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[3D Kanojo: Real Girl] Episode 5 everone's impressions

Episode 5
"About When I Tried to Make Summer Memories."

That ''I love you'' moment in his room was incredible, let me just say that. This show is one of the very few that just do this out of the blue and it's great.
I like the new girl, she's basically the same as Tsutsun.
I felt for Tsutsun at the end, his position is not easy.
That ''I love you'' moment in his room was incredible, let me just say that. This show is one of the very few that just do this out of the blue and it's great.
Right! I didn't see it coming and it just felt so genuine.
Only thing that will top that is when he replies that he loves her too
Was waiting for it this ep but yeah hope we get it soon :)
So, I guess Ishino's likability was restricted to one-two episodes? Now's she's into douchebag of the century?
No matter, normies had no place at the table anyway, Ishino out, Ayado in.
And speaking of king douche, besides his own sense of pride being slightly eroded, he gets away scot-free. Fuck that guy, seriously. And the mom and brother barely gave a fuck...
I'd still be angry were it not for Ayadao. Megane heals.
Nah man, Takanashi is the douchebag of the century, don't get it twisted.
I linked it before, but Ishino almost stole the show with this.
You know I was really enjoying this show. There’s a lot that’s good about it. But what the fuck? Really? Being called a peodiphile is just a misunderstanding? It’s okay as long as a few people know? Jesus Christ how fucked up is Japan where that’s just monkey on your back? I don’t understand I’m not saying there need to be some turn around where everyone apologizes to him and starts being chummy while the other dude gets isolated I’ve seen that a bunch of times. But fuck man, that’s one of the most fucked up things a person could do. I get that Tsutsui is happy with what he’s got but this has really ruined my enjoyment of the series. Like fuck man, that’s some incredibly dangerous shit not to straighten out and obviously fuckboi sociopath isn’t gonna get his comeuppance.
And now Ishino is into him. Does the author just love rewarding sociopaths?
Well, being bad at reading guys is part of ishino's character
Yes but it’s still the fact is that the dude basically did just the most completely sociopathic thing to do and is being rewarded with no comeuppance and an attractive girl who will mostly likely get with him despite being a trash human being. I do not understand how the author could write something so retarded.
Iroha the dream waifu. In the last scene you can understand both very well. Tsuntsun just doesnt know how to talk with people and all that stuff and Iroha doesnt want Tsuntsun to let other people just talk to him like he is inferior. I feel bad for both currently cuz they both just mean the best for each other.
MC's Inferiority complex is annoying to watch, but i understand it 100% If you went and shut your emotions off from the rest of the world and try to reconnect again, it's going to take time. Even though it's a bit frustrating to watch, i appreciate that realism.
This entire absolutely unrealistic... The initial arrest and everything after should not have happened based on how many times the main character, his family and even the proper authorities could have intervened...
By all counts, there would have been a confrontation with the blond dude family, the police, a lawyer or off-the-record apology doesn't mean anything if the bullying, slander and harassment continue (if this was the west, there would have been a lawsuit and compensation requested not to mention expulsion)
I'm not asking for the plot of Koe no Katachi...but the main character just LETS this happen to him and does nothing? I can't really get invested into the romance of this story while knowing that some yakuza thug could come, beat him within an inch of his life and steal his girl, and the main character would just shrug and say "Well, what can I do?"
One of the key cultural points of Japan is to not make trouble.
MC-kun has always been an outcast and his default reaction to any social trouble is to let it blow over (that's my default reaction as well). For a coping/defense mechanism for small stuff that's not that bad IME, it's how I got people to stop bullying me when I was 8. For larger stuff like this it's definitely not the right choice but if you don't know how to make the proper fuss I can see someone staying passive.
Please someone tell me something terrible happens to blonde asshole later on. I hate it when MCs just forgive people like that. I'm no law expert but what he did was basically Public Mischief and is a serious offence that can send you to juvy.
Ne girl seems fun but interactions between her and Tsutsun can easily lead into misunderstandings. Good thing it was Arisa who saw him though. Then again if Iroha did see the scene she'd probably take Tsutsun's arms and claim him again just like what happened when she saw him getting a haircut from Arisa.

Lastly this struck a nerve. I remember being in highschool and asking a girl the same question and getting the same response. People say that communication is the key but sometimes there are tings that you need to figure ut yourself.
≫Lastly this struck a nerve. I remember being in highschool and asking a girl the same question and getting the same response. People say that communication is the key but sometimes there are tings that you need to figure ut yourself.

Well jusst like you who was new or maybe not great with communication, Tsutsun also isnt as he asked too just like you. Its a reasonable thing to ask if your struggleing, specially in his case where he was basicyl a shut-in before. So of course he would ask for help with this stuff.
I mean i understand why shes mad and why she thinkss he should understand, but in his case i think its a bit of an exception. Regardless though, i think him asking was what anyone would probably do in that situation with thier first gf. Its better than not saying anything and just letting things get worse.
At least they solved the misunderstanding with the people Tsutsun is close to.
I really like the way this anime handles his personality and the things that come from that, especially when related to Iroha, like how she didn't like how he said that she probably felt interest in Takanashi since he was a hot guy unlike him.
... bitch, you literally just abandoned him because of rumors made by the guy you're tryna get fucked by, hello? I still kinda like her but what a stupid comment lmao.

ayada is adorable. I'm worried about her getting a crush on Tsutsui but there's a certain catboy I'm sure she'll get along with.

"I think it's great to be praised for your body!" bruh. this motherfucker is as dense as he is innocent, it's almost adorable.
WOO! Best girl's finally here!
I'm starting to like this A LOT. Just checked out the rating on MAL and it might be the most underrated show this season. I'm not really happy with the way blonde asshole ended up dodging all responsibility. On the other hand thankfully the arc seems to be over. Have to say though. That new girl seems really cute.
i wonder what happened to the "only 6 month then I leave" and "I have an illness" drama. I predict they bring that back at ep 10 ?!
Is this show worth it? Dropped on episode 2 but I might give it another chance
The gloominess of the MC can get a bit much at times but having another series where the couple starts dating earlier is nice. Misunderstandings happen but do get talked through it seems just not as fast as Wotakoi. I am enjoying it enough to keep watching.


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