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[Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku] Episode 1 impressions

Episode 1
"Narumi and Hirotaka, Reunited. And Then..."

"Why can't I find a guy like this"
"I am a guy like this"
"You're hired"
Great, looking forward to this each week.
Edit: I've listened to this OP a million times now. Strong competition between this and Tada-kun for my favourite, and both romcoms, how great.

It definitely threw me for a loop when she seemed dead set on friend-zoning him and then without much thought she just went and ran with it.

I watched 3D girl too and im about to watch Tada-kun
This season is seriously something else. we have 3 pretty solid Rom-Com animes

Very pleased with this season!

≫Strong competition between this and Tada-kun for my favourite,
Both in show and op tbh.

I've listened to this OP a million times now
Funny enough I just ran into that band last week so hearing them here was such a surprise, great song!
But I like this one more

TL/Note: wotaku ヲタク is the same thing as otaku, but because normies started using the word otaku more, the more hardcore otakus stopped identifying with the now mainstream word, and came up with wotaku instead so that you can tell a real wotaku from a normie otaku.
And, yeah, this probably isn't going to work and they'll have to come up with a third word in 10 years or so, but whatevs.

That sounds lame as hell and indeed probably won't work.

It's geek vs. nerd: Japanese version.

I think that no one perceived but Menma appeared in the beginning

Ha, good catch.

Megane OL voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki
Hirotaka and Narumi are cute and hilarious! I love how they established their relationship

Don't forget Hirotaka's Senpai who's voiced by Sugita! And judging by the OP looks like Sawashiro and Sugita's character is the other ship in the show <3

They do have good chemistry

Damn Capcom stop rubbing it in our faces and release Monster Hunter Double Cross for Switch in America. Why is that game still a Japanese exclusive!?

≫Why is that game still a Japanese exclusive!?
Probably because they'd end up cannibalizing their own fanbase and pulling sales away from MH World in the west if they localized it. They'd have come out around the same time.

Not really since MH world is only for ps4 and xbox, double cross is switch and 3ds exclusive. I really think they are missing out on the growing switch fanbase.

MH World's biggest problem right now is a drought of content. It's got the lowest number of monsters in since Tri in 2009, no G-Rank, and only a handful of endgame monsters that you grind for most of the endgame stuff. It would not be far-fetched to imagine people delaying purchasing MH World because they can get XX to hold them over for months.

Moreover, they explicitly did not release XX in the west because of World. World is their new vision for Monster Hunter as a franchise, they wanted to use that to crack the blossoming western market wide open (which worked), and they didn't want any of their older games getting in the way.

Now I ask, are u guys hiding your otaku life from work ? Everybody at my work knows i like anime & manga and they accept & respect me for beeing honest & open about it. Can only highly recommend to life it out to the fullest .
The show itself looks well made and enjoyable like mori mori san mmo junkie show

I generally hide it until the moment someone even suggests they like video games or anime, then the beans are immediately spilled.

I hide it, but when average age of co-worker near me is mid 50 then I really haven't got many people I can talk to about anime or manga.
For referece, I'm in early 20s
Also this show is wayyyy more comedy focused than mmo. I like both of them, but this one is just pure comedy gold.

Like the guy in this series, while I don't hide it, I don't actively talk about anime or manga either. A lot of anime have random moments of 'fan service' which you just get used to, but for non otaku it can seem really dodgy. Also a level of professionalism should be kept for where you work.

Looks like Amazon is taking notes from Netflix on releasing to the US

Crunchyroll fucks everyone outside the US, and Netflix/Amazon fuck the US predominately. I suppose there’s poetry in the balance.

I think, I love this show. The main characters are amazing, they work well with each other and they're already dating, holy shit.
Btw, that was the best confession scene I've ever seen. Basically just a sales pitch for himself as a boyfriend, I love that guy... And her for going with it.

When it comes to seeing adaptations from source material that you greatly enjoy, there's always that sense of worry that things could go wrong.

Absolutely loved seeing the dynamic between the fujo and the gamer all over again. Not to mention they're essentially full-functioning adults which is something you don't see often enough in romcoms. Especially in a workplace that feels more casual and lighthearted.
Hope it continues this up! Thursdays with Tada-kun and Wotaku are going to be a blast for this romcom fan!

A romcom where the dating starts at the beginning and it's between adults, I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. This is everything I want out of a romcom anime.

A romance about adults with relatable interests? Sawashiro Miyuki and Sugita Tomokazu? Direct Monster Hunter references for nostalgia? jeez, chill out show, I can only love you so much.

As a fan of the manga, I really liked that episode! It was pretty good in all points and even the original part was pretty good. The voice was pretty fitting on the characters too and I liked all of them.
I'm sure that this will be one of the favorites of this season with how good the manga is and how the anime seems to be to.

Finally it's here! I love the manga to bits and the first episode didn't disappoint. Comedy on point!
Also watching Hirotaka play Monster Hunter on a Nintendo Switch... Capcom PLS I BEG YOU!!!

Oh I hope they keep the anime updated. I don't remember Katou or monster hunter being in the manga so if they use current games and anime I will love this even more. I'm not sick of high school settings yet, but I really love when anime branch into other settings. I like the four characters especially the two supporting characters. Will never be AOTS, but damn it looks to be a great ride.

Oh shit looks like I might've found the perfect romance anime for me! It has all the Shabait I need with:
  • Weeb/Otaku humor and characters
  • SUPER authentic, grounded interactions
  • Straightforward, no bullshit confession scene right off the bat

This is it, the series that will either make me laugh so hard I cry, or hit way too close to home and make me actually cry. I’m looking forward to this.

Holy moly, the humour is right up my alley. It got me on almost every gag. I really didn't expect to vibe with this show that much going into it, but the ending scene with Hirotaka and Narumi completely sealed the deal.

I complelty forgot that Narumi was Hirotaka's childhood friend.
Ahhh, it feel nice to have a childhood friend win.
Also, I like how it's real footage of Monster Hunter, and they even put the desire sensor!

That was mad funny, i am throughly pleased with what i got here :D
Characters are chill in their conversations which makes it a breath of fresh air in anime for me everytime it happens.
Animation is also really nice.

The banter in this show is too damn cute and I can't get the OP out of my head! This will definitely be a high point of my weeks from now on.


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