Wednesday, May 30, 2018

[3D Kanojo: Real Girl] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9
"About Our Mutual Understanding."

They made tsutsui waaay too dense, to the point that its cliche and frustrating. Hell even ito understands these simple things. Like giving a proper answer to a confession, so people cant use the "well hes an otaku" excuse to defend his bs.

Tsutsui trying to tell Iroha he loved her, getting a text from Ayado, telling her he had something to do as if him telling her he loves her wasn't as important, then leaving her was really triggering.

Yeah it's definitely moved to frustrating how oblivious Tsutsui is. He's about to finally say tell Iroha he loves her, then he leaves? It's just so annoying.

still not his fault...

It kinda is?

Running away after a confession is definitely his fault.

He even admits that he's more insensitive (rather than dense).

i’m referring more to the overall situation. Overwhelmed by an insecure GF and unexpected affections from a second girl. Plus Ishino sticking her nose in and offering the worst input and getting shit from his only friend because that guy is jealous.

Could he have handled the confession better? Probably but when everyone is blaming you for something that isn’t your fault, taking any action leaves you fucked.

At this point, he should go back to being an introverted otaku. Time to cut sling load and drop that baggage. Ain’t nobody got time for crazy.

That punch and cat boy losing his shit felt so satisfying, that's not a good thing to say about a romance show's MC.

While I can understand his poor self esteem and lack of people skills can make it hard for him to understand the problem. As a hard core otaku he should have played enough VNs to understand this pretty simple form of jealousy. I mean has he not followed a single yandere route?

On the other hand that yuri route sounded interesting.

What would one find satisfying in seeing cat boy running away with the tail in between his legs. Best he could do is a "B... Baka!'.

Shiori is more assertive than him

You're right about the yuri route though

I feel like the only person in this show who doesn't deserve to get punched is Ito.

Ayado too. Leave her alone.

I considered Ayado. She's runner-up, but telling Igurashi she loves Tsutsui was bad form. She had to have known that could only end in disaster. Then again, almost every decision every character's made in this show has defied common sense, so I'm not sure I can fault her for it.

mfw MC dense af

Honestly what happened to Igarashi? She was supposed to be a strong no bullshit girl. Sigh. Tsutsun is ridiculously dense. Like reallllyyy dense. Ayado doesn't deserve this crap and my only satisfaction was that punch from Ishino.

And fuck Julia.

Fuck ayado. What a cunt.

Oi you wanker, whadidu say about best girl Ayado?

Ok, this is getting annoying. Not Tsutsun, him being dense is part for the course for rom-coms, annoyance at him is kind of a given.

But Ishino Iroha goes each episode being more and more open about her feelings with everyone BUT fucking Tsutsun. Ishino Iroha, the one who was both the one not taking shit from people, and the one who's going to be leaving soon yet finds time to spill the beans to everyone ELSE.

In conclusion, this ship is kind of sinking. Long live Tsutsun x Ayado.

I agree, but I think you mean Igarashi, not Ishino

Iroha. Right. That's the second time I get the names mixed up... fuck.


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