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[3D Kanojo: Real Girl] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"About How Camping Was a High-level Event for Me."

Okay...i know that Tsutsun got a good bit of flak by some people for his actions or rather non-actions.
But i feel like he got treated unfairly here, i can't see what he did wrong here other than maybe should have spend a bit more time with Igarashi.
He is too nice for his own good but really got shit on this episode for almost nothing.
I feel bad as well for Ayado and Ito.
"Hey why are you upset"
"I'm going to run out without saying what it is"
"Hey why is she upset"
"I'm going to kick you because you haven't figured it out"
This is literally "I expect the people around me to be mind readers" the anime
Yeah, I don't see how he is guilty about all this.
He is not. Iroha is kind of understandable to be irrational in her jealousy , but Ishino is just messing shit up instead of helping.
It's mostly because he's not thinking about basic social dynamics. But that's just his character. He commits faux pas all the time without realising it. e.g. brushing Ayado's hair.
Edit: Now that I think back on it. He already knows that Iroha is jealous of Ayado. The logical conclusion based on his personality would have been to promote clear boundaries. Wouldn't be too surprised if he thought, "Oh I cleared up the misunderstanding. I don't feel anything for her. It's OK" without thinking about how it still looks if the other person is crushing on you. Then again, he felt uncomfortable when Takanashi was trying to get together with Iroha so...
I guess he's just not thinking things through logically. Maybe he thinks his own emotions, feelings and thoughts are completely alien to what other people are experiencing that he doesn't bother applying them to others.
≫without thinking about how it still looks if the other person is crushing on you. Then again, he felt uncomfortable when Takanashi was trying to get together with Iroha so...
Takanashi straight-up said he was going to steal Iroha. Ayado has never directly stated feelings for Tsutsui to Tsutsui. It still fits his (dense) character. He already struggles to believe that his girlfriend is genuinely romantically interested in him. He probably thinks it's impossible for a second girl to have feelings for him, too, and since she's never stated anything, he's never picked up on it.
He only understands things when the person involved point-blank tells him, and he easily believes things that are negative for him, while doubting things that are positive.
He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and said the wrong thing.
The camera cut away in the previous scene right before Ayado confessed to Igarashi that she was in love with Tsutsun. Igarashi left the room immediately and then ran into Tsutsun who was completely clueless as to what had just transpired.
If Igarashi had some time to cool down before talking to Tsutsun then maybe nothing would have happened.
But damn, everything fell apart so quickly for Tsutsun when he was only trying to be friendly.
I think you're the only voice of reason here. I agree that he gets fucked over and no one will just explain things to him but at the same time love and jealousy are not always logical. That girl had been building up small bits of jealously, gets told "sorry but I love your boyfriend" then immediately runs into the boyfriend wanting to check on the girl. All while being frustrated that she can't vent or she risks making things weird with boyfriend or looking like a petty bitch. She's not in a good position and she's not exactly the pinnacle of stability. Everyone in that group has flaws that's the whole point. I think some of it is contrived but I can see that the writer is going for.
I know it's about teenagers and their conflicting minds.. but Tsutsui literally gets the bad rap just because he is dense by nature, due to being a social outcast for the past 15+ yrs and friends are new to him, ofc social scenarios aren't his forté. The other episodes, I can see why his denseness causes issues, but he literally didn't do anything wrong. Iroha and Ishino believe he should have just let potato-chan suffer her burns to avoid causing issues.
Ito we still love you, stay strong child.
≫Iroha and Ishino believe he should have just let potato-chan suffer her burns to avoid causing issues.
That... wasn't the vibe I got from either of the girls.
For Iroha, I don't think it was "helping her is wrong" so much as it is frustration with herself that seeing them touch -- regardless of context -- still bothers her. Even her inner monologue says that they're innocent, she admits that Potato-chan and Tsutsun are both good, nice, kind people. She knows she shouldn't be upset by it, but she is anyway, and that frustrates her. Then when Potato-chan dumped the love confession with the absolute worst possible timing, that just made everything way worse for Iroha.
There's also the whole "she's leaving at the end of the year" limitation on their relationship, and she's probably got to see the massive hobby and personality overlap between the Tsutato. To an insecure, emotionally unstable high school girl, it would be easy to see that maybe Potato should be the one dating Tsutsun. But then Iroha still cares for him and doesn't want to give up.
In earlier episodes, Tsutsun constantly got hung up on "Look at all these hot, popular guys in Iroha's orbit. how can I possibly offer her a relationship as satisfying as them? Why would she want me over them?" Iroha got pissed at Tsutsun for thinking so little of himself and for thinking that she would be so flighty.
Now it's inverted: Iroha is getting a dose of exactly the same insecurity. "Look at how awkward and nerdy this girl is, they have so much in common, and she just told me that she loves him. He would be way happier with her." She's probably realizing that Tsutsun's previous doubts about his adequacy and her loyalty weren't entirely misplaced, even if they were a little unfair, because now she's on the other side of the situation and seeing it from his perspective.
Granted, little of this has been directly stated by the show, so it's not like that's a canon explanation or anything, but I feel like it's a reasonable presumption to make.
Lastly, from Ishino's standpoint, I don't think she was upset that Tsutsun was helping Potato-chan; she just noticed that Iroha was upset.
Iroha and Ishino look like sisters here, I don't think that's a coincidence.
Go get her, Ito-san.
[edit] Well, that couldn't have gone much worse.
Animation quality went downhill in this one...
this is true for every episode. it just gets worse and worse.
I feel like the show is pushing an actual flaw on Ito that he has to overcome here. The way it's portrayed, though, makes me feel like he gets treated unfairly. Like a lot of people here (at least, it seems like it), he seems to genuinely want to understand and asks how he can, but then gets kicked in the rear end like he should understand already.
Ah, teenage anime romances kill me...

