Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[Amanchu! Advance] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"The Story of Fleeting, Unfulfilled Desires"

This season hasn't been bad so far but I thought this show was about diving? That's what really made the first season for me.

I know what you mean but at the same time I'm really enjoying these dream episodes, as I'm into the whole lucid dreaming thing.

I'm pretty sure the author has personal experiences with it too because it's portrayed super accurately and in detail.

That being said, I can understand how, for someone who has never experienced it, it could be off-putting.

Yeah I don't think I've ever been able to lucid dream properly. As soon as I realize I'm dreaming I wake up immediately.

It's a very common issue with beginners. All you have to do is stay calm, say out loud "yup, this is a dream... neat" without getting too hyped and you'll be able to stay in the dream.
It takes a bit of practice but really, the only reason you wake up immediately is because internally you start freaking out -and why wouldn't you after realizing you're literally in a world created by your own mind. (Now that I think about it, this is the closest we'll ever get to being Haruhi...)

How many times would one have to experience it to get better? It's happened to me quite a number of times over the years.

It varies a lot. For example, I managed to get a lucid dream the same night I learned about its existence but took me almost a dozen tries to be able to spend more than 10 seconds inside of it.
At the same time I read about people who had a really hard time reaching lucidity but once there, could immediately stay and even control it. AFAIK, there's no way to predict such things.

However, if you dig a little, the internet is full of different methods for staying in a dream. For me, when I feel a dream slipping, whipping around 180 degrees or looking up at the sky tends to work most of the time.

In your case, as a sort of rehearsal, pretending (for a minute) a few times a day that you're in a dream just might be enough to get you out of this rut.

Teko didn't even do any diving in the first season as she couldn't swim at the time. It was a glorified Iyashikei SOL show. I watch for Teko to overcome her diving obstacles but these supernatural arcs just detract from the overall experience making it seem like filler.

I think as far as supernatural stuff goes, Teko's dream a few episodes back was the way to do it. It was more mild in it's supernatural elements, and it let us see a new side of Teko where we learn about her affinity for dreaming. It also allows us to see her in a more mentor role rather than her more usual weak sides. However the Peter arc doesn't really seem to do anything extra for the characters imo, and goes full on supernatural to an uncomfortable degree.

I seemed to enjoy the supernatural elements in Aria a lot more than in this. I'm enjoying the Ai screen time but i'd honestly prefer we'd get back to the diving unfortunately.

Yes but this chapter/episode is what connects the two series.

Yeah they had the Cait Sith statue but surely a connection could've been made without a two episode arc. There already was kind of a connection ever since Amanchu started to touch on supernatural themes anyway.

Wait, are Aria and Amanchu somehow connected? Never watched Aria but I hear a lot of positive things about it.

They are from the same author and in the same universe. Just Aria is hundreds of years in the future from Amanchu and on a different planet. There were easter eggs in the first season of Amanchu from Aria. This episode though shows somethign that is a direct connection between the two series. Also the two friends of Teko who were in the ova and in the first episode of this season have the same VAs as some Aria cast also some similarities in behavior and looks implying they are the Aria cast ancestors.

This season of Amanchu has taken the series from wholesome diving fun to weird supernatural experiences and I'm not sure I like it

I'm actually enjoying the supernatural elements on this one. I'm not really sure if this is intentional, if the author of the source meant it to be like this or if they they did it just to have more material, but I'm enjoying it.

Me too, the music was super on point this ep too.

So much Aria in this. The shallow flooding, Cait Sith, dream-time-travel, following cats around…

Yeah, as a big fan of Aria, i really enjoyed this episode

The supernatural elements in this show simply aren't working for me. In Aria they maintained an element of mystery where you aren't entirely sure they are real up until the end of the episode. Even then what was experienced was between Akari and the viewer and usually explained away as the wonderful mysteries of Aqua.

In Amanchu there isn't really any magic to the supernatural scenes, and the little confirmations Ai has with Teko or Mato about the existence of a dream world ruin the little magic it had. This show has a lot going for it, and I've greatly enjoyed the awkward relationship between Pikari and Teko. I'm just disappointed that we get this lost little girl in never land plot line instead of actually developing Ai more. Same with Teko's dream sequence, instead of having her meet a new friend and show how she has grown since meeting Pikari, they force in the supernatural elements.
I kind of wish this show could just be it's own thing instead of trying to do everything that Aria did. I understand that it's just following the manga, but It's just disappointing to see a show that I like go in an opposite direction from what I enjoy about it.

the last 2 episodes has been fantastic for me, the atmosphere is great thanks to the visual and ost. I'm looking forward to see the next one for maybe the last dive into the dream

This arc reminds me of Clannad and I kinda like it.

Yeah so i'm thinking at this is super intriguing to watch and these past two episodes have been very good.

Music was fantastic here, really added to the wonders this had to offer.

I'm on the liking all this mystical stuff side. It's fascinating to me, with some nice imagery and music. Also the Jolly Rodger looked cool.

This episode gave me serious Aria vibes


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