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[Beatless] Episode 14 everyone's impressions

Episode 5
"An Answer to Survive"  

Let's kill the best girl! But wait, there's more! Another fucking recap. It's like they're trying their hardest to make people drop this shit show for good.

Naaa, i'm a bit pissed for Kouka, but nobody will drop this show at this point, everyone who endure till now will continueto to watch till the end, no matter how much interlude they will add week after week. :)

≫It's like they're trying their hardest to make people drop this shit show for good.
As if all the convoluted techno babble wasn't enough to bore everyone to death.

If the airstrike sirens at the end of the episode were any indication of Lacia's current mental state, I would say that she is BEYOND pissed that Kouka had to die.

Ultimately, Lacia is the most emphathic of the 5. And Arato at the end really did a number on her emotions:

Arato: "Hey look, I know your sister whom you loved just died and all, but my friend got arrested and I wanna do something really stupid, that would effectively make Kouka's entire sacrifice in vain: let's have a hIE break the law, maybe kill a few cops, whatdoya say?"

Lacia: "What in the stupid diddly f*** did you just say to me?! We're in this situation because you're an indecisive, dependent MORON who can't think a single step ahead of you. I love you, but if the 18th is the only thing on your tweeny-a** brain right now, I'm going to drop a f***ing nuke on you"

Wasn't the siren because Kouka sabotaged Lacia's plans by throwing society in disarray ? She really doesn't seem like someone mourning, rather, she seems to take this as an occasion of making Arato move.

Kouka did not throw society into disarray. Hell, if anything, she took the disenfranchised and the lost, and gave them a meaning to their existence. She didn't cause mass confusion, she opened people's minds

So, am I the only one here who has no idea what's going on?

From what I can tell:
  • Kouka, wanting to be remembered, goes out with a bang, livestreaming the whole thing
  • As a result, many things happen when such a powerful hIE is publicly shown off, one of which being Kengo's arrest due to his connections with the terrorist group
  • Arato wants to free Kengo, but Lacia argues that if he did so, he would have to go into hiding himself as he would be a criminal
  • Another recap episode is announced, because wonderful, we needed more of those.

But like, did they really have to kill off Kouka. I feel like it wasn't necessary for her to die nor do I really get why she died.

It was necessary for her. Kouka was a tool made to help humans win the race against hIE. In other words, she was made to resist the automization of society. Pursuit of this goal even if it meant her own destruction was the only way for her to preserve her dignity.

So essentially, Kouka was dealt a bad hand and did the best she could with it?

Pretty much. The best she could do was be a martyr for the cause, but she was cool with that.

New opening hype! I was getting worried since it was episode 16 but it feels weird that they gave something cheery even though it's kinda Futuristic/Apocalyptic (in the sense that the world looks inert because of the advancements of technology, also via the automatism of hIEs)

Kouka Episode tho, I was on the verge on bawling on my screen, but knowing that as an AI ; She chose her own death because the process leading to that death is what fulfills her wish as a 'living being', being used in battle. At that point it becomes pretty hard to even consider her or the other Lacia-types as actual robots or AIs seeing that they are able to go against the robotic laws and even commit suicide as mentioned a couple of episodes ago.

Her last words towards Arato are only additional proof. Just like the fact that she (probably) regrets not having Kengo as an owner even though she knows he can't fulfill her wish/creation purpose.

So at this point and with previous facts we saw (Methode being able to and actually killing owners, albeit indirectly) we can assume Higgins actually created artificial Living beings with free will and feelings. It would be hard to say that's one of the goals of the mother AI, but we will get the full picture with (maybe) Erika arc and the last couple of episodes.

The show's began like Lemonade Sorbet and starting to turn into Dark Chocolate :(

BRUHHH The minute long sequence with only the OST and then her thoughts

Definitely the best episode yet. I'm pretty sure at this point Higgins designed the 5 red box hiE for a 'royal rumble' to decide the course of the future. Either because it couldn't predict the future or had no inclination as to which direction the future should take.

Nuuuuuuu, my best character is no more, the cowgirl, damn, why she decided an extreme action and pratically sacrifice herself in this way? To play the eternal hero? To be remembered as a victim of the society? :D

Feeling apart, i expected this from the last episode, die on the screen and become a symbol for everyone against the status quo. Honestly i don't get where this anime, or better novel adaption, is heading, but a thing is for sure, is not predictable at least. :D

It's only a matter of time until the police arrests Kouka because of the airport incident so she decides to at least do something to change the society.

I think Kouka's stream was the biggest analogue hack to the point and it was done in the most spectacular way.

Rip Kouka, she was a badass till the end, it took an advanced army with railgun tanks to stop her, her final battle was really epic...and sad.

The AASC exposition was way more cringeworthy than usual. Arato had to be an idiot and not understand something taught in class so that his nerd friends could exposit it at him, but the concept was basic enough to explain to the audience in a brief scene. That being said, it was informative. Between Higgins' insistence on creating Lacia, and the "humans are level zero because Higgins doesn't control them" talk, we can assume Higgins has some sort of plan where Lacia analogue hacks society and finally controls humans. I'm not convinced Lacia is going in a direction worthy of a super-AI's plan though. Also, Lacia plz, Arato didn't even understand AASC the first time it was explained in class, what's with waiting for him to design a future.

Kouka's death was predictable from last episode, but it's poorly done. She's got the most fun and dynamic personality in the show, so losing her should be sad, but they had to pile on exposition about her motivation so it's hard to just focus on taking in her final moments. And despite being a combat hIE she can't even go out in a memorable action scene. Well, it's fitting that Kouka was ultimately a failure even in her sendoff episode... and I do like the concept of a weapon finding she has no purpose in current society.

I'm disappointed because the show looked like it was trying for an identifiable goal and then failing to achieve it, but it's still one of the better episodes in terms of reveals and emotional impact and the plot seeming like it's finally moving. Just as one would expect of a Beatless episode just before a recap.

New opening! Still prefer the first one tho.

More recaps and they also killed the robot with the best personality (okay studio is not really responsible is this, as this is an adaptation), best background music and costume selection and also best girl.

Although I must say, that overall this was one of best episodes we had in a while.

We finally get our new OP. Not gunna lie it is also pretty baller. Might not be as good as the first one, but its still pretty kickass.

The OST this episode was awesome. Sucks that Kouka died. She was my favorite Red Box HiE. Gonna miss the OP by Garnidelia.

Why is there a 3-episode recap?? Who in their production team thought it was good to throw that in? I mean we had a fucking special episode (for Japan only) a week ago since it's not like we have even had continued broadcasts of new episodes every week

4 recaps for a 24 episide anime. They really must think that the plot is that complicated that we need all of those recaps.

The more likely explanation is the studio struggling under the workload of a 2 cour anime.


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