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[3D Kanojo: Real Girl] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"About the Two Girls and Me."

This show is a cute.

Okay, Ayado needs to be protected, this girl is great :)
Please don't have her be hurt too much, Tsutsui is kind to everyone which is gonna make her fall for him.
And Itou is starting to like her! :o
Very glad that Tsutsui and Igarashi made up once again, these scenes are always nice to watch.

To be honest, it was a big improvement from last episode. I thought the series nose-dived in Ep.6 but this one redeemed it for me. A lot less overly-dramatic and more logical thinking from the characters. I found myself not really annoyed at all this episode. Progress!


Girl talk? Oh yeah last ep was Megane Potato-chan talking to Tsutsun.
"I think i may have consulted the wrong person about this." lol.
She confronted him... and ran away... rip.
Oh fuck those girls who threw water on Megane potato-chan!
"Girlfriend-senpai" lol xD
Tsutsun is smart enough to realize he made her feel like he did when he saw the doctor and her. Hes getting better bit by bit.
They made up but she ran away fast xD
"Your beautiful!" "SHES A GOOD GIRL" Wow that turn around. xD
SHE FINALLY MEETS THE TRAP! YAY And he ran away too xD
Nekomimi-senpai xD i love her nicknames for everyone. xD
Aw they are making her feel like one of the gang now, yay for her. Now to seduce that trap, go in for the kill Megane-Potato-chan.
Oh god its the assshole... and of course Tsutsun wants him to help him get clothes. xD
Whats she in a hurry for? Forget to water the plants?
Wait camping? Oh she just wants money and to meet the asshole. Of course. Seems like thge GF and trap are interested though.
Trap wants to bring Megane-Potato-Maid-chan! Do it!

She may have terrible taste in men but Igarashi Ishino is a good girl. She's basically the one that steers the plot whenever our two MCs are incapable of doing it.

Ayado is also a good girl. Nice to see that she's now a member of our group of misfits. Looks like Itou, who claimed in Episode 1 that he'll never fall in love, is currently falling in love with Ayado. Go for it and invite her to the trip! Although with how things are going it looks like Ayado is falling in love with Tsutsun.

And yes it's really nice to see that Tsutsun and Iroha make up within the first half of this episode and more things are cleared up by the second half. The show had a rough start but I'm really liking their relationship.

I really like the girl talk between Iroha and Ishino.

i like this show, but it has two critical flaws so far
  1. dude who falsely accused MC as a pedophile totally got away with it and is even invited to the camping trip
  2. what the fuck is tomato jelly, beyond gross, no thank you

Huh... I finally realized what the title meant. When you think about it, you don't usually find romance SoL anime that have an otaku as the MC. The meaning of the title is to resonate with otakus.

I always thought it meant something more like "This is what it's like to have a real girlfriend", but most people wouldn't see it that way (because real girlfriends aren't like that). That's what I think anyway.

At the risk of being spoiled, I come here to ask you guys: is this show worth picking up again?

I watched episode 1 with all of you when it aired, but I found the premise really strange (like it was cringey for lackf of a better term?), so I put it off. I know people who have read the manga said it gets better, but I just wanted to ask you anime-watchers if it's worth picking up again?

I think so, yeah. It's surprisingly realistic for a romance anime. Not the sort of over the top miscommunication and stuff you see on a lot of other shows. It's still got its flaws, and some arcs and characters I don't like as much, but in general it's definitely one I'd recommend.

Yes, I expect the story to pick up from this episode onwards because there is a lot of events that will be happening soon that needs to get animated. I predicted before that episode 9-10 will have a lot of feels, so you should at last pick it up next episode

Oi Tsuntun, don't ignore Iroha man, she obviously wants to spend time with you.

I literally couldn't wait so read the manga, and all I have to say is it won't disappoint you, if you are someone who is like me, which is a romance addict.

HEY! Watch yer mouth!

Wait, what? Jelly as in gelatin? Tomato?? Funky

She should have hair decorations like that

More edges in the love dodecahedron!

Aaaah, Ayado is so damn precious, I can't even... May cat-ears treat her well.

Sure, ask for fashion advice from the guy wearing scarf just as a fashion statement and a hat to stand out like a sore thumb. Nothing can go wrong.

Ishino is shameless. One minute she's trying to push Ayado out, then she changes her mind because she called Ishino pretty. Just take Takanashi and jump off of bridge already.

This episode is one of the cutest in this anime , and we heard that this is the first time iroha confess her jealousy to ayado whahaha !! Tsutsui dont ignore your GF 😂

Ishino is the gag of this anime lol I love an unapologetic character like her,,

It's called a bit of karma for framing him as a lolicon you idiot. Reclaiming my time!

This weird triangle between Tsutsun - Ayado - Itou is gonna be awkward....

Finally the Beach Camping episode next week!!! (Seriously have the same initial reaction as Tsutsun when it comes to activities like this).

I must be the one who's on the sinking ship of Ayado and Tsutsui. I mean am I the one who sees them as a perfect match?? At least with Ayado, Tsutsui wouldn't feel so goddamn insecure all the time. I like Igarashi too but........I just don't see her as a good fit for Tsutsui.

Ayado x Tsutsui for life.

Because they're so alike, this will end up just as a one-sided thing. Tsutsui is giving the wrong signals to Ayado when he probably just looks at her like a little sister.


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