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[Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku] Episode 2 impressions

Episode 2
Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

I love the ads this show does for other shows/manga. I loved the door ad for "My Senpai is Annoying", that manga is so cute and fluffy

Damn, didn’t expect our favorite green tsundere to appear! I thought it was a pretty obscur manga as it is not even approved on MAL yet.

To add to this, the manga on the right side of the door is called "It’s too sick to call it love" (Koi to Yobu Niwa Kimochi Warui). I consider it to be the shoujo version of "The Story of an Onee-San Who Wants to Keep a High School Boy" (Danshi Koukousei wo Yashinaitai Onee-san no Hanashi.), which is one of the series /r/manga is obsessed with right now.

The anime may have pacing flaws, but as a manga reader, its hard not to be biased. The episodes keep me smiling throughout and that's all that matters to me.
It's also great to see all the references and manga covers

They definitely could've done more with chapter 2 and draw that out some more. The book store scenes felt like it was too much filler.

≫The book store scenes felt like it was too much filler.
It felt so to me in Manga too. However, it does expand on what kind of otaku the other two are, so I'd call it more of exposition rather than filler.

Kabakura reads Yuru Yuri.
A man of culture.

MFW a character in an anime I'm watching is calling out another character for liking a manga of which I am also watching the anime of

After credits-scene was the best :D
The references carried this episode for me, otherwise i liked episode 1 better.

And this is why I read episode threads, because I always forget after credit scenes are a possibility.
Edit Worth going back to watch just that scene.

Was that an Evangelion reference!?

Yeah. Even if the Amazon Subtitles really made this scene a bit weird.
Here's the scene in the manga

I just now got the joke... Red like Mari, and other guy just likes the robots... this guy is too good. Such an awkward but earnest guy.

In the subtitles I got 'Ayanami Stan' and 'Asuka Stan' etc. I got it was Evangelion but apart from that...
Poor subbing sucks.

Stan is a twitter lingo, pretty shock when they decided to use that but its pretty accurate

There were a couple of them.
Gendo Pose with a hint of Eva music playing in the background

I laughed so hard at this. Amazing comedic timing.

Sawashiro Miyuki VS Sugita Tomokazu. Yup, this is the reason why I watch this show.

same here, I feel their bickering from the heart, even if they are acting

I'd love to see them flirt more with their sexy voices though <3

Their characters are honestly the best in the series. Many prefer them over the main couple.

yeah, they are awesome, I remember to like them more when I read the manga

That classic Castlevania game over music that played when Hirotaka blocked Narumi's escape route brought back some PTSD.

The first game is a fucking nightmare lol. Death is a pain in the ass to kill.

Motherfucker hunts a Yian-kut-ku literally first thing in the morning. That's dedication.

I was not expecting the couple on the left to appear. They're from the web manga Senpai ga Urusai Kouhai no Hanashi/My Senpai is Annoying. It's fucking great. Actually, the entire bookstore scene was guest appearance after guest appearance. I also recognized Yuru Yuri and Tejina-senpai.

Now to wait for someone to make a compilation of every single reference/guest appearance they have over the series.

Edited to make it clear that "it's fucking great" is not part of the manga title.

I might just be tired but I thought you meant the title was "My Senpai is Annoying and it's Fucking Great"

I've just read the first chapter
I spotted Mahoutsoukai no yome!
ps. Anyone know where the couple on the right is it from? Or is it from the same manga?

Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochiwarui

Wai where was Tejina-senpai?

Right after the elevator doors closed, Hirotaka was holding a volume.


Anyone know what the バチコ~~~ン in the background means? Can't seem to find a definition that makes sense.

Usually it's something like a slap or a smashing sound. I think "kapow" or something makes the most sense since she's "hitting" him with her smile.

Kabakura x Koyanagi best couple of the season. Their relationship is fun to watch and their hate-love dynamic is rather adorable.
Still not used to Narumi's VA though. I dunno why but it just feels off to me. Aside from that it's still a very fun show.

I liked more the first episode this one was kind of meh, maybe because the subs were kinda ba/weirdd, also they were all wrong the best character from Eva is clearly Kaworu

This is probably my favorite new anime of the season, freaking amazing.

First of all, is this the most mature anime ever? We all like to compare it to mature gamers!(and yes I loved gamers!) but this is just way to mature, the male main character is like, lets talk about our feelings so its no miscommunication!!!!!!!

Like wtf, I cant barely think of not just animes but comedy / romance sit comes when a character actually is calm and has communication skills.

But even with that its managed to be crazy, like the whole activating friends passive abilities with the classic old school JRPG UI (thinking Dragon quest primarily I suppose) - failed escape.

Into the wierd...eyah hentai..yah boy love lets go soul mate and buy the best yaoi books togheter wohooo !!!! And the "bookstore" is full of reference like ancient magus bride, yuru yuri etc.

God I love this so much. Kabakura and Koyanagi are fucking perfect. They're the best kind of couple. Love how she just died at his smile at the end, adorable.
That Eva ref tho lol, they even used the music.
I just checked and it looks like it's only gonna be 11 episodes, noooooooo :(


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