Monday, April 30, 2018

[Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku] Episode 3 impressions

Episode 3
"Sales Event and Gamers Meetup"

When best girl is also best boy

I can't get enough of Hanako and Kabakura, and the fact that they having matching necklaces makes their relationship even cuter despite all their bickering. I hope we get an episode dedicated to them soon.

Holy shit didn't notice they were holding hands it's so cute aaaaaaaaa

the pair necklace part killed me

I love how perfect Narumi and Hirotaka are for each other. asahi super dryyyyy

I’m probably in the minority but I think they’re the better couple. Their interactions are fucking gold. The drrryyyy is one of my favorite things and Narumi is the cutest thing this year so far.

All the faces she makes golden, especially when she panics.

This is the ideal best girl face. Some may not like it, but this is what peak moe looks like.

Narumi is the queen of awesome faces

Not related to the episode, but I think the OP for this show is the best use of "characters having fun" I've ever seen in the openings, you just want to join them.

That hand dance thing they do is fucking adorable.

Truth have been told about otaku's

It reminded me of this.

Man I miss Durarara. Need to rewatch it after my exams.

Their bickering is so funny. Truly the best couple. Though Narumi and Hirotaka aren't too far behind.

Asahi Super...


I laughed so hard at the way she said it
S-tier voice acting

This show is so refreshing in the sea of high school romance. I love quiet hanging out together, no overreacting, no forced drama. I love that even if Hirotaka doesn't know how to show he cares on the outside, he clearly do. And he isn't afraid to go for a kiss, or overthinking it or anything. And they are both such goofs. Him keeping stash of old geek stuff is probably relatable to almost anyone.

Watching it after Tada-kun just makes teen romance shows, even not egregious ones, seem so flawed. Only bad thing about this episode is that it's it's already over for the week.

This is why I watch Wotakoi after Tada. It's the perfect order.

I was just thinking how fuckin awesome it is that the confession was in the first episode and it wasn't denied or otherwise delayed. I remember in Blend S one of the characters unjokingly said something like "no, he can't confess yet! there's nowhere for the story to go after the confession except NTR." which just hurt my soul in so many ways.

The show is so adult about relationships, so it's only gotten better every week.

I love this series, the faces are so good, Narumi not remembering what underwear she had on, so funny. Hanako, is best girl though, she doesn't care about anything, she goes to a strangers house and starts ripping up their bedrooms looking for pornos lmao
Hiro moved his fucking stash to his work omg that's so funny

Oh hey Master, didn't expect to see you here. Then again I didn't expect anyone would have a Masamune-kun's Revenge figure, but if it had to be one it'd probably be her.

Mario Kart, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, battle pencils... This is hitting deep. I fully expect someone to make a compilation of all of the references to or appearances of other media at the end of this series. Not me though - don't know enough nor do I want to.

You go, Kabakura

You know Sugita was pretty much being himself the entire ep. Especially at the end. "Yattaa~~"
Lots of good voices and sounds from the female seiyuus all around. Some good ass screaming too. I laughed at the tone of voice when one of the women were "SERIOUSLY? WHERE" at hearing about a guy selling BL porn.
A very cute ep overall.

Man, I'm loving the adaption so far. Cute, my type of somewhat relatable humor, and just enough pulling of the heartstrings!! Exactly what I love in the manga. Can't wait for more.

I like how this show doesn't insult my intelligence and let the little details speak for themselves.

I really do enjoy watching this show. It relaxes me for whatever reason and i am really enjoying the characters along with their relationships.

That was a super cute episode. Hirotaka doesn't seem to be fazed by anything.
Also I wonder if they'll ever reference JoJo in this series since Sugita Tomokazu is in it haha

I think they had one last episode. When Hirotaka went to talk to Narumi about what happened he and Kabakura had the "menacing" text around them or at least something similar while they were somewhat posing.

were Koyanagi and Kabakura dating from the start or did i miss the moment they started going out?

They were dating from the start.

Man this episode was cute af, hopefully it maintains this level of fluff throughout the rest of the season.

This episode has fully gotten me invested in this show now. Narumi is hilarious and her VA is great! really refreshing relationship as well, just two adults enjoying life together.

Man this episode was super cute and funny. The show is really shaping up to be one of my favorites this season.


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