Thursday, April 12, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 14 impressions

Episode 14


I don't wanna be like that... But I really can't accept if Izumida loses this race, its too outrageous.

Izumida losing to Komari would make even less sense than Ashikiba winning day 1; in no world should that even be a possibility.

Wow, this was some disturb sexual harassment training flashback.
YOU GOTTA DO IT BOY; Its like komari is being trained by midousuji to do crime. The constant staring at peoples crotches becasue SUUUURE ITS JUST THE MUSCLES:
This is probably the most yaoi, boyu lovue flasbkack I have ever seen in an anime. And it feels mainly bad as its not like its about that being homosexual is ok but about training a guy to stop caring about society laws and just go and grab whatever he wants...yeah this episode feels really wrong.

What the fuck. This is some Totally Spies level of niche perversion.
Besides that, good episode. But what's with the insane amount of power creep? It's like Dragonbal Super where 17 shows up "Oh yeah I trained a bit and can compete with God SSJ". It's literally his first year but his wood for abs propels him to the power of a guy we've seen evolve since Year 1.

≫It's like Dragonbal Super where 17 shows up "Oh yeah I trained a bit and can compete with God SSJ".
Except that no? 17 couldn't handle a candle to any God-level fighter, all he did was block, kite, snipe and make use of his infinite energy (which he always had) for the entire tournament of power.

Anyone else not a fan of this season? It seems too dragged on and though it does a good job showing other cast members and motives. Since season 1 the main character became more of a side character and I rarely remember him now. It's all about red hair and hotshot. Which I wouldn't mind if it was like that from season 1 and just got rid of oonada.

i agree this season is mostly about hakone then anything.. and some ahout the hotshot guy

What makes you think that Onoda is the protagonist of the show? The more I watch the show the more I feel that the actual protagonist is Teshima, not Onoda

Pretty much every season so far has just followed the manga exactly. I guess you can blame the author for focusing on different characters.

lol just this season? Onoda at least got do something here, at season 3 he had like no screen time at all except that pack moment.

That scene in the OP which showcases Imaizumi and Naruko chasing after Midousuji at full power gets me hyped each time. I'm enjoying Hakone vs Kyoto but I'm looking forward to finally seeing Sohoku go all out.

Ooh this was a fucking nice episode. I ride a bike while I'm watching this and this time pretended like I was Kishigami, and I got especially hard riding chasing after muscles. Anybody else do this?

Figured it was backstory about blue haired freak -> skipped until it was over, got 2 whole minutes of real content. Sigh, I'm all for interesting characters but I don't need to know the backstory of them all. Can't he just be a freak and we move on to the race? It's always been in this anime sadly, but jesus the backstories are one of the weakest points.

I don’t care about mr. masseuse...crappy ep. I bet hakone losing and Koyto taking the second day and Souhoku taking the 3rd day making it a 3 way tie...


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