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[Amanchu! Advance] Episode 4 everone's impressions impressions

Episode 4
"The Story of Autumn and a Tender Happiness"

I'm glad the staff made some more changes this episode. In the manga version of this chapter, Pikari dashes across moving traffic when she sees Kokoro, which is dangerous and out of character. Adding the light changing to green made the difference and keeps her in character and not acting like an idiot. They also removed a certain line from Pikari which somewhat changes the way her relationship with Kokoro is portrayed, though everything else is mostly the same in showing how Kokoro is falling for her.
They also changed the dream chapter in order to connect it to the stuff happening with Pikari, and even changed the message from something like enjoying time alone to enjoying time with others in order to further strengthen Pikari and Teko's relationship in the anime.
I'm confident now that the staff will handle what comes later with more care.
JC Staff can really do great things with a anime if it is one they seem to truly care about and bring their A game to. The saem happen to Flying Witch where it seems they delayed a episode just so they could give the episode extra attention to reflect the chapter it was of. This is why I think they would been a good choice to had been the ones to do the just announced Bloom into You anime.
What line was removed? Though also got remember lines can change from their original meaning or get added depending on the translation. So it is hard to say what was actually there in original japanese.
After rushing across traffic to Kokoro, she says that when she sees Kokoro she just feels so happy. Basically its implying that Pikari is deeply attracted to Kokoro for reasons even she doesn't understand, which plays into the theme of that chapter about not understanding stuff. Its weird and somewhat out of character since Pikari only met Kokoro briefly like twice before that so there's no reason for her to be so attached like that. The anime made her connection and date with Kokoro feel a lot more natural and like her.
It's good to have confidence in the staff of this show. Junichi Satou is pretty much the master of this stuff, and as long as he's attached to this franchise, I can rest easy that he'll handle it well. He seems to really love doing iyashikei, so in the event that this gets a third season, he's pretty much guaranteed to come back.
Yeah, the staff did really well with the first season too, adding/tweaking wherever necessary to bridge chapters and make it work better as a cohesive whole. Glad to see they're maintaining that.
The Flying Witch crossover I'd always wanted!

The only thing that was missing was Chinatsu and Makoto flying somewhere in the background. So much for 'supernatural' elements though, it was all a dream! It actually felt weird seeing Teko so confident. A Professional Dreamer, eh? Next thing we know she'll be performing Inception (wait.. she kinda did..?!) The girl she shared a dream with looks like she's related to Kokoro.
Not just Flying Witch, that red ribbon on the girl's broom was probably a Kiki's Delivery Service reference.
≫It actually felt weird seeing Teko so confident.
I loved this bit and especially that it was a dream. Makes me feel like this version of her self is her dream. What she's striving for in reality. Especially with the lesson she was able to give to the other girl. Very Pikari-esque.
There is something to what you're saying! They portrayed lucid dreaming with super accuracy and as I fellow "professional dreamer" I can honestly say that the type of personality shift you saw is super common among lucid dreamers. I too, wish I could be the person IRL that I am in my lucid dreams. Almost everyone I've talked to feels the same way.
I am kinda bummed that Teko and the blue haired girl didn't say hi irl
Me too, I hope they get to meet later on.
Now I want Flying Witch season 2 even more.
Wow the Supernatural stuff I'd heard so much about was all dream? I'm not sure if I prefer that or not, I think not having supernatural aspects allows for more realistic and meaningful interactions, but something different with supernatural aspects might not have been to bad.
There are supernatural aspects in the manga. This particular segment just happened to be a dream, and is unrelated to them.
Well, to be honest, all the supernatural elements are at least portrayed as either dreaming or at least daydreaming, a bit in the same way Aria was.
Teko having a shared dream with some random girl at a cafe was more than a little out of left field. I wouldn't say no to more Onee-san Teko, though.
Also Pikari seems way too attached to Kokoro considering they've known each other for a sum total of maybe like two hours.
To be fair, she attached herself to Teko just as easily.
Maybe, but she didn't go out of her way to drag Teko into whatever she was doing at the beginning, or make a fuss about going on "dates" with her.
Hahaha so it was all a dream.
It would have been hilarious if Teko had thought it was a dream but it actually wasn't!
And it looks like we will have an episode about sensei, cool!
So what they kept saying was "Juugatsu Sakura (possibly juugatsu-zakura, which is done to make it flow better in a sentence)" which actually means, "October Cherry Blossoms." No idea why the subs said December. Japanese months are literally just numbered. "Juu/十" is ten, and "getsu/gatsu/月" is month. Thus, "juugatsu/十月" is October. December would be "juunigatsu/十二月."
They're called horrible subs for a reason ;)
But seriously, you're right, it's juugatsu-zakura (ジュウガツザクラ), there's even freakin JP wiki page for the October Cherry Blossoms. You'd think that even if you misheard the word, you'd start to wonder why they keep talking about a December tree blossoming in Fall.
Don't know how they could goof that bad, besides you know...rushing to get it out. At which point, seeing just how error prone subs that come out even after the season ends and the rush isn't there....I can't get too mad.
 Welp, looks like I need to watch Flying Witch at some point.
Cool episode. First time I can remember an anime dealing with lucid dreaming (outside of Paprika maybe). Nice to see this show go in a slightly more esoteric/supernatural direction. As others have mentioned the backgrounds were phenomenal. I really liked the message at the end, how friendship can either be long-term or transitory like in the dream, but what's important is the shared experiences in the moment.
It was a dream... all that from the PVs was just a dream!!!!
Can't say I expected that.

Also that is the fanciest sweet potato ever.

Edit: Still weird stuff in the preview, though... Now mermaids!
I was waiting for Teko and her dream friend to greet each other in real life. It seemed the parallel would tie up quite nicely with Pikari's adventure with Kokoro. A little sad that didn't happen.
Flying dreams are so cool and Teko looked especially sophisticated cruising the skies on her broomstick. I also liked that the girl turned her broomstick into the one from Kiki's Delivery Service.

This felt like a particularly gorgeous episode with the background artists going all out with the sky shots and autumnal trees. I'm not sure if that's a real cafe, but it had a very mushroom-like design which added to the dreamlike quality.

I wonder if the other teacher will appear again, I'd like to see him and Kotori Sensei going drinking or maybe even hitting it off. Though from the preview it looks like she's going to be snatched away by a mermaid... how tragic.
What a beautiful episode... I want to go out and find myself some summer wonders.
Love the slight supernatural themes just like Aria.
The direction for this episode was brilliant. This is the healing I've been waiting for


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