Sunday, April 1, 2018

What animes did you watch that had a bad ending?

What shows have you watched that had an unsatisfying, perhaps cliche or uneventful, ending?

It should have either ended an episode earlier, or had the last episode take place over another cour or something.

I mean, that train derailed way before the ending

True, but it was still interesting. Fitting a year+ of time into one episode though was a bit much.

I actually really liked the ending, it wrapped everything up, and the mc was a badass at the end. Personally charlotte is damn near perfect imo.

Soul Eater.

Its all about courage!

And the nail in the coffin is that there entire show, except for the last episode, was great.

Indeed. I loved Soul Eater, both the manga and the anime, though unfortunately i felt that the ending in both was somewhat lacking

Recently, Sakurasou. Poor Aoyama. :'(

The ending of PASWG was basically a giant middle finger

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V. Yes, I sat through 148 episodes of a show that ended up having a terrible ending, I was willing to forgive it up until the very last eight episodes of it, and at that point I might as well finish it.
The last eight episodes of ARC-V, barring episode 144, were so completely bad that they dropped the score I was intending to give to ARC-V by a whole two points. The rest of the show leading up to that final bit was a 9/10 for me, but those last eight episodes were a 1/10 for me, and that one point is only because episode 144 was good.

90% of anime based on an ongoing manga or light novel series is going to have an unsatisfying ending, if it even gives an ending at all. Plot based anime suffered from this the worst, since they leave the story unfinished. Slice of life and comedy shows can get away with it a bit easier since they're character driven, and don't require the same amount of structure.

Well, I'd say Made in Abyss had a pretty good ending

Oh definitely. We could never see more and I'd be 100% satisfied with how wonderfully put together it was. Transformative is the only word I can use to describe it.

Death Note

Once I realized I was rooting for light I knew it was going to end that way.

It was a fitting ending. Yeah, it’s a pretty wide consensus that the show’s quality suffers a major drop when Near and Mello enter the show, but the end in it self was satisfying.

Love and lies

I hate that show toooooo much.

Akame ga kill

Masamune-kun's Revenge might be the worst ending to an anime in the history of endings.
It felt like a show that was just cancelled mid-season. I know the source goes further and probably resolves (maybe? I'd like to think so) but that's not even really the problem. Given the nature of anime, and subsequent seasons that may or may not ever happen, the wise decision is to end the story in such a way that it leaves the story open to continue, but is also a satisfying cut off point so that if it doesn't it still makes sense. This show missed that mark by a wider margin than any other show I've ever seen.

I watched the first half of that show, what happens at the end?

Literally nothing.
I'm not trying to be a smartass about it either, like, it ends with the MC and the female lead sitting on a park bench having a relatively casual conversation. It doesn't take a single step towards the resolution of any of the plot points. It felt like the ending of a mid season episode. It wasn't like a cliffhanger, but it also didn't go anywhere. I had flashbacks of Fruits Basket, but like a million times worse worse because at least ONE arc was wrapped up in that show.

PSG was a bad ending. School days is iffy. On one hand I think he got what he deserved BUT I felt bad how he treated the girls. One died and the other became psychotic (and I felt even worse for this one, seeing how she was bullied).

I'd say Twelve Kingdoms except that it didn't even have an ending. Instead, it just abruptly stops mid arc.

I loved 12 Kingdoms but the last part of it seemed like such a pointless derailment since nothing ever happened with the plot threads

Last season's Two Car. it just was not satisfying at all and the girls hair ended straight back at square one. I really enjoyed it as well until the last episode

Kaiji, but it was intentional

Akagi also went downhill, which is a shame.

Brynhildr in the Darkness' ending was disappointing as hell

Just Because!, only thing I liked was Kamiya and MC was just shit in my book

18if. It was a huge clusterfuck that was somewhat great until the end

They should've dropped the cult plot and keep making it episodic. The entire show is a hit-or-miss, but it's fine considering different directors direct different episodes.

Black Cat

i love the first 30 seconds of that show... :(

Tokyo Ghoul season 1... Kinda?

Season 1 was still good but Season 2 was just...

Probably made sense in the manga

Mahoromatic's second season's ending was horrible. I don't know what they were thinking with that one but wow did it suck.

Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist Season 1 I really got hyped at the beginning of the show but the ending of season one was so cliche it kinda ruined it. Ik there’s a season 2 but I’m not sure if I’ll watch it or not. Can any of you tell me if season 2 is worth it or not?

The first season of Blue Exorcist split from the manga during the forest training arc. The second season ignores all the anime-original content from the second half of the first season and adapts the following arc from the manga.

Subete ga F ni Naru tacked on a completely unnecessary extra episode that did nothing but undermine some of the cool things that it had built up.
Magic Kyun Renaissance takes the cake for the cliche-as-shit, roll your eyes hard enough to power South America for a year endings.


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