Monday, April 2, 2018

What was the most memorable scene of the Winter 2018 season?

It's hard to pick one, because I think we didn't have one big, instanly iconic scene this season (or maybe I am wrong?). I guess the most obvious contenders for me are the reveal of how the mechas work in episode 2 of Franxx (because I wasn't spoiled, and it was a relatively big wtf moment for me), the end of episode 12 in A Place Further Than The Universe, the end of episode 11 in Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san and the "apartment scene" in episode 7 of After the Rain. And I probably forgot some good scenes.
So what do you think, what's the scene that you will remember the most from this season?


Probably the "Youth in motion" scene from episode 2? of Sora Yori.
When I watched that scene, I knew the show was going to be something special.
Youth in motion really set the bar for the series, but I think now the laptop scene from ep 12 is in strong contention now. I think I'm still slightly favoring youth in motion though, I remember rewatching that scene so many times when I first saw the episode
The “Piss Off!” Hinata scene from episode 11 stuck with me a lot more than the other two, and surprisingly made me cry the most (so far that is, have episode 13 to watch today). It really related to me because I have (and had) friends that think it’s ok to cut ties when they feel like it and then show up or try to contact me months or even years later. Yeah, it’s not as bad as Hinata’s case, but I related to it a hell of a lot more than running around enjoying youth or the experience Shirase has with the laptop (which thank god I haven’t had that experience before).
Probably a tie between the climax scenes of Episode 10 of Violet Evergarden and Episode 12 of Sora Yori.
Hellshake Yano from Pop Team Epic.
Hell yeah! This is the only real answer
My dad has never watched anime but I feel like this scene would have him in absolute stitches. He has this amazing deep to high pitched Scottish laugh and anyone around him can't help but laugh along with him.
The match between the old guys in 3gatsu, specifically the burning field metaphor really stuck with me.
old guys
poor Shimada is only in his 30s
I love how a running joke about the poster design seamlessly transitioned into a such a serious arc about getting old and people's expectations.
Violet Evergarden Anne and her letters
Oh goddamnit you had to remind me!
You should definitely set yourself a reminder every year for a rewatch of that scene.
Overlord NSFW :)
Shallchair and Lizard sex in the same scene, we were truly blessed this season.
English dub version, just cuz. :P
And yes, that is one VA voicing Ainz, not two.
Yo, they got GeneralIvan to voice Ainz. Ever since I heard him in TFS's stuff I always like whenever he pops up.
Ya, unko desu.
Is it a bird ? Is it a plane? Nope, it's poop.
Episode 2 or Sora Yori, Extra Virgin Oil from Mitsuboshi, Nishikatas critical in Takagi-San, Harumin trying to scissor Yuzu from Citrus, or episode 130 from Dragon Ball Super.
Take your pick, but those were the most memorable moments from the shows I watched this season.
This one got a really good laugh out of me as well as the allergy episode where LEADA would tell her to wait and give new criteria to trees they were 'destroying'

Probably the hug scene with the piano cover of the ED in After the Rain episode 7.

This needs to be way higher. The most beautiful scene in anime I've ever seen!

Violet Evergarden lake scene
SoraYori laptop scene

I mean, technically the last episode of Dragon Ball Super aired this season and honestly it’s probably one of my favorite episode of the entire series.
Other than that I would say Hellshake Yano from Pop Team Epic and the last scene of episode 12 SoraYori. Also, the entirety of episode 11 from Killing Bites.

The scene where Hitomi finally explained what Killing Bites actually meant.
It was quite surprising.

I agree, I was not sure at first until not just she explained it, but I am pretty sure Shindo-san even explained it in 1 episode and after that I finally got it.

Takagi-san's Critical. Even Rie Takahashi was very excited for that scene.

In the manga it was "turning point" instead of "critical hit" and I felt like that carried more weight

This isn't as technically beautiful or awe-inspiring as some other scenes, but the last scene in YuruCamp was perfect. It was able to show so much growth and development in both characters while being a near perfect mirror of the opening and wonderful bookend. Plus Nadeshiko gets her lamp!

Yuru camp makes my heart swell with happiness


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