Saturday, April 28, 2018

What is your most re-watched anime and how many times have you re-watched it?

Personally speaking I've re-watched Madoka over ten times if you count falling asleep to it and finding it amusing to see what part (if it hasn't ended) I wake up to.
Although actually physically watching I've re-watched Lucky Star at-least seven times. Something about that show just gets me.

Due to an essay I wrote back in high school, I've watched Madoka Magica and Rebellion too many times to count.

I've written a few college essays about Madoka and Rebellion actually. They're just so goddamn rich.

Gurren Lagann (7x)

Same here, 5x, and really other than this I can count on one hand the number of shows I've rewatched even once. I just don't rewatch things ever, but TTGL gets a huge exception and I rewatch it every year or so since I first discovered it.

And it gets better each time. I just rewatched the second movie yesterday too. That ending is the pinnacle of anime.

I've watched the series 5x myself but haven't watched the movies yet. So next time, I'll probably give those a shot.

FLCL about 30 times

I'm currently watching FMA:B and Code Geass for the third time each, so those two.

Fma brotherhood, cowboy bebop and yu yu hakusho are my holy trinity of animes. I watch at least one every few months so its tough to say how may times ive seen them.

Code Geass for me. I don't even know how many times.

i thought i was the only. At least once a year since 2008.

Hunter x Hunter 3 times. In the middle of my 4th now. Plus i've seen certain episodes dozens of times.

All 148eps or the 2011 version?

The 2011 version is 148 episodes.

Evangelion about 4-5 times. At least once a year I go back and watch it. Mainly when I want to watch some good mecha and also get my psychological thriller fix at the same time.

Samurai Champloo The whole series is smooth

Toradora, maybe 5 times now.

Hyouka. Maybe 6 times?

Ahh same. The visuals and animation are just so gorgeous and relaxing, and the plot is simple but entertaining. I could rewatch this countless times.

I've watched Haruhi at least 4 times

Yeah same. And the Disappearence movie even more. It's just so good

Anime: New Game!
Re-watch count: at least 2-4 episodes per week (I prefer to watch it in my bed, right before falling asleep)
I'm having difficulties communicating with people in real life, so the slice-of-life/CGDCT shows are like a godsend to me... if they can get into the territory of my personal interests. Most of them aren't comfy enough (or just too focused on almost childish levels of CGDCT), and sometimes I can't stand the humor. This one, though, is just right. It is also very relatable thanks to its themes and the setting.

Kimi no Nawa


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