Sunday, May 13, 2018

Anime you've taken forever to get back to watching [DISCUSSION]

What are some anime that you were enjoying but just stopped mid-series and NEVER got back to? Like either you forgot or got distracted by other series or some possible third reason...

I know that I was watching Cromartie High School and Reborn! early in this decade and never got back to them (and because of Viz inexplicably not continuing to release the manga, I never got back to Reborn! there either.) Reborn! especially hurts since when I was into it, it was honestly only behind One Piece as my favorite action shonen series (despite taking too long in the manga to get to the really good stuff).

Also, while not nearly as long ago, I do need to start watching One Piece and Naruto Shippuden again.

Well, I started Black Butler, Seven Deadly Sins, and Persona 4 when I was in high school but haven't finished them yet. Neon Genesis Evangelion also took me two years to finish.

Monogatari. I love it, really, but every time a new serie starts I totally forgot what happened before. I don't want to go in "blind" but I don't feel like rewatching it either. I guess I'll just wait 'till they adapt everything and then binge it.

I'm missing owari, the movies and maybe another one.

Well the story actually ended, they're adapting more novels but they are "off-season" ones

Oh good, I heard something about Owari 2 so I tought there was more main story. Thanks!

It took me 5 years to finish Steins;Gate. I've not sat on anything as long as that I don't think, arguably Attack on Titan comes pretty close since I haven't seen any instalments of that since it aired.

Well, how was Steins;Gate?

The ending was good, but I'm not entirely convinced the 19 episodes before it were worth the hassle.

There have been a lot, but one of those that I decided to pick up again recently was Hunter x Hunter. I started watching it 6 years ago but I'm not very fond of long anime so I dropped off after just a couple of episodes in (just like with Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc.).

However, recently I decided to pick it up again with my SO and we pretty much ended up binging it until completion. It was amazing, and for once it felt like there was not too many episodes but rather not enough lol. We're doing the same with Fullmetal Alchemist now, and it's promising.

FMA:B. I don't really know why... loved the original series, have heard nothing but good things about Brotherhood, but I've barely touched it. I think the length is kind of daunting, maybe. I rarely watch shows with more than ~26 episodes, and in the case of multiple seasons I take a long break between usually.

Personally, if it wasn't for peer pressure to finish the show, it would still be shelved as of today. I will never understand why people love this show so much.

It seems like it's just not the type of show you like.

I'm just taking a several year break around episode 330 of One Piece. Also: totally will eventually finish Fair Tail despite stopping mid Tartaros Arc. It just might be a few more years before I get around to it.

That's actually around where I stopped watching One Piece the first time. Probably a good place all things considered, but during the brief time I was actually watching episodes I hadn't seen before, I only got maybe 20 episodes further.

Gintama. Stopped at episode 19 like 4 or 5 years ago and haven't gotten around to continuing it.

I've got a bunch of them. There are one that I've just kind of moved passed (most of the stuff on my on-hold list), but then there are ones that I do constantly think about. One of those ones that I do think about often is Sora no Woto, it's been sitting there close to being completed for a while, maybe I'll get to it or maybe I won't. I just really enjoyed that show and like knowing that it's there if and when I decide to finish it.

New Full metal panic has arrived and I can't remember if I still have to finish s1 or if I'm only missing s2..

Started One Piece then stopped at the beginning of the Alabasta Arc which stopped watching for a few years until I picked it up again from around where I left off. Now I'm pretty much caught up but took me forever to fully get into it.

I watched the first few episodes of Bungou Stray Dogs while it was airing. I then put it off for about a year and a half until I decided to watch it because of the Crunchyroll marathon.

I started School Rumble almost 4 years ago, and stopped it because my younger self couldn't handle the older art. Finished it last year with a whole lot of laughs.

Watched a fair amount of Lucky Star in like 2009 or 2010 when it and Haruhi were all over the internet and then forgot about it for a while. It's not that I didn't like it, I just never felt the strong urge to finish it.

Gundam Unicorn, watched the 5th OVA then git busy with school. While I enjoyed the story/mecha designs, I have no urge to see how everything concludes.

I'm at episode 8 of Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta but I can't get back to watching it because I developed this irrational hatred of the MC

My college's anime club watched the first half or so of Erin the Beast Player in 2013 and I only decided to finish it earlier this month. Great show.

I generally get behind in One Piece and then watch 50 or so episodes in 5 episode stretches over the course of a few weeks.

still havent finished gintama(the first season) i started it lik 5-6 years ago

Toriko took me like 3 years.

It's taken me forever to get going on Haruhi Suzumiya again. The beginning was interesting, and had me thinking this show has the potential to be one of my favorites. Then I got to the endless eight arc, and once I finally finished that arc I put the series down and haven't really touched it for a couple months. I tried to pick it up again, but that arc kind of ruined it for me.

I hear the movie is amazing so I'm going to finish the series eventually, but man I'm stuck.

Inuyasha. I finally finished the original and now I need to finish it. It's been like two years though.
Ranma 1/2 is another one got to episode 45 and kinda stopped watching, it's a fun show that I will probably finish


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