I wish Wotakoi aired today so I can wash the bad taste out of my mouth.


Also, Ishino needs to stop being so "helpful".
nono, read minds. That's how relationships work.
I dont get all of the hate for this episode. They are just stupid kids making dumb mistakes. Lets not forget what relationships were like when we were all 15. Maybe i may be speaking anecdotially but most kids that age are inmature as hell and dont communicate shit.

This is exactly the type of drama I remember when I was in middle school to early high school (could also be my circle was full of drama queens). People get hurt by anything and everyone liked someone they wernt supposed to. To me, this episode was actually pretty realistic.
Realistic, probably.

Frustrating to watch, definitely.
I really want to drop this show but there are only four episodes left so ehhh.

At least I get to look forward to giving it a 4 on MAL.
I’d say the animation is giving it a mediocre vibe. Personally, the manga is a worth while read and the show is adapting it pretty well. But with 4eps left, they won’t cover a majority of the remainder of the story. Definitely encourage the manga, if you’re into that.

Oh my god. I feel like I want to hit Ishino in the face until she bleeds.

Iroha converts to Islam....

lol anyway, Iroha's character fault here is that she jealous way to quickly over simple things, however in the future you will understand why, so don't be too hard on her yet guys

Nah Iroha is mostly fine, it's Ishino that we're annoyed at.

Ishino doesn't have a good reason to be such an enabler, to be revealed later in the manga, right? We can still rip on her, yes?

Jeez what a mess. Iroha is continually insecure for whatever reason, even though she was such a go-getter before Tsutsun, Ayado confesses to her that she likes Tsutsun.

But everything is still that Ishino's fault, throwing fuel to the fire. Why the fuck would you insist that Tsutsun must ignore Ayado. Be the damn reasonable one since Iroha can't because she's jealous, Tsutsun was just being friendly, not flirty.

God damn stupid Ishino pretending like she "gets" it, makes it even worse that she does get it somewhat and her advice is bad. Even that Takanashi asshole sees she's no good.

≫she was such a go-getter before Tsutsun

Was she though? She seemed like a little bit of a mess back then too

≫God damn stupid Ishino pretending like she "gets" it, makes it even worse that she does get it somewhat and her advice is bad.

I think she was pretty spot-on. Iroha seems to have no problem making herself clear to people she hates (cf. Takanashi), but with people she loves, she can't pipe up till it's meltdown time.

Iroha is obviously the one more experienced when it came to male - female relationships, even if they were bad experiences. She was going out there and getting herself a few boyfriends, even simultaneously. To now be so jealous is somewhat unreasonable.

As for Ishino, she does get the problem of Iroha being pent up, but she doesn't quite get the solution. She just takes Iroha's side of being jealous is very agreeable, but that she should rather make it as obvious as possible as to ask Tsutsun to ignore Ayado possibly pushing her out of the group. So Ishino is encouraging the idea that for her own fault, Iroha has to make the others pay the consequences, just as long as she's out in the open with it.

At least iroha has a conscience and feels a little guilty about that, which is why she's repressing. Not Ishino though. Makes sense for teenage girls I guess, doesn't mean I have to like it.

The first nice thing he's ever done

I guess people don't like high school anime that have characters that act like real teenagers who have trouble with things like jealousy and self loathing and have problems with their own emotions.

Its hard to get out of the self loathing mindset. It's also hard to not over react when the girl who is most like your boyfriend and is all around a better match than you confesses that they like him. It's also hard to understand what someone is thinking if they don't actually say it. Especially if you already have problems understanding normal emotions.

Haha, crying glasses, that's a new one on me

i think this igarashi girl is being awfully selfish here. she has only one month or so, together with the poor guy. after that she will dump him. he isn't cheating. i can't deny that he is a moron on eq scale, and even though he doesn't notice, he is flirting with this poor ayado girl too damn much, but that doesn't count as cheating since he doesn't know what he is doing and he just thinks that he is just being kind. if she doesn't ask him not to flirt, he is not the kind of guy who would figure it out on his own. that's what she signed up for. she knew that he is a socially handicapped otaku from the start. i think its her fault.

ishino should mind her own business. she just meddles with their affairs too much.

takanashi is a dickhead. nobody expects anything from him aside from being a dickhead he is, except ishino, who is a sucker for handsome guys. suck that ishino.

the victims here are ayado and ito.

if i leave ethics aside, i just watch this show for reina ueda's great voice acting.

It's adorable seeing these two bond


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