Friday, April 13, 2018

What are the most iconic shots in anime?

There are plenty of examples in movies or television of images that stand out, even if you haven't seen the source material. Everyone knows the binary sunset from Star Wars, King Kong at the top of the tower, Marilyn Monroe on the air vent, etc.
What do you think are the most iconic images of anime, that even if you haven't seen the show, you know the shot?


Solid choice.

The bike slide from Akira or maybe the cross counter from Ashita no Joe.

≫bike slide from Akira

Some more

≫the cross counter from Ashita no Joe.
as iconic as the cross counter is in AnJ... the ending shot of Joe is unmatched

The shot of Eva unit 1 holding Kaworu in NGE.

elevator shot too, low budget and restrictions ended up making some scenes sort of unintentional classics


Definitely the first one I thought of when this question was asked.

Fucked up Shinji Ikari.

Evangelion's a goldmine for iconic images, it's the reason I thought of this question.

True story. I immediately thought of the infamous elevator scene, but dismissed it because it seemed way too obvious.
I unironically love that scene though. Out of context it's completely laughable, a full minute spent on an almost entirely still shot. Even so, as obviously low-budget as it is, the tension surrounding that episode and all the scenes leading up to it make it work perfectly in context. Watching that scene, it simply exudes awkwardness in exactly the same way that sort of situation does in real life.
Of course there are plenty more iconic scenes than that, and I feel more than a little pretentious citing that one, but it's the one I always think of for some reason.

Gainax Pose

I wonder who's gonna take that pose in Darling in the Franxx. Most likely Zero Two. If it's Hiro I'm going to be very disappointed because he's a very weak MC. If it's Ichigo fuck yah.

Last shooting from Gundam

Johan pointing to his forehead, in the rain (Monster)

Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball Z
Cowboy Bebop
End of Evangelion
Your Name
Love Live: School Idol Project
One Punch Man

Yuno's yandere face set the standard for all creepy girls since then.

Moe Moe Kyun!

What Anime is this from?

You should watch it.

Attack on Titan became a modern classic imo.

Naruto running.

The toothbrush scene from Nisemonogatari. This is the epitome of intellect and culture, and nobody can say otherwise.

Rock Lee dropping his weights is probably the most iconic shot in anime from our childhood

Gurren Lagann Episode 1

Half of it is my Wallpaper

the ending shot of Ashita no Joe. I can't think of anything more iconic than this!

Goku's first super saiyan.


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