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[Beatless] Episode 16 everyone's impressions

Episode 16
"Plus One"

Arato, don't listen to Ryo. This is the guy who thinks associating himself with a psychotic sex bot is okay.

The same 'psychotic sex bot' who almost killed his sister no less!

Well after all this,he should still go and stick with her

U really want the 18+ services, dont you??

It's too late to warned him, he's already analog hacked to lacia

and thats bad how?

He'll basically do anything that Lacia asks him to?

again and thats bad how :P

It's not unlikely to happen since he is Lacias owner and she seem to have "destroyed" her "device" for "defining" an owner.

We might underestimate how much power the owner has over his/her HIE and I'm kind of excited to see if and how Arato makes use of that.

I think that "device" means nothing for her. She's not the usual AI, she's super AI. Probably, she did that only to gain ultimate trust from Arato

This could also be the case, but if that's true the only two outcomes after this episode would be that either Lacia goes full villain (pretty unlikely) or Lacia really cares for Arato.

By my logic she either dies or stops herself for the sake of a good ending. If she doesn't she won and kind of "enslaved" humanity or she dies.

IMO I can't see the latter happening since the show gives me the vibe that the relationship between the MC's is the focus.

Well, this show is marked as "drama". I just still can't imagine the situation, where Lacia should sacrifice herself for the sake of good ending.

Can someone give me a TL;DR of all the techno-babble?

To go a step further, she was able to hire a PMC that willingly fired a missile from a helicopter, in broad daylight, and CONVINCE everybody watching that it was all just a show

This is funnily how media of today works. The ones in charge of the media can do literally anything they want, and they need only tell the masses about irrelevant things like SEX SCANDALS to get everybody to ignore their actions

≫This is funnily how media of today works. The ones in charge of the media can do literally anything they want, and they need only tell the masses about irrelevant things like SEX SCANDALS to get everybody to ignore their actions

Even worse, the media can deliberately spin stories to fit their own agendas, political or otherwise. A large percentage of the masses who consume them more often than not take what they see/hear/read as gospel without thinking to try and find a different point of view. It's the reason why this country is much more divided today than even 10 years ago. How does this compare to Beatless? The advent of advanced technology. AIs and the Redboxes in Beatless, the Internet and social media for our present.

It's what I've been saying since episode 1

This anime is only being animated because it directly reflects what is happening in America

Honestly, I've noticed a large portion of Japanese media has been attempting to wake up their Western consumers.

Persona 5, I got the feeling that there was a hidden message within the story, and one of the last bosses transforms into a golden Pyramid for seemingly no reason. Doesn't help that Shidou is often compared to Trump

A really good episode. What surprised me is that we will not have that good ol' hype-breaking intermission next week.

Let's see how they managed this

Judging by the intervals of the previous episodes, I'd say we have another 2 or 3 episodes to go before the next intermission.

Snowdrop is nut job version.

Poor Snowdrop, though. She decides to drop the apocalypse on humanity, and everybody ignores her to focus on her older sister instead.

Go Snowdrop, I'm on your side ! Except when you kill all humans around you.

I hope no one ever bothers to stop snowdrop. Like the stuff with the other red boxes escalates, they're all in battles and contests of intrigue and shit... And every so often it cuts to snowdrop, thinking she matters, while no one even cares.

All the other plot lines come to a conclusion except snowdrop, and she's just left sitting on that power line for eternity wondering when senpai will notice her.

oh no, plot twist

Although we've been told a long time ago that Lacia was untrustworthy, I didn't expect her to be the end boss.

Oh pls even if she is untrustworthy this eps showed nothing about her being the end boss, if anything I believe the end boss will be marriage and Her dip shit owner

Finally Arato finds out the truth! I love how scared he was of Lacia at the end there. My interest in this show just genuinely shot up with that ending.

That has been the perfect climax for the subtle feeling this show has shown for Lacia since the fifth episode or so for me.

I don't get where a lot of the hate for the show comes from anyway. It's popcorn AI enslaves humanity path and we get to see how it's done.

