Thursday, April 5, 2018

[Violet Evergarden] Episode 13 impressions

Episode 13
"Auto Memoir Doll and "I Love You""

Benedict is surprisingly athletic,especially with that high heels..

Yeah that kind of came out of nowhere...

shitty fun facts:wearing High heels gave you superhuman ability like a women.

One detail I hope everyone could notice:
At the end of the episode, the "fire" within that drop of water finally goes out.
Violet is not burning, any more.

I didn’t notice that small detail due to the tears clouding my vision..

Damn, that was a very beautiful ending, even with some of the song that started it all, Violet Snow.
That last scene, though... It couldn't have been Gilbert but who???

VE had such a nice selection of cute minor characters.
Like, Anne

you stop that right now before i start bawling again.

Reminder: another episode is due out 2018-7-4.
Also, in case you somehow missed all the earlier posts, a new project was recently announced as well.

July the 4th or April the 7th?

That's the superior non-US format, so July the 4th

A smile in need of protecting.

A smile that's grown to protect itself.

A strong independent woman who don't need no m... major...
I'm sad now.

i read the LN,thank god they went Anime original ending this time!

I really quite enjoyed VE, it had some rough spots, but I did enjoy watching Violet herself, and some of the very attractive secondary characters, in that regard KyoAni did very well.
I'm really happy to hear that another VE project was announced, in whatever capacity that may be.

≫very attractive secondary characters
Cattleya :3

Violet writing her own letter was such a great, fitting note to end on. I really loved the way her relationship with the major was fleshed out across the show, especially the brooch and all it meant to her. And of course KyoAni had to get me with that montage near the end bringing back all the feelings from prior episodes. I'm going to miss Violet's ghostwriting adventures, but I'm so happy that she finally got to understand what her love is.
other thoughts on the episode:
  • Damn, Benedict has hops
  • Hodgins' letter (and reaction to it being read) were wonderful; I'm also gonna miss the tension between him and Cattleya
  • Such a pretty, pretty show. Loved the scene of the airplane spreading the letters.

"Tsukasa, this is your new partner."

FUCK, NOW I REMEMBER WHERE I'VE FELT THESE EMOTIONS BEFORE!! Ughh, it's been so long since Plastic Memories. I still get into a tizzy because of it lol

Damn. I really didn’t need that rn man.

This concludes Violet Evergarden's first TV series.
I'm not sure what's been going on with me recently, but I've been tearing up and crying a lot from episodes of Violet Evergarden more than it should have made me. It could be the stressful times that is getting to me. Really enjoyed my time watching Violet learning her own emotions, growing up, learning to live, and learning to love.
This line from Gilbert's mom struck my heart.
"Even if it always hurts to remember, I'll live the rest of my life thinking about him."
There were some parts I didn't quite like from the show, but plenty of episodes hit me hard that I had to cover up my mouth from crying. Hearing the OST and seeing clips of certain scenes would make me choke up. The strings in the soundtrack enhanced the experience, and of course the insert song "Violet Snow" being just as nice.
Thank you for everything, Violet Evergarden and Kyoto Animation.
Edit: messed up words

≫"I'll live the rest of my think thinking about him."
Please edit, lol.

Rofl thanks for that. Brain wasn't functioning properly. I'll proof read it again hahahaha.

at first i was upset they read Claudia letter only for jokes,but it turns out to be really wholesome,it's like they indirectly referencing to the "new" unborn Violet.

this,i'm really mad if they're gonna went full slapstick comedy,i prefer wholesome stuff like this

Violet Evertears for awhile but she's finally grown into Violet Evercheer. This has been a great ride though, really enjoy it, so glad I picked up this show.
So to be clear: is the major dead or alive in the anime? Given the surprised look Violet gets at the end...I'd say alive.
Also is there more source material left or is it all fully adapted now?

≫is the major dead or alive in the anime?
Nobody knows
≫Also is there more source material left or is it all fully adapted now?
It adapted Chapters 1-4, 6, and took stuff from 11-13.

That was a pretty great "yamerooooo!" from Claudia.

it's Thursday,it's time to cry!
overall,heartwarming ending episode,well see you guys in Season 2/movie!


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