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[Amanchu! Advance] Episode 5 everyone's impressions

Episode 5
"The Story of the Jet-Black Mermaid and the Solitude of 18m Under"

It was Pikari's grandfather...

Guess her face when they met him makes sense now.

This was adorable af.

Mato-chan-sensei with her words of wisdom. Btw, she was pretty cute at the end there.

And it looks like there is no supernatural stuff in this anime and they are just making a fool of all of us x)

≫And it looks like there is no supernatural stuff in this anime and they are just making a fool of all of us x)
I mean they did have people sharing dreams..

tbf, it could be interpreted as that just being Teko's dream, and not really a shared one. Since the other girl didn't remember it, and Teko probably already saw the girl before going to sleep, it's not a stretch that she would appear in her dream.

Next episode is Halloween, I bet we'll have plenty of supernatural things.

Those outfits though.

The one thing that has impressed me about this show is that nearly every episode, we get 1-2 different outfits that weren't seen in previous episodes.

Sure you'll have the diving suits and school uniforms, but I feel like the hair and clothes are always cycling through.

This episode reminded me of the old Wii diving game Endless Ocean where you dive around exploring places like that palace and come across fish and stuff. I really wish someone would remake a version of the game for modern systems and their higher end graphics. I had a lot of hours invested into that game.

So much diving today! This season has really come through with having them in the water a bunch.

Although the bit after was actually distressing, I absolutely adored the scene where they were blowing rings at Teko. Such a pretty moment.

Kodama seems really fun! The way she was dodging out of the way of Pikari's hugs was hilarious. I hope we get a bunch more of her too. :)

≫The way she was dodging out of the way of Pikari's hugs was hilarious

Gif of the Day material right there! She's so immune to her sister's genki-ness, it's hilarious. Reminds me a lot of Alice from Aria.

Definitely! Actually I'm planning on adding a bunch from this season to my album so I'll post that when it's finished.

The cats are the perfect in-between scenes I swear

I'd watch a show just with those cats! No VA needed besides those cute cat sounds.

I got a bit confused at the beginning with two idioms I'd never heard before, "to strike a rapport" and "to hear through the grapevine". Seems I learned a few things !

It was a bit annoying to see none of them secure their instruments, I feel like I can still hear my instructor. And later, it felt really uncomfortable to see them use a stride to jump from a boat despite there being a rail and nothing to hold to. Not sure if those two are unusual, or it's just a bias from my training.

Talking about training, when I saw Teko starting to go up and not blowing the air in her lungs, I felt genuinely upset and worried. Good thing they went to her aid quickly.

I expected the mermaid (who also had a buddy, even if we only see him at the end) to be using a monofin to complete the picture, I'm almost disappointed.

Yeah, the loose backup reg and instruments also get to me, and I wonder if its due to some design decision or that's how they do it in Japan. Is it like that in the manga too?

As for the rapid accent, my heart was definitely beating a bit faster during that. When I was going through my open water classes, we had a student do just that. Living in a cold environment we had to get our dry suit cert along with our open water course. I think it was our first dive in open water, we went to our safety stop and instead of stopping, one of the students couldn't and just shot up, feet first just like to Teko (for those unaware, a safety is where you stop at around 10 feet/3 meters, for a few minutes to let the nitrogen in your body diffuse so it's safer for you to surface. It's not necessary for short shallow dives, but it's a good habit to get into.) A stop wasn't necessary for our dive so it wasn't that dangerous, the dive was probably designed with that kind of accident in mind. The best part was that after he surfaced, and I heard/felt a small POP. A second or two later we saw one of his fins land about 5 feet away from him. He had so much air in his suit that it expanded enough to launch his fin right off his foot! He was fine, maybe a little shooken up but it was a valuable lesson.

I remember that every time I'm about to dive with a dry suit. Thanks person's name I don't remember, your mistake will forever keep me safe.

Out of curiosity, where and how do you properly stow your instruments? I assume they'd have to be accessible instantly and I can't imagine a method aside from velcro - which is not exactly secure. (although the brake line handles on parachutes are stowed away with velcro or neodymium magnets)

For the backup reg, I use a rubber like ring clipped to my right waist. You fold the tube like you would a length of rope. Stick the fold through the ring and the friction of the rubber on rubber keeps it secure in the water but comes out easy with a tug in an emergency.

For the air gauge and depth gauge, which typically are in the same device, it's clipped in a way to the left waist that you can pull it up so it's easy to read. This can be done a number of ways. I use a clip that grabs the hose at the base of the gauge and that's connected to a housing with a retractable coil of line. So I'll pull it up to read, let go and it goes right back to my waist.

We like to have those items close for two reasons:
  1. I know exactly where it is. If my buddy wasn't paying attention or something happens and they need my extra reg, I don't want to be stumbling around finding it.
  2. Those instruments are made of either hard plastic or hard rubber. I don't want that potentially knocking around on coral damaging it.

So the mermaid and it's jet black fins (Judgement Knights of...) was actually an old man, rather than a beautiful maid of the sea... so tragic.

Some nice long diving scenes this week, though the moment when Teko ran the risk of getting the bends, freaked me out a bit.

Next week it's Halloween, but scary stories are not allowed!

I love how this episode came together, especially with the mermaid hook. Enormous grandpa was a hilarious reveal (especially when he was eating entire peeled oranges whole), and it was foreshadowed when Kodama came by with the enormous bath towel.

I also like how Kodama and Pikari colour schemes where their eye colour and hair colour are swapped.

Why is this beautiful show so critically underwatched. I don't get it...

Glad they picked up Teko's goal of getting to the next certification level with her diving. With all the different things they'd been introducing this season I had nearly forgotten. I suppose the show is a bit more of an ensemble cast than last season, but I still like to think the show anchors itself in her and Pikari.

Also speaking of Pikari, after seeing her grandfather I'm thinking that muppet face she makes a lot of the time isn't so weird anymore. That dude must be like the kingpin and be secretly ripped underneath his clothes, otherwise I have no idea how he is able to swim so fast.

Max-motivated mode Teko is best Teko!

I've heard some ... things about the supernatural elements in the manga. But so far it's all been fake-outs? Is it going to continue like this, or is there actual magic that shows up later on?

The weird stuff will be coming back soon, featuring Sensei, Ai and Peter Pan. There is also a bizarre chapter about Pikari basically getting on a bus to the afterlife that I think they'll skip. They skipped Teko's dream about going in circles as well.

This episode like the others WAS SO BEAUTFIL OMG the previous had magiiiiiic. But it was just a dream. But it was so rare it was shared. And Teko in the inside is like sensei woooaaa And now she got so depressed for almost getting hurt for not being rep sponsibel, BUT MAN SHE JUST WANTED TO STEP ON AND DOING THINGS IN HER OWN. The enviroment go so blue in when they landed. But Pikari still found the words to stop her depression. Well she still upset but then appeared PIKARI'S SISTER WOOOOOAAAAAHHHHH. (((the flashback was so cute))) Anyway about the mermaid I REALLY THOUGH IT WAS A MERMAID. I though it was rare the face that Pikari made. HAHAHAH at the end i got why. THE BEST THING IS THAT TEKO GOT HER MOTIVATION BACK. Thanks pops


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