


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