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What is your favorite shonen, and why?

Please tell list your favorite shonen, and tell us why it is your favorite

Hunter x Hunter as it has an interesting world, a good power system with creative powers, some great characters and villains, and fantastic character progression.

I'd have to go with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It's incredibly campy but insanely creative to the point where any slightly less interesting battle shounen feels like a downgrade. From part 2 onward it remains the only show that NEVER bores me. Every episode fulfills a promise of something batshit insane in the best way.

...I was under the impression Jojo's was Seinen, but I could be wrong.
Also it's top tier so there's that...

JoJo is seinen only from part 7 onwards. 1-6 were published in Shounen Jump.

FMA:B because the story is constantly engaging till the end

I had no idea Fma brotherhood was a shonen. Well it was def one of my favorites.

Shounen is just a audience demographic targeted at young boys.
But yeah, FMA:B is definitely a battle shounen.

Pre-timeskip One Piece, it's got all the hype, feels, story and it never got boring, plus the animation was still good back then.

Well, I've been a fan of Psyren and Naruto the longest.

Naruto still sticks with me due to all the effort that was put into world-building. The villages, chakra, clans, and everything else. Kinda fell apart in the war (Username's tied to the fact that I got into naruto through Kakashi's backstory), but as a whole I still love Naruto.

And Psyren doesn't have an anime (...yet) but it's still one of my favorites. It tried mixing Sci fi into a battle shounen, and it actually pulled it off. The story got a little confusing/rushed near the end, but even that was handled well all things considered. I could sit here and write pages upon pages for Psyren if I really think back on it so I'll stop here lol.

Also, Bakuman. A bit different from the other two, but it's still definitely a Shounen series, with the cheesy stubborn characters and constant competition. A boring-sounding premise (following the life of kids creating manga), but done in a way to get you attached to the characters and hooked into their lives along with them.

I've branched out and watched many different kinds of anime over the years, but I still have a soft spot for Shounen anime. I'd say it's still my favorite genre, if it's done right.

Seconded Naruto and Bakuman.
I really like My Hero Academia it has a good story that keeps you engaged.
Was a huge fan of Bleach, but after the Aizen arc it slowly started degrading.
But the one I enjoyed the most in recent time was definitely Haikyuu!!(all 3 seasons). can't wait for the 4th season.

Gintama for its endearing cast, top notch comedy, overarching plot and great fight scenes. Honourable mention goes to katekyo hitman reborn for similar reasons.

Hajime No Ippo because I love sports

Bakuman, really motivating series with a lovable cast, the episodes just flied by following their struggles to reach their dreams.

Haikyuu! Is really fun, has some of my favorite characters, has a lot of charm, and the characters are all fun to watch grow and interact with characters on the main team. Season 4 when

Hajime no Ippo has to be my favorite shonen anime. Before I watched I really didn't care about boxing as a sport and it was the same for Ippo in the beginning of the series. As the anime progresses, Ippo, and I as a watcher, learned more about boxing and eventually grew to love boxing.

Though the plot is pretty simple, which is Ippo trying to win every match he plays. I thought I would be bored quickly, but surprisingly it was still enjoyable throughout the whole 125+ episodes. I think the reason behind that is that Ippo's opponents have always been interesting to watch. They all have different reasons to be boxers, but the thing they have in common is that they all want to WIN.

Morikawa really focused on characters we may not ever meet again. But this is exactly what it should be. Everyone you meet, regardless of their importance in you life, have their own lives, ambitions, and dreams, and Hajime no Ippo captured that fantastically.

One last thing I wanted to point out is the main cast and how they interact with each other. Since they are on different weight classes than Ippo, his victories, and defeats don't actually affect them but they still care and cheer for him. This is not because they are his teammates, but because they are his friends. Not so many sports anime picture this aspect as well as Hajime no Ippo did.
I can go and talk about individual characters such as Takamura, Mashiba, Ssendou, Kamogawa but I think I wrote a bit too much xD

Well Kill la Kill is a masterpiece, though I'm not sure it counts cos it wasn't in Jump, even though it has a lots of shounen tropes
After that, FMAB and HxH are both fantastic, with great characters, worlds and superbly written stories
And One Piece and MHA are both great shows too, even if not quite to the same degree as those listed above

One thing i appreciate about Gainax and Trigger is how they make all of these amazing original stories straight to animation. I kinda wish more studios did this.
Some of the best things ever are tv orginal stuff. Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Gundam 0079 etc.

Naruto I think. Why: Because I am an adult who watched a lot of anime but shonen anime usually don't appeal me as much(I like/watch many but never feel like dragged into). Naruto has big flaws but also does many things right and thats why I can partly enjoy it. I like its characters and how its story is at least complated. Also the world they built is really cool. However its bad points are: how repetetive it gets(mostly anime) and how the fights feel more and more like mecha wars/op emc throws op spells around/MCs get more and more power ups/transformations to the point it seems stupid. Overall I enjoy it and thats what it matters.

World Trigger
Because I love it's philosophy on strength and teamwork. It has a very lighthearted, but still realistic take on the story of the weak protagonist. A pretty casual sense of humor (my favorite kind). And a very strategic and team-centric style of fighting which makes for very interesting setups.

DBZ mostly because I'm mexican and its such a big thing here. I get excited everytime I rewatch it in spanish. Naruto also because of nostalgia, and in the begining it was pretty good tbh. And most recently One Piece (manga) because is fucking amazing, I just fell in love so hard with it.

Shokugeki no Soma! It has a lot of good, likable characters, it's hype AF, and it made me have an interest in cooking irl.

YYH D Gray Man FMAB FMA InuYasha Rurouni Kenshin Naruto Fairy Tail MHA Rave Master
Prince of Tennis

Aria because it's a wonderful series that, while not at all immune to bumps in the road, has a really great cast of lovable and endearing characters who have fantastic personal growth and whose relationships with each other receive some of the most amazing development I've seen in anime. Also, the art is beautiful and the atmosphere is absolutely engrossing.

Koe no Katachi but I guess that’s kind of cheating, so I’ll say either Magi or Saiki Kusuo.

I’m not a huge battle shounen fan, but the world of Magi seemed gigantic and very interesting imo. All the countries and characters were introduced at a decent pace and gave you time to care about their actions and motivations, which is something that some other anime cough grancrest cough really fail to do. I really enjoyed some of the more supporting characters like Cassim and Sinbad, and also the relationship between the main characters like Alibaba, Morgiana, and Alladin. To me their interactions with each other built up through the series enough to see good friendships, and a bit of romance (which is important for me at least), develop at a seemingly natural pace. Overall a really fun anime with entertaining characters, and an interesting and well built world.

Saiki Kusuo is my favorite comedy I’d ever seen and I knew, as soon as I saw it, that it would quickly be one of my favorites. The gags are hilarious, characters are absolutely ridiculous, and the narration from my favorite male va Hiroshi Kamiya really make the show.

I loved watching and reading katekyo hit man reborn and bleach back in the day.
They had really cool characters, fight scenes, and theme of a weak MC getting stronger and stronger after training and defeats.

InuYasha, Because it has the best waifu and an interesting male hero/antihero and the story made me both laugh my ass off as well as make me cry of sadness.

Death Note, Nisekoi or Devilman


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