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[Amanchu! Advance] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"The Story of the Neverending School Festival"

Katori sensei Vs. Fuckboy Ghost is not something I'd expect from Amanchu!

Katori sensei on THOT patrol all serious-like was kinda amusing.

Wasn't this show about diving...?
Not that I dislike this storyline, but this just seems to come out of no where to a certain extent... >_>

this show is about yuri

And they downvoted him, for he spoke the truth

This Peter guy intrigues me. A very mysterious character.

He brings a very different feel to the show compared to the other episodes. The title of the episode is neverending so I wonder if this is some sort of reference to Peter Pan.

Yep definitely a reference to peter pan. Never-land where children remain children forever and never take any responsibility. I really like the themes of this episode. Youth, responsibility, happiness, and etc

Not sure I like how the show is turning otherworldly with the lucid dreaming and now ghosts, preferred it as a cute slice of life with diving.

It is the same kind of stuff the Author did with Aria.

There was already supernatural stuff happening in Aria's first couple of episodes, combined with its setting and general narrative about the soul of the city itself. You can't really compare this to a story that ended up having a full 1st season without any of these things occuring at all (or at least a rather decent amount of chapters).

Was never a fan of the supernatural elements in Amanchu or Aria. So I didn't really enjoy this episode.

Yeah me neither I generally prefer the grounded or just general heartwarming/comfy eps

Which is probably why I'll ultimately like Amanchu S1 more since it was all that.

I'm inclined to agree, but at the same time, I feel like I'm actually more engaged during these episodes. Normally, I kind of just veg out with this show.

The series is taking much more of a fantasy approach in this season. Seems so different from the 1st season.

Amanchu the Natural!

I understood the Peter thing when Katori sensei came to the rescue.

I wasn't expecting supernatural stuff in this series, especially because unlike Aria, it wasn't established until right now that these things happen. I guess they share a universe though.

Amanchu is still a diving manga/anime..!!

I think its a metaphor for different types of worlds. Like when they dive into the ocean, its a completely different world. In order to dive you need to learn set of responsibilities and as much fun as you like to dive. The air will run out and you have to surface to reality. The ghost elements seems out of place, but if you think about the theme of peter pan. I think it kinda ties in with the over arching themes of this show. We'll see on the next episode

Well that was a different episode and by the look of it next episode will continue this story, can't say I am not intrigued plus we get to see teenager Mato-chan-sensei!

Ane-chan was adorable this episode as well and we now know she sports the shimapan.

Sensei x Sensei is still a good ship!

Wow, that was quite different but i really liked this episode. I wanna see more of Peter.

I recently realized that name of the school Yumegaoka (夢ケ丘) contains the kanji for dream inside of it. I'm kind of wondering if all this lucid dreaming and dream world stuff was planned from the very beginning, or if that sort of popped up as a plot element inspired by that name.

That was a beautiful episode, really captured the otherworldly atmosphere of a school at night, empty of its usual classroom bustle. I loved the scene of Ai and Peter running down the corridor it was really magical, while still being unsettling. Reminds of the old stories of fairy folk whisking away maidens to their mysterious undying realms.

Glad to see the sensei ship is picking up steam and he was totally checking out her arse here.

Also, it's not a festival episode without cute waitresses and witch girls. Plus I love how much detail the background artists put into all the posters, blackboard drawings and the like.

I for the record, would like to reiterate my complaint about the girl's school uniforms, they look absolutely ridiculous, uncomfortable, and awkward to walk in (all knock-knee'd), which makes no sense whatsoever for a school to adopt stupid-looking uniform.

The school uniform being a dress is understandable, but it being tight down to their knees is weird.

I, for the record, would like to point out that the uniforms are awesome and you're a stick in the mud

They seem absolutely awful the moment it rains. The skirt hem is gonna be perpetually soaked.

And that kinda sucks in a country where garbage dryers that actively ruin clothes are the standard.

So much Ai-chan fanservice today :3

Given the last few episodes, I kept expecting the supernatural aspect to be a fake out. Apparently not..

This felt like the equivalent of the Cait Sith episode in Aria - except Peter seems a tad more unsettling. Also, this is the first two-parter in the series, next episode looks super interesting with high schooler Katori!

The first third was really good though, made this one of my favourite school festival related episodes because of the way it captured the infectious excitement.

Well that was probably the most "successful" supernatural episode so far. The way it weaved in paranormal elements to enhance a particular emotion kind of reminds me of Kotonoba Drive, a manga by the same author as Yokohama Shopping Log. Although, introducing a spirit who abducts people who want things to last forever is a pretty aggressive way of forcing the whole mono no aware thing on the show.

I do have to say that the abstract scenery this episode looked gorgeous though. I feel this season is somewhat of a step down from the first one in terms of visuals, but if we keep getting stuff like this I'll be perfectly fine.

Favorite episode this season. Reminded me a lot of the Urusei Yatsura movie "Beautiful Dreamer" and some of the conversations in the movie Waking Life. The initial conversation with Peter and Ai felt natural and uncanny all at once, very much like a dream. I would've liked to see what Pikari and Teko were doing though, since they seemed to be in the same place Ai was at the beginning there.

I really enjoy the way the show has been introducing with the liminal spaces between living and dreaming, night and day, time and eternity in what feels to be pretty organic ways. I didn't like how the episode just kind of ended this week immediately after the explanation of Peter, but judging by the PV we'll be getting more of the story. Looks like Ai may be going off to neverland after all.


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