Wednesday, April 4, 2018

[Yowamushi Pedal] Episode 13 impressions

Episode 13
"He Who Carries Guilt"

That new OP is already my fav Yowamushi OP its soooo good!

Time to learn how midousoji teaches muscle pervert to embrace his fetish

New OP is great and this episode was amazing, I usually hate these weird characters in shounen anime but for some reason I like both Midousuji and Muscles-freak.

sick op YES OR NO


The new op is the most shonen IMO so far !
Ashikiba is really best boy.

Kishigami looked so diff in the past :O

midosuji what have you done to this poor boy

Not enough flashbacks. They should spend more time building the background history of all the characters and less on the race.

Pretty enjoyable episode all in all. I think the niku bits are amusing, if difficult to watch when normies are around. The new OP is great.
Edit: niku BITS, not niku nits.

sweet perverted child.... protect him

So second day will end without any sohoku racing for the finish line, or are they going to finish separately without grouping up?

I did not enjoy that new OP.
Hakone ED was fantastic though.

I like the call-back to ED1 with the Sohoku team looking over a bridge. Anyone know whether the VAs for Sohoku sang ED1? (I hadn't thought of it while ED1 was airing but ED2 seems to have the HakoGaku VAs singing.)

The High Cadence is new Sohoku just like Route86(?) is new Hakogaku


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