Sunday, April 22, 2018

Which anime do you wish can get a new season but you know it won't?

Mine would be Chivalry of a Failed Knight. I really liked the plot and the graphics. Sadly, I know it won't get a new season. You guys?

Spice and Wolf

God I just finished Noragami and it was so good

It's okay, any day now there's gonna be a combined announcement of the next LN and an adaptation of the next three novels. Any day now.
im fine. everything is fine

≫Spice and Wolf
There's a sequel LN called Wolf and Parchment. If they try to raise awareness for that series, it's possible that they finish Spice and Wolf's arc to pump the sequel.
So this one doesn't feel as unlikely to me as people always say.

Hunter x Hunter (2011).

I rewatch the show every year to fill the void left from rewatching the show every year.

Not true. It'll totally get a new season.
The only thing is that it will take a few decades for more material to adapt!

The Devil Is a Part-Timer!
So disappointing that it's likely we'll never get another season. This is what got me started back into enjoying anime again when I randomly caught it on netflix. I ended up picking up some of the LNs but it's not the same.

Why it's unlikely to get a new season?

1.It's been 5 years already.
2.I feel like the humour got a little repetitive and after the characters adapted to our world it turned from a comedy to too much slice of life. I don't know what season 2 could bring to live up to the first one. Reversing the idea and turning it into isekai show?

Sankarea. Too long in the tooth.

first that come to mind are Sukasuka and Grimgar

I feel like SukaSuka has a chance still. It was pretty well liked and has plenty left to adapt

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
No Game No Life
Nanana's Buried Treasure
I think that's all the ones I wish had new seasons. I miss Kyon's sarcasm quite a bit. I didn't like the pairing of Yuki and Kyon in Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan. One's reading monologues and the other is having monologues.

Humanity has Declined for me is the biggest one. The World God Only Knows is another since Manglobe went under. Nanana’s Buried Treasure was very fun and I’d love that(especially since I don’t think the novels are translated)

I'm just over here hoping Humanity Has Declined will get its LN translated. Otherwise I just have to get good enough with Japanese to be able to read it, which is gonna take awhile.

Log Horizon.
I just really like it, y'know?
I even liked S2

Log Horizon was sooooo good for me in season one. It's my nerd wet dream to be thrown into a world that is completely driven by player/human decisions and innovation. Season two sorta built on that but it wasn't as innovative in a sense. Especially since the pacing slowed right down and it seemed like one big filler arc.

I actually liked S2 as well! I completely understand why some people wouldn’t, but all those episodes others hated I actually felt like they made the game feel like a real MMO and I liked it. Plus the story was just starting to expand ;-;

High School of the Dead just because it was a joy to watch.

Just started it tonight and only on episode 3. All I can think is "why do people hate on this Masterpiece?!?!?"

Unfortunately, the manga was discontinued. So the chances of it having a second season is very low or never.

yes that tends to happen when the author literally dies.

Alderamin on the Sky. Personally one of my favorites, but since it was underrated and not many talked about it, it will probably never get another season.

We're never going to get Hyouka 2, or even Hyouka Love Story, and that makes me sad

Akatsuki no Yona. A show of that quality deserves a 2nd season. The story is no where near complete.

And the manga definitely has content for that to happen. Good content.
Such a shame that it'll never happen.


Pandora hearts, katekyo hitman reborn, and rokka no yuusha, all of them have enough source material to continue and all of those materials are actually really good.

・Ouran High School Host Club - it's been 10+ years since the anime finished. No chance for a second season at this point.
・Fruits Basket - same reason as above
・The Devil is a Part-Timer! - WHY?!
・Akatsuki no Yona - Pierrot, stop it with the Naruto/Boruto cash cow and start it already!!

≫Ouran High School Host Club - it's been 10+ years since the anime finished. No chance for a second season at this point.
To be fair, I actually liked the way that it ended in the anime where it felt complete.
Just sad we never got Ouran: After Story

≫Fruits Basket
Whoa, blast from the past there for me. First series I bought, and it was a box set at that.
It's been forever. I adored the hell out of that series.

Not really a lot that i know are not getting another season, most stuff still has at least a very little chance or doesn't need a sequel.
I guess adaptations for K-On! College/Highschool.

Nichijou. The budget was insane and it made no money, so it wouldn't make any financial sense for Kyoani to pursue another season, at least not at the same quality as the first. But a man can dream...

Great Teacher Onizuka, the following volumes are pretty much the same but still interesting and has some awesome scenes.


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