Sunday, May 13, 2018

[3D Kanojo: Real Girl] Episode 6 everyone's impressions

Episode 6
"About the way I apologize."

Back in the old country when a girl gives you potato, it means she wishes to marry you and bear you many children. This MC is going to break many hearts if he keeps being this much of a fool.

Where did you get potato komrad? To politburo with you.

This show has a pretty severe case of 'Shoujo-stupidty'
Thankfully, the characters are cute and fun.

Also thankfully, I'm a dope who likes shoujo tropes so I just let it go every time.

Wow that girl should check herself - giving potatoes to a guy with a girlfriend. whatabitch

Now the girl is being too extra. The MC is only friends with the girl. The bitch just sees them laughing and sharing a meal and is already crying. Both Female and Male MC are soo needy.

Ayado x Tsutsun is the real ship. Iroha deserves better anyway.

Yep saw that coming the very second they introduced potato girl. Was just waiting on them to act on it. Lo and behold they do it immediately after they get over their fight so we get to ride right into another fight. Cant say its not tiring to see mc constantly running away from her and now flirting with another girl.

Since when is thanking someone for thier genorosity, "Flirting"? you sound as ban as Iroha will next ep probably. Megane-chan gave him her potatoes, he thanked her and gave her some dumplings he made with them. Thats just returning the favor, not flirting.

Damn, the Ito past segment was kind of moving, until they showed him back with cat ears, then it all instantly vanished.

No amount of Ayado is enough Ayado. I want her to slowly remove every character in this show until just Ayado remains. Just Ayado.

I tried my best to ignore how Tsutsun acted but I can't take it anymore! I thought that since he was an otaku who is hated and picked on by his peers that it was ok for him to be this confused and romantically challenged but this is too far.

His insecurities while they may be accurate, are just annoying to watch. I thought this show was going to be cute but all I'm getting is annoyed. Well hope thins work out for them two but boy did Iroha pick wrong, he may be kind but his insecurities out shadow the fuck out of that.

I'm very amused by the fact that this is supposed to be a shoujo anime. What kind of girl would watch this and root for them to get together? I at least get a semblance of a self-fulfilment fantasy when I watch it. Admittedly I don't know jackshit about how girls think. :/

It's every girl's fantasy to "fix the broken boy", so yeah

I guess the only reason that anyone roots for them is because they haven't shown us any other guys that are even half way decent so hes the best they can root for if that makes sense lol.

It's either MC, his really nice friend that supports their relationship, or several spawns of Satan. There's no other choice but to support them

Please, no love triangle story dang it. I can't bear Iroha getting sad because Tsutsui keeps stupidly hitting that reset button in his illogical brain.

Don't worry potato girl will end up with cat ears boy just look at the OP.

Oh this hurts a lot.

And this is right after she said he should trust her not to leave him. Then she sees him being friendly with another girl and she now can't be a hypocrite about that trust she demands but doesn't have herself.

Really enjoyed the flashback. Good to know the foundation to their friendship stands on stronger ground than their interests.

Also, the quality of the animation takes a backseat for me. This isn't like Juuni Taisen or Orange were you genuinely feel bad for the production teams because you've seen their potential.

Yeah the flashback was nice and the story with the friend was nice but the romance is kinda geting tiering


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