Friday, April 20, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 15 impressions

Episode 15

I can't believe they spent 3 episodes on a sprint race. They weren't even the main characters!

Is this the DBZ of bike anime?

Just think of it like they skipped the hour where riders did nothing until they got near to the intermediate sprint and they spread out the actual racing across that time instead.

The sprint to the goal line will be 1 cour.

They’ve dragged out the race so much this season. The day 1 final sprint was especially bad, it took 2 episodes for them to race 50m lol. I don’t remember it being this bad for the last Inter High, even the race between Onoda and Manami wasn’t as dragged out.

I love me some Toudou, but I didn't really like the past couple of episodes. It's ironic that this sprint race took so damn long.

I'm getting suckered into caring about Hakone riders... I don't hate it though lol

Agreed...screw hakone and their we are the supreme champion bullshit...that’s why you lost last year buddy...

I was so glad Izumida won and I don't even like the guy. Kishigami just couldn't win, just... no.

Only Yowamushi pedal can drag out the first sprint of the 2nd day to almost 4 episodes. I enjoyed the ending of this episode though. I'm eager for them to finally show Kinjou, Makishima and Tadokoro.

Where the hell is Sohoku?

I love how the next episode is called "Sohoku Falls Behind" like we weren't aware.

The next episode may as well have been called "Onoda-kun is dead in a ditch since 5 episodes ago."

Where the hell are Kaburagi and Aoyagi lol

I assume scream singing their way up the mountain.

Damn wanted Kyoto to win. Once in a while the bad guy is supposed to win. I think hakone might win the whole thing

Sohoku is supposed to be the main characters right? Not Hakone academy lol and these drawn out flash back episodes are getting tiresome...they literally do two flashbacks per episode now haha

The insertion of the the last ED song from the second season was so good! Made Izumida’s win that much more of a treat to watch.

I do not like the title of the next episode. I mean how can it get worst for sohoku?!?

Agreed!! I understand some fan service by showing them overcoming a difficulty but this is just bullshit. How are they expected to recover from something like this?!
Also, when do I get to see Imaizumi FINALLY go all out?

Makes me think it’s going to be a rematch Onoda vs manami

I really hope so, i've been wanting to see some more Onoda.

I'm not sure I like the way the writing is going, I'd rather have Kyoto win this year than Hakone. If Hakone win this year, Kyoto is basically a useless team. If Sohoku win inner high, 3x in a row doesn't really do it for me because they were never beaten. If Kyoto wins, it's still a 3 team race in year 3.

Don't worry... I don't know if you mean year or day, but things will not go as expected in general.

Phew, that is finally over. To be honest I never cared for Izumida, after Fukutomi he was my least favorite Hakone character during the first Inter High, and Komari is a weird kink, not a character.

And I have to say I´m really tired of the concept for this years Inter High of "Hakone must win everything to rebuild them as champions and Sohoku must loose and struggle, so they can be the underdogs again". It would be boring for Sohoku to breeze through the race, but would it be so bad to have things a little bit more balanced?? Hakone lost a ton of talent with their 3rd years graduating as well and them dominating everything just feels so forced. At least throw some wins to Midosouji, who was always portrayed as the strongest individual athlete.

≫Hakone must win everything to rebuild them as champions and Sohoku must loose and struggle, so they can be the underdogs again"

Hakone is winning everything because they are that much better then Sohoku. Ashikiba > Imaizumi. Kuroda >=Naruko. Dubashi > Kaburagi. Izumida >> Aoyagi. Shinkai >> Teshima. Manami = Onoda. Unless Sohoku can outsmart them or get lucky, Sohoku should have zero chance beating Hakone.

Why do you think Ashikiba is stronger than Imaizumi, and I am pretty sure Naruko is stronger than Kuroda. I agree with the rest though.

Season 3 episode 3–4. Imaizumi had no chance vs Ashikiba. Kuroda looks just as strong as Naruko and he is much smarter. Just look at Naruko ... what was he doing in the last couple of episodes .... chasing 1v9 like a little kid, makes no sense whatsoever.

This season is all about Hakone domination in the inter-high plus that new ED!!

I like how Izumida got his redemption, tbh I wasn't rooting for him earlier on but I was moved with his story and that Shinkai kapow of approval was a bonus~

I don't see what's wrong with rooting for rival Hakone though. They are a strong team and their stories have been given importance too. If Sohoku is gonna lose this year then might as well be to them. It would be a twist though if they place third after KyoFu. Plot pedals might not let that happen.

I wonder if Hakone will send Manami for the Mountain race or let Yuto try it. Hopefully Onoda catches up soon. Will Midousuji attack this time?

Meanwhile things really aren't looking good for Sohoku. Kaburagi and Aoyagi are still singing just to catch up and Naruko is busy being the tail of two teams. I hope they show what he felt to let that chance slip by him.

I just can't care for Hakone, though I like Kyoto. The way this is going, Hakone will probably win. Either way, what I really want is more Onoda. This is getting boring, the pace is too slow.

Hakone Academy: The anime

I wonder if Komari becomes the dark horse in this race. Both Midosuji and Izumida talked about how dangerous he could become. Talk about foreshadowing


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