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[Beatless] Episode 15 everyone's impressions

Episode 15
"Edge Line"

I shit you not. With all the intermissions/breaks and other bullcrap they've made me forget some of the plot points. Thats actually impressive.

And we still have one more intermission to go!

At least...

This episode wasn't as bad as usual. Anyway op 2 and ed 2 are fucking awesome.

Honestly, I would love to see this series rewritten, i mean, the idea of 5 supercomputers far beyond human intelligence battling for the future of society could be a great psychologycal trhiller.

It could make it so that lelouch an L's plans are childplay compared to the plans of Ai's whos itelligence is far beyond humans.

I've been thinking it would be cool to see the owners getting more invested in this fight to change the future in a style similar to mages fighting the Holy Grail Wars in the Fate series. There are parallels between the owners / Lacia-class hIEs and Masters / Servants that could have been used for a much more engaging story.

Would you rewrite the story ? Or just change the execution ? I feel that only having very partial information about everyone's plans is a good thing for the mystery aspect.

I mean this idea in order to unleash it's full potential, needs to avoid otaku pandering, after all let's not pretend that the story is nothing but a justification to pander to the idea of self inserting yourself in a world where you can get a cute robot waifu (out of nowhere and without having any redeeming qualities as a person).

Tbf Lacia picking the most basic bitch MC she could find make sense in the context of her wanting someone who will fall for the "cute robot waifu" act so she can basically do whatever she wants. This is still a LN so the pandering is there but this is a pretty realistic almost parody level portrayal of what would happen if some otaku suddenly became the "master" of a walking supercomputer. "Shes hot and perfect waifu material so lets ignore all the shady stuff."

It might have started like that, but I've started to doubt this interpretation when Kengo refused to become the owner of Kouka. With the current direction of Lacia acting without Arato's consent, they are very clearly painting his decisions as the wrong ones.

So yeah, they might have tried to attract people with that premise (which worked for me, to be fair), but that's not what the show is about, IMO.

I mean sure,I had in my mind since the beginning that lacia was the one pulling all the strings, after all, she's a superadvanced AI way beyond humans. To be honest, I just watched becuase i wanted to see some cheesy romance and i knew the story was going to degrade to that. (honestly i would love it if it just were a romcom)....But since it didnt go full rom com, the it's half otaku pandering, half trying to set up an interesting story...

But, let's kid ourselves not, it's otaku pandering all the way...

shows pics of lacia with different wigs
Arato: "Wait a fucking sec...."
I was literally crying of laughter in that moment

TBF, the detective does mention that Lacias have a much better ability to control their facial muscles than humans - it's not a stretch that she's more different-looking (wigs aside) than the bland animation gives her credit for.

This phrase in the preview is interesting. Especially considering the fact that Lacia is doing some shady business. And I surprised that Arato didn't break down under the gun at his head.

Now I'm imagining Lacia smiling gently while she's destroying everything Arato believes in.

I'm also curious about Snowdrop's comment in the preview. Will there be some kind of choice between Lacia and her ? Although even if that's the case, the choice is already a given - Arato has already been trusting her way beyond the point at which it was reasonable.

I'm curious about Snowdrop in general. We knew little about her.

From my perspective this episode was just wrap up for last episode. And I don't know how much people saw that Arato is more and more manipulate by Lacia. I know he what to help his friend ( I do same thing ), but taking responsibility for not knowing what methods Lacia use to help him is irresponsible. And one more thing where is Lacia them the police do search in his house ? I think from this point mc is more like a tool for her than vice versa for there goals.

Lacia doing stuff behind Arato's back is a lot more interesting than everything else that has happened in this episode. I'd actually be surprised if Lacia is just using Arato and she's actually doing some shady stuff on the side.

Not like "I'm doing this for us!" kind of stuff but actual "Nope I'm the villain all along!" stuff.

Yeah part of me wants Lacia to just be the pure innocent one but I wouldn't even be mad if she just turns out to be the big villain.

Arato is still an idiot. Kengo still deserves to get shoved down several flights of stairs.
But when the ED started and I was all, "WTF, it's over already?", I have to give this episode a grudging thumbs up.

(ETA: Post on MAL says no new ep next week? Can anyone confirm?)

I can't confirm it I try search on there official twitter account ( link: ) but no info here, If they skip this week I think they should told us on this account. We should keep eyes on it for confirmed information.

So lacia is the bad guy? I have to keep watching to find out? Okay :( maybe just maybe this show will pop off... I’ll push on

Still got no clue wtf is going on, but it seems the ball is finally Rolling


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