Friday, April 27, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 16 impressiona

Episode 16

Poor Onoda, his attempts at smalltalk were not appreciated.
And that reunion sure was romantic (Teshimas tear drop hitting Aoyagis face, all that hand-holding...). I hope we now get to see some actual teamwork from these two!

Definitely the most realistically romantic thing I've seen in anime all season.

Man, someone must really want to sell some CDs with how much they're reusing old OPs/EDs as insert songs.

Maybe but damn it's epic each time

Imaizumi will surely do something soon, other than being a mopey boy. The intro makes it seem like he'll face Midosuji which might make up for his terrible performance so far

Yeah hopefully. I feel like we haven't seen him race anyone in forever its strange. I mean hes one of the strongest riders on the team but hes never actually done like anything within recent memory.

Now that Komari's bit is over, I kind of miss him??? My Kyofushi boys (just Midousuji and now Komari, cause braces kid is annoying and Ishigaki is gone -sobs-) need more love and attention!

≫braces kid
I used to call him "Minisuji" when he was trying to be Midousuji... but he sure is annoying...

Minisuji is a fantastic name for him. XD

I was expecting Sohoku to fall apart completely in this episode (after seeing the title), but it was a bit of clever wording. They "fell behind" with the result that they regrouped and ended up stronger instead of weaker. I guess they will catch up to Naruko soon enough with Love Hime power.

I really feel like this anime is stalling way too much. All this staring and inner monologue really annoys me, though I want to watch Onoda's rematch against Manami...

have you not been here since season 1? this is the common thing for the anime and there is a chance they could even end the season mid race like they did before

yea, I know, I should expect nothing less, alas I enjoy the characters a lot to give up on the amount of time I dedicated already watching the show lol

For real. I’m sure it wasn’t this bad in the first two seasons was it?

It 100% was.

I started getting tired of it for a while so I skipped last season and started reading the manga. It feels better coming back and watching now after the break.

I feel like season 2 was REALLY bad with it but with New Generation the series had fantastic pacing; races were one or two episodes and there were virtually no cliffhanger episodes.

I was hoping that was indicative of how the rest of the series would be adapted but here we are again, spending absurd amounts of episodes on inane flashbacks and 400 meters of a race.

As a manga reader, there are still some solid and unexpected developments to come, but the glacial pacing per episode is killing it again.

That aside, I do love that we're getting all these previous themes as inserts; it always feels so cool and emotional when a series does that.


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