Monday, April 30, 2018

What do you think is the best filler episode of any anime?

Usually filler episodes get hated on all the time as being a waste of time and useless. Was there ever a case where a filler episode was actually really, really good? If so from what anime and what made it good?

G8 in One Piece. If I didn't know it's filler, I would never have guessed.

I swear who ever wrote that was a big fan of the Luffy is a genius theory and that’s why it was so good. The marine commander slowly realizes it throughout the arc.

It was a good story, the antagonist was super interesting and threatening, even some side characters were interesting.
Also the comedy in that arc was good. Like the entire condoriano thing was really funny

Naruto episode 101

Yep, that episode is so great that you only need to say the number and people know what it is.

what happens? is it when they try to see under kakashi's mask?

you got it!

Man I loved that one. Funny and kinda heartfelt too.

Right, I loved this episode and I don't even really like the show that much.
It was kind of bothering me the whole time that even SASUKE was shown caring what was under Kakashi's mask. Even for a filler episode, that seemed completely out of character.

Dragonball Z's driving license episode.

the baseball one from super is also amazing

I love the Gohan in high school baseball episode. It's hilarious and refreshing for DBZ.

I loved the Dragon ball super baseball episode. I have never laughed so hard at a filler episode and it brought me more enjoyment than the entire Dragon ball super anime

FMA 2003, the episode where Hayate is burying bones near the haunted warehouse.

The recap episode from FMAB. It gave me lots of feels with how fantastic of a character Van Hohenheim was.

The Team Mustang episode from FMA 2003.

Came here to say this. It's actually just one of my favorites in the whole series.

I just watched that episode yesterday, I love the slice of life aspect that series could do pretty well. Show the other side the consequences of the brothers actions more in depth.

Re:Creators comedic recap episode.

I just love how meta Meteora was throughout the whole episode

Gintama, you can't tell if its or not because of the absurdity of the manga is just as crazy as the anime. They even tell you on some episode s that it is filler and the charaters try to bullshit their way through the episode.

The episode where gintoki gets sleep paralysis and the first 5 minutes or so of the episode are just the still frame with sugita talking is a masterpiece


Any filler at all in a sports anime. Yes, I want to see the teams playing whichever sport it is and getting all hype about it, but hell if I don't also want 20 beach OVA's or filler episodes produced alongside it.

In any case, though it's not filler, Haikyuu's summer training camp arc is close enough. All Outs has a bunch of a fun 'fillery type' episodes too.

I may be wrong, but I think the two Hajime NO Ippo movies are anime original and they are fucking awesome.

Do you mean champion road and mashiba vs kimura? These aren't filler

I still really enjoy the pirate arc from Rurouni Kenshin.

It has some nice Kenshin x Kaoru moments, a compelling filler character in the pirate boss woman, and had the first instance of one of my favourite bgm tracks. Also had Kenshin purposely dislocating his wrists which will forever be one of my favourite things.

This might not be the "best filler ever," but I was quite impressed by episode 3 of Killing Bites when I later found out it was anime original. In this episode, they're looking for their 3rd member to enter the 3-man team battle royale tournament, and it's focused on recruiting Ui the Rabbit due to not having any other options. Throughout the episode, you find out a lot about her character, her motivations, and why she thinks so little of herself. You get a cool fight scene with some unique one-off opponents, and through that fight she gains the motivation needed to join them. This episode probably made her my favorite character in the series. She's then relevant in smaller ways throughout the following episodes.

As it turns out, in the manga this entire episode never happened, the team is assigned their supposedly useless 3rd member off-screen, and you never find out who the team's third member is until Ui randomly shows up halfway through the tournament around the manga-equivalent of episode 8.

The writing and directing of this series was much more impressive than I ever expected going in.


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