Except humanity is already enslaved

Didn't you see how she made her "human wall"?

Humans who have readily accepted any governing body, are by all accounts, slaves to that government.

Arato is not a fool

He's the representation of an average human being. Something great and fantastical was dropped in his lap, and he fell in love with its mystery.

He's not really to blame, is he?


Lacia understands human nature. She knows how get into their heads. In Arato's case, he's an underachieving rich boy, with an inferiority complex, and no romantic aspirations. All Lacia needed to do was play the part of a mysterious cool beauty, who could enhance his boring life, and he'll fall for it immediately.

Hell, near the very beginning, Lacia tells him "she doesn't understand how human society functions". This is foreshadowing the fact that she's been using the modeling job to better understand them

That's why I actually like him. He's so relatable that nobody wants to relate, because everybody pretends to be smarter or cooler. In the end we are all just Aratos and I'd probably be blinded by robo-waifuism, too. Lacia did a pretty good job to seem all innocent to Arato as well.

Maybe Snowdrop and Lacia really working in pair? Snowdrop distracts humans and Lacia shows them the right way.

Initially I thought that Lacia is Higgins. What a nice trap she would been.

Also, I liked the previous version of this opening more. It feels more sci-fi to me.

About time we got these reveals.

"Lacia was manipulating everything" was precisely the reveal I was waiting for, although she was just acting behind Arato's back with all of her powers. That makes the most sense, but it would've been nice to see more of her actions onscreen. Ryo states her plan is to have Arato pull the trigger on humanity by giving her the necessary order, but it's no longer really clear how much Lacia can do on her own, if she can shoot a missile at a human. The first episode gave the impression that at least human life is sacrosanct, and sure she knew Methode would protect Ryo, but that must be considered risking a human life. Though Methode already blurred the lines.

Methode got a direct hit on Lacia and didn't destroy her. We didn't even get indication that Lacia somehow dodged or blocked it. That seems like a major flaw in Ryo's plan.

Arato was targeted because he's such a sap, is what was expected all along, but that means he can't really be considered a stand-in for the average person, because he's portrayed as sappier than average. If the show hadn't spent so much time before showing how weird Arato is for treating hIEs like people, he'd be more of an everyman. As it is, everyone watching the show and hating Arato for being pathetic (i.e. most of the vocal crowd) was just... correct.

Now that she's used it to manipulate them, it feels just weird that the world is so digitised even the crosswalks can be turned off, even though they've been seen before. There's no way that is more cost-effective than a bit of paint, especially when you can have automated street-painters.

There's no way Lacia's plan could be derailed just by Arato finding out the truth though, otherwise she would've taken steps to prevent Ryo from talking, or else manipulated Arato such that he'd follow even after his assumptions about her got overturned. So it's safe to assume that, whatever happens from here is still all according to keikaku.

What is LAcia's plan though? What's her end goal?

If this is episode 16 of 24 then it's too early for Lacia's actual plan to be revealed, but the general implication is that she's a super-AI who's going to take control of human society and determine the direction of humanity's future. Which could mean anything. It's unclear if she's still bothering with a future where she and Arato can be together; her claims about redistributing resources implies a vaguely socialist/communist utopia, which has no obvious relationship with the romantic route and is not something she's ever voiced interest in, but controlling society so that everyone has the resources they need is better suited to a super-AI than playing housewife.

Just finished the episode and my god I was amazed on how a big twist this episode went. Over 19 episodes it got me hype for next week, but next week is another recap. But goddamn this gave me a blessing for sticking to this show, wow, what a great episode.

wow. I've kind of been blown away by this episode. I really hope lacia isn't going to be the villain though...

Still think that she's kind of acting as of an interpretation of Arato's Wishes...

Damn that twist was good. So essentially Lacia picked Arato because he was the easiest to manipulate individual. I bet that she also saw that he was going to say no when she asked him to follow her.

Well, I liked this show before, but with this, it just got even better as this episode just proved that Arato was wrong and his friends were right all along. Too bad that there will be another recap next week.